The American Medical System has a serious medical care personnel in the US medical system.

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The American Medical System has a serious medical care personnel in the US medical system.

2022-01-21 06:05:21 36 ℃

According to US media reports, in many states in the United States, there are great existing medical resources to have a large existing medical resource, and the medical system is overwhelmed.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Hospital is one of the largest medical systems in Massachusetts. According to reports, this hospital will delay more than 2,000 surgery per week due to a large number of new crown diseases. There is not enough space to accommodate patients.

Massachusetts General Hospital Medical Experts Ali Raja: We have to treat patients in the hospital's aisle and waiting room in the waiting room, just around, we were forced to close a part of the emergency department, because we have not enough medical care personnel.

In the United States, similar phenomena generally existed. According to the data released by the US health and the Ministry of Public Service, there are currently 156,676 cases of new crown pneumonia in the United States. As can be seen from the above figure, the patient's bedspace share has reached more than 80%, up to 86.4%. According to the latest data of American Health and Public Service, nearly a quarter of the hospital in the United States is seriously shortage.

Mergen Lanny, University of Public Health, Mergen, Mei Great: Let me tell you what the time I am duty, 10 nurses in the emergency room fall, but sometimes dozens of patients are waiting for medical treatment, waiting Time is taken for hours. When the patient took one place, we have experienced such a patient tide.

The medical staff "brought back" is infected with a large number of patients

In order to supplement medical staff, according to the latest guidelines in the US CDC, many medical staff who have confirmed new coronal pneumonia have been diagnosed. However, the US business insider website invokes the data reports of American Health and Public Service, and the US CDC issued a new guide for a week, and the number of patients who were diagnosed infected with new crown after two weeks after hospitalization. 80%, from approximately 1200 people increased to 2,200 people.

US Disease Control Center issued a new epidemic prevention guide last December last year, it is recommended that the medical staff is diagnosed if there is no symptom or symptoms slightly and continuous improvement, it can be returned after 7 days, and new detection negative proof is provided within 48 hours of return. If the hospital hand is shortage, the isolation time can even be shortened to 5 days, and there is no need to accept the test after returning. Previously, the isolation period specified in the CDC was 10 days.

Non-profit organization "Prevention and Control of New Crown" researcher George Kablair said, many patients were originally positive because of other diseases, but they found that new crown test results were positive during hospitalization. The only place where they may infect new crown viruses is hospitals.