Biden this recruits, this time, the Trump family, Trump is embarrassing?

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Biden this recruits, this time, the Trump family, Trump is embarrassing?

2022-01-21 06:04:01 31 ℃

The "War" between the US President Biden and the former President Trump has become more and more intense. A few days ago, Trump had publicly let's "take back the White House", followed by, Bideli horse, trick: Not only issued an important person in the Trump team, but also summoned and got Tri Refuge Call with eldest son fiancee, trying to find evidence that can give Trump.

According to the CCTV News Client reported on January 19th, local time on January 18th, the Special Committee of the US Congress surveyed the riot of the Congress of the Congress of the Congress of the Congress was summoned to the four key people in the Trump team, including Trump's chief lawyer Lu Lu. Di Julianni. The Special Committee told Julianni who had witnesses and related reports to prove that he urged Trump in the election vote, so that Trump terminates the voting count system.

The Democratic Democratic Democratic Democratic Ben Ni Thompson revealed that these four people sent in summons have helped spread untrusted remarks about the fraud, trying to overthrow the results.

It should be noted that on the same day, the Special Committee also "shot" on the two sons and big sons of Trump. According to reports, the Special Committee said on the same day, they summoned Trump's second son Eric Trump and the unmarried wife of Tang Dad Trump, and successfully got their call record. Another source of sources revealed that in addition to the call record, the Special Committee also got a SMS record, but the content of SMS is unknown.

Trump has always been biting in 2020, the US election has a fraud, and it has once again been slammed by the Democrats. But I didn't expect to fight against the Raida, and they also tried to give Triang's definition through the exaggeration fraud.

According to the observer network, on January 17th, the local time on the 16th of the local time, Trump held the first political gathering in 2022, and the 2022 mid-election is made. He declared at the meeting that this year will be "a year to take back the White House." In the speech, Trump continued to slam the Democratic Party "Elective Fraud". Trump claims that his 2020 election failed because of the existence of fraud, "We have a lot of evidence." In addition, he also angered the government in the Afghan dismantled army and epidemic prevention and control, and said that "For the United States, the most difficult countries are not China and Russia, but the United States."

It is reported that the US medium-term election will be held in November this year. As the election time is slow, as the two key characters of the Democrats and Republicans, the "war" between Biden and Trump is more exciting. Cheng Wang defeated, who will become the last winner?