One year, is the United States "back"?

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One year, is the United States "back"?

2022-01-21 06:02:39 35 ℃

[Wen / Observer Network Yufeng Editor / Xu Quan]

Today, today (January 20, 2021), the 78th year old Bidden will be placed on the Bible in the Bible, and the Husband, who has just been baptized, swearing as the 46th of the United States. President.

The third reference, the Biden, took over a "quartently five-cracked" country from the Triang's hand, and US politics and social polarization reached an unprecedented height. Bid's awareness of the seriousness of the problem, he called on the "red and blue, urban and rural, the conservative and free sent", and asked the US National "to end this brutal war." End this Uncivil War, promise to the foreign allies "The United States has come back". At the same time, he firmly believes that the United States "will overcome this damn new crown virus" ...

Bidden sworn in the picture

One year passed, the gap between the American race, the class, and the party is still unheashed; the allies are more and more difficult; the epidemic is not only endless, but also because the O'K mutant strains are more serious, accumulative take away 85 10,000 lives.

The American political altar has a famous saying: "Campaign in Poetry, Govern In Proseh, with a poetry." Biden seems to be a typical in this?

At least in terms of voter support rate, the Biden, who has been ruling a year, has become the second president of the same period of American history.

Several important "slices" in 2021: spreading the epidemic, high inflation, difficult to produce a bill, the dismantled army ... This, Biden is the most important for US president, it is difficult to pay A satisfactory "answer".


Four big promises

On January 20 a year, Biden delivered a preschool speech in the Capitol. He emphasized the current four crises: new crown epidemic, climate, economic and ethnic issues. But the Associated Press mentioned on January 16, I don't know why, he did not mention the 5th crisis: "The country and the democratic democracy".

Two weeks ago, Trump supporters who were called "Mobs" were impacted by the Democrats "Mobs", hoping to recover the "stolen victory" in Tri Pen.

The Peeli office is "occupied" map source: 湃 image

What is the performance of these key issues for a year?

In terms of fighting against the epidemic, Biden once achieved breakthrough progress, but it turns out that the United States can't prevent Delta, but it will not stop the madness of O'K戎. None exceptions, the two variant strains have become the advantage of the United States infected with viruses. The end of the epidemic is far from can't see the end.

On January 10th, the number of new diagnosed cases in the United States reached 148,000 cases, and creating records again.

Last summer, the US national vaccination rate rapidly increased, and the economy began to recover. Biden announced in Independence Day, the United States, "the day that never declared the defeat of the virus".

Next, Delta and Okoche have become the mainstream strain, and the number of newly diagnosed and the number of hospitalizations have repeatedly recorded.

The shortage of the detection points of the dragon and the "snap screen" kit have triggered the question of the people of the White House. The epidemic prevention rules have repeatedly revised, and the health officials have repeatedly changed the dialatics and make the Americans. The epidemic did not get better because Biden came to the stage, and the people were gradually lost for the confidence of the Biden government.

Before going to the stage, Biden slammed Trump did not have an anti-vlasty plan, "and I have (planned)" (intercepted by Types)

In terms of climate issues, Biden promised to take unprecedented measures to climate crisis in inauguration speeches to listen to the Earth's "survival".

At the beginning of the appointment, I used the presidential administration to quickly reverse Many of the energy and environmental policies of Trump, for example, quickly returning to the Paris climate agreement.

However, the Democratic Ambitious Climate Program has repeatedly frustrated in the two parties of "the enemy".

On the end of 2021, the Glasgow Temple Summit (COP26), Biden promised that the United States will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to half in the 2005 level in 10 years. However, Burden's "Build Back Better" has been "deadly hits" from Joe Manchin, in the party, so that this goal is almost impossible to achieve.

More fatal is that if the Republicans control the parliament in the mid-term election this year, the action to deal with climate change may be stagnant.

In the economic side, after Biden, the United States added a total of 6.4 million jobs, and the unemployment rate came to 3.9% in the first week of January this year. It is the best data since the outbreak of the epidemic. The stock market "prosperity", 2021 year, the S & P 500 index is refreshed, and the final increase is 29%.

But on the other side, the United States work is still lost 36 million more than the epidemic, and many companies can't recruit, and many people refuse to return to work. It is worrying that at the end of 2021, inflation data rose to 7%, and the highest increase in 40 years. At the same time, the supply chain problem makes many supermarket shelves empty. In addition, O'Kraki triggered, although the US 2021 annual economic data has not been released, Bloomberg and "Wall Street Journal" have lowered the US GDP growth rate to 3% in the first quarter of the United States, Goldman Sachs cut it to 2 %. Pictured from Bloomberg

The surface of the ethnic problem is good, but it is still difficult to solve the problem.

Biden creating a very diverse government, including the first in the history of the home to enter the cabinet - Deb Haaland, the first to serve as a vice president's colored people, Harris, etc.

However, Freud was "black life" caused by "killing", the remaining, the US police system reform has stagnated. Biden promised to establish a national police supervision committee in his head for one hundred days, but he had already fallen.

In addition, the Parliament on the "George Floyd Justice In Policing Act" was broken in September last year, Jacari Harris, Executive Director, Floyd Foundation, Jacari Harris Describe it as "destructive setbacks".

As for the split and polarization of the country, these issues have not improved after a year. He repeatedly called "Unity" in the inauguration speech is still as in the mirror.

As a Democratic Party, Biden is difficult to meet the requirements of extreme left wing in the party, or successfully respond to the voices of key voters, especially African-American populations.

In the past year, he promised to change the "gun addiction" in the United States and reform against police violence, but almost no support. The reform of voting rights to Brande is designed to prevent restrictions on black voting rights, but it is frustrated in the Senate - only because of the opposition of two democrats. Among the Senate, the Democratic Party and the Republican parties almost partly autumn, so a little "abnormal" will let Biden's ambitious soup.

In a wider issue of political differences in national politics, Biden also is flat - although this is not all his fault. Bynden promised "Unity of the United States", abandoned Trump's ideology, but as Trump's ideology dominated the entire Republican party, and he was likely to seek success in 2024, and Biden is further legacy Close, the soil of the middle school is less and less.

Behind the struggle: "Difficult to produce" bill

3 trillion, 1.9 trillion, 1 trillion ... ruling for 1 year, Biden throws a number of "astronomical digital" assistance programs. In the first year of the ruling, "Saving" became "magic weapon" to deal with the domestic agenda. However, due to the constraints of the Republican and the party's radicalists, the three major legal bills have not "difficulty", one of which is not landing now.

At the beginning of 2021, Biden announced a "American Rescue Plan" worth 1.9 trillion, aimed to reverse the economic dilemma caused by new crown epidemic, accelerate the vaccination speed, including 1400 US dollars to each US family Stimulating economic checks, providing home and nutrition assistance. This plan passed in March.

The second key bill - The Becide Act has finally signed on November 15, 2021, which is worth 1.2 trillion in November 15, 2021.

As early in March this year, Biden put forward this large-scale infrastructure program, the investment scale is as high as 4 trillion. But after several months, the parties have not been consistent with how much funds spent on infrastructure, and how to pay investments agree. After the two sides saw a Saw of the Congress, the White House was first shrunk to 2.3 trillion US dollars and was forced to reduce to 1 trillion US dollars.

In September last year, the Senate was rare 69-130 overwhelming results adopted the bill. However, due to the disagreement of the internal faction of the Democratic Party, this bill is blocked in the House of Representatives. In the end, the bill will be passed under the cooperation of the Republican Party. In the voting, 13 Republican House of Republicans voted, but there were six democratic progress to oppose.

On November 15, 2021, Biden signed an infrastructure construction bill in the "rare two-party celebration" ceremony

The Burden's "Reconstruction and Development" bill is even more difficult. In December last year, the senator Joe Mann said that it opposed the iconic domestic agenda of Biden. Man Qin worried that huge expenditures will lead to too high government liabilities and exacerbate inflation.

At the beginning of Biden, it began to advance this comprehensive bill involving various issues such as medical, pension, children, and responding to climate change. There is a US media saying that the bill is one of the most ambitious and transformation in the United States. However, this increasing bill was opposed to the Republican parties.

The History and International Studies of the Netherlands of Leiden University Andrew Gausso Pop said, Mandin "back thorn" has a left wing of the United States. His "betrayal" is devastating to the internal trust and cooperation within the Democratic Party.

The bill will have to drag it to the beginning of this year, and 2022 is a medium-term election year, which has exacerbated the uncertainty of the Democrats in the elections. At present, Biden is still in the negotiation of Manqin. US media broke the news, Biden will split the bill into a finer portion, and seek to pass. For allies, "the United States has not come back"

The Trump period is "retreating to the group", adheres to isolate, and "shooting" teammates on trade issues, making the American allies have cracks. After Biden's stage, it is interested in criticizing Trump's foreign policy "unprofessional", his team is ready to lead the world, not retreat, is ready to face the enemy, not crowded allies. "

Biden Zeng Yan Yan Yan Yan Yan Yan "will not crush all the allies"

Subsequently, Biden announced the United States to return to the "Paris Climate Agreement", attended the Glasgow Summit of the United Nations Climate Change, attended the Seven Margin Summit, NATO Summit, US-EU Summit ... Online, the United States seems to return to the International Stage "C", Biden's so-called "international leadership" is reflected, but the US diplomatic performance will be seen, and the commitment of Biden is just a "empty check".

This year, the United States is based on the so-called "international rule order multilateralism", and the frequent interaction with allies is still limited to the "Cold War Alliance", which is the "Cold War Alliance", which uses his own "strength", and forces allies to the American allies. The state is surrounded, sometimes even unscrupulous to open the crossword.

For example, wooling Australia, India, Japan to set up "Quartet Safety Dialogue", speculative "China Threat"; Leading "Five Eye League", the "five-eye alliance", the "five-eye alliance", the "five-eye league", the topic of China, the Chinese policy hand painting; worse South Korea, Japan, promise to take and special Different strategies in the Ranmu government respond to the DPRK, but also adopt sanction measures in the DPRK; and the NATO countries compressive in Ukraine, leading to the continuous warming of the region; the United States returned to Iranian negotiations in the United States .

Nowadays, the United States has been in the United States in the United States as the chairman of the President of the Senate Foreign Committee, and the world situation has also changed huge changes. Biden error estimate "The United States' strength status", some major diplomatic decisions against the United States international reputation.

The most suffering from the disease is to "solve the problem" solve the Afghan dismantle in Biden.

On August 15, 2021, Taliban armed into Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The US Embassy has begun to evacuate diplomats, and the President will announce that soldiers who have been evacuated by the US and its allies will increase to 5,000 people, and to ensure that US military personnel "orderly, safe" withdraw from Afghanistan.

However, the actual retreat scene reveals panic.

The American Army "Helicopter fly to Kabul's American Embassy, ​​withdraws from the US, some people start" handling post-affairs ", burning confidential documents, the embassy is abroad, foreign social network, media, and even the US Senate Republican leader McConnell This is already withdrawn from this US military, compared to the latest version of "Saigon Time".

(Reproduction of Saigon)

Since then, a suicide bomb attack in the gate of Kabul Airport has caused 13 US military death. At least 169 Afghan people died throughout the evacuation process. At the same time, in order to strictly defend the "red line" on August 31, dozens of Americans and tens of thousands of Afghanistan "allies" will be thrown behind.

Secondly, in the case of uniqueness of allies, the United States dominated the establishment of the US-Aye Sanfriend Safety Partnership (AUKUS), prompting Australia to tear a huge order to purchase regular submarines in France, and seek to build nuclear underground. This matter makes France are extremely dissatisfied, once recalling the Ambassador to US and Ambassador to Australia.

Finally, the democratic summit becomes "democratic farce". On December 9, 2021, the so-called "Democratic Summit" for a long time in the United States was officially held. However, ironic is that in Biden's video conferencing in Washington, I will talk about democracy on the same day. In addition to the United Nations Headquarters of New York, the protest of the crowd is carrying "American Democracy" coffin, for "US Democracy". Funeral.

Protesting people carry the "American Democracy" coffin map self-tweet

Biden made a speech at the opening ceremony, saying that global democracy is "reverse", and then makes the US usual recruitment - sprinkling. He said that in the next 1 year, the United States will provide up to $ 424.4 million, the so-called "foreign aid" fund, "support democracy and defending human rights worldwide."

Although Biden plays the gesture of democratic leaders, the US own democracy seems to be "precarious". Outside the United Nations, actors are protesting on the "polling rights" in the United States.

Close to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Biden government also lobbyed, and the collection of allies "did not send diplomats to Beijing." This will not only be consistently responded in the American ally, and Fa German also clarifies that Asian countries such as South Korea have followed up, Argentina, Mongolia and other countries expressed the dispatch of government heads to meet, President Poland said, no Will continue to attack China for "Yue".

Up to now, according to the statistics of the observer, only 7 countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia do not dispatch diplomats. The United States has played the essence of "口 谦 正 正 正", saying that no officials participate in the Olympic Games, in fact, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has proven to have a number of US officials have already got a visa. The "boycott" play code dominated by the United States has become "true fragrance" comedy.

Ruling a year, becoming the second national president of American history

According to predictive news network "538" statistics, the Biden's support rate in the past 3 months has fallen below 40%, and all US presidential ruling will be the second, only the number of medium columns second, only better than him Pre-Trump.

It is just 1 year from Biden. At present, the people have only 42% of his work performance satisfaction, more than half of the people (52%) "Not satisfied" Biden's performance.

Biden's ruling 1 year support rate changes (cut at "538")

From the perspective of historical law, the new president has just been higher than the support rate, but as time goes, will slowly fall.

The president of the support rate is Trump, only 39%. Obama has just taken an amazing 68%, but it also fell below 50% a year.

A few things seriously affected the support rate of Biden. In August 2021, the United States was confused from Afghanistan and the Delta variant strain, and the digital line decreased. Last spring, there is still 60% of the satisfaction of his efforts to fight the epidemic, but this number has now dropped to 45%.

The US inflation has reached the highest level in the 1980s, and the cost of living in the people's living costs is increasingly deepening for future concerns. Research on the University of Germany, the University of Germany shows that inflation will lead to a decline in the support rate of the president.

The National Policy showed that 58% of the people of Kunnipiak University in January 2022, the "US democracy is in the danger of collapse", including 62% of Republicans, 57% of independent people and 56% Democrats.

"The most difficult to deal with the United States"

"This is a challenge for one year, but it is also a year of great progress. "We passed the New Crown Assistance Program and the Become Act. The United States has inoculated more than 200 million new crown vaccines, and many states of unemployment rates have lowered the history of history ..."

Biden conveyed the public in the speech: "In the past year, we have seen Americans' courage and determination ... The best day in this country is still in front."

But before "looking forward", many people are difficult to forget the end of 2020, Biden to create a history of 8.128 million voter pressure opponents, but analysts pointed out that the answer in some of the voters is actually "Not". Trump "(not Trump).

Another worrying figure is that Trump also obtained more than 74 million voters, even more than 5 million than 2008 "Super Superstar" Obama -

Recently, Trump actively creates a rectice mid-term election. He lamented in the recent election rally. The United States has lost "the greatness as a country", and the Biden Government and the Democratic Party continue to make a scam and make a lie. He said, because of this, "The country to deal with the United States is not a Chinese Russian, but the United States".

A year ago, I just asked the world to announce the "American Is Back", and he made many commitments to voters: healed democratic wounds, overcoming the epidemic, solving the root deep-rooted race and economic problems, and Global restore the reputation of the United States. Today, today, these seems to have not yet.

In the past year, Biden pulled the US vaccination rate to 63.5%, but there is still a considerable number of people who have a firm anti-vaccine perspective. He has pushed 1.75 trillion "rebuilding and development" (Build Back Better) plans to be "devastating" by the party within the party; the mandatory vaccine order is ruled by the Supreme Court; even if it is required to modify the Senate "lengthy agenda "The rules have not received the unanimous support within the party ...

Ethnic issues and new crown epidemics have not been bridged in society, and Biden will continue to take these questions.

"Now is the best era. It is also the worst era. You can even separate this year average," Former Obama Media Secretary Robert Gibbs, "But for me, from August Afghan withdrawal, The White House is dominated by a variety of external events, not the opposite. "

Brown, Dean of the Political Science Graduate School of George Washington, said that in view of the experience and knowledge of Biden, voters will give him a high hope, think he can let the United States have all heavy orbit, and return to normal. However, the situation is not the case.

Brown believes that the Biden team is satisfied with the idealism. It is imagined that he can follow the former President Roosevelt lead the United States through the Great Depression in the 1930s, and let the United States re-enhance the generator. "Their optimism, plus the people have confidence in them, think that you can solve all the problems, making them embarrassing the road."

At the press conference on January 20th, Biden emphasized that "I want to be the air-building Pavilion, I am a practical affairs that the US people have long been demanding."

Subsequently, a reporter from the right-wing media newsmax asked Bid: Why some Americans believe that "your mental state is not suitable for leadership of" Mentally Unfit "?

Brande is cold and cold, "I don't know (i Have no IDEA)."