The Pacific Ocean is a huge mushroom cloud!Tonga is abolished from the earth, the satellite zoom photo exposure details

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The Pacific Ocean is a huge mushroom cloud!Tonga is abolished from the earth, the satellite zoom photo exposure details

2022-01-21 06:05:45 32 ℃

According to the "Beijing Evening News", recently, the Pacific Ocean suddenly appeared huge mushroom clouds. It turned out that the submarine volcano had a large-scale short-scale, and after this, Tonga's country was lost directly from the earth. There is no way in the world. The relevant personnel have got in contact, causing high attention of the international community.

Soon satellite enlargement photo exposure details, Tab island, which is close to the volcanic, is located in the capital of the capital, which is already black smoke, which is the gas and smoke generated after volcanic eruption. And there is a large-scale tsunami, and many countries have released warnings.

Pacific Ocean Exhaust Mushroom Cloud

It is difficult to believe that a country will suddenly lose llistment in this world, but this is now realistic, this country is Tonga.

The Pacific has suddenly appeared huge mushroom clouds in recent days, which caused this phenomenon that the seabed volcano has undergone large-scale eruptions, and the crisis is also continuous. When Haiti volcano eruption, the tsunami has caused serious injuries to the surrounding area.

Tangjia's capital Nuku Rawa is only 65 kilometers from the region of the seabed volcano. It can be seen from the satellite zoom picture. When the mushroom cloud has risen from the sea, Nuku Alufa has been smoldered by smoke and ashes. It is difficult to see how the local situation is, this is very worried.

Most importantly, after the volcanic eruption of Haiti, all countries in the world have not been able to get in touch with the country, as if the country has disappeared from the world. Many netizens discuss it, it is hard to imagine this happen, how is Tonga? Many countries have worked hard to get in touch with Tonga's related offices. After these two days of hard work, New Zealand's Prime Minister held a reporter meeting that there is currently a preliminary connection, but because the local situation is severe, it is unable to know local Casualty.

Tonga is lost on the earth

Many countries in the world have been fully prepared, and it is expected to provide corresponding assistance to the country. After the situation is slightly stable, the rescue team to be taught will rush to Tonga to support.

This time Haiti volcanic eruption is worthy of attention. After all, the eruption has not yet ended, and it will also cause large-scale tsunami. There are even some other countries in the world that have released tsunami warnings. It can also be expanded, and any country is not easy to fade.

There are also experts say that although Tonga's situation is very worrying, but in the current situation, there will be no risks in the country, but because a lot of smoke enveloped in the country, the satellite image cannot be visually displayed. The country is specific.

It is very likely that there is a strike in the process of volcanic eruption, which eventually causes the network signals in the entire country to be cut off. At present, New Zealand has taken the lead in making relevant actions as a country with a large number of Tonga immigrants, such as the telecommunications company to exempt the communication costs of the people in Tonga region, allowing them to help them in the first time.

my country is also very worried about this, because there are many Chinese people in the country, and their family in China has not contacted them, so my country's government will also pay close attention to Tonga.

It is reported that the eruption of the seabed volcano may last for several weeks or years, and the current investigation is still continuing. Anyway, all countries around the surroundings need to be vigilant, do the corresponding monitoring work, and protect the safety of the nationals. Of course, it is still necessary to continue to pay attention to Tonga.