Key time Park Geunun Hui Dongshan again!"Return to politics" is constantly, vibration is in the wild

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Key time Park Geunun Hui Dongshan again!"Return to politics" is constantly, vibration is in the wild

2022-01-21 06:02:53 30 ℃

Park Geun-hye, once in the Korean political "叱咤 叱咤", self-married "married" countries, make a lot of contributions to South Korea, but still unable to escape Korean President's "prison" curse, because "girlfriends, corruption, bribery", etc. In case, you will live in prisons after the removal, perhaps this is the punishment of her, and maybe this is the result of the failure of political struggle. Today, she is originally to be treated in the year of the year, and the current president of South Korea is in the power, she is out of prison, and she has a new identity.

Park Geun-hye was published before, published his new book. At present, in Korea, it can be said that Park Geun-hye has become a Korean hot book author. The content in the book is mainly the letter from himself and some supporters, but some of them The content was interpreted by Korean Media and believed that it revealed the psychology of "returning to politics".

Park Geun-hye has repeatedly mentioned that "misconduct" in the letter, and also denied the judgment of the "believing governance" case, in addition, she also said that "the nationals, one day we will meet again" "If there is a Korean Things, I will do "etc", "These remarks have been interpreted by the Chinese" Cultural Daily "as" implied to restore political life after being released from prison. "

According to the overseas network, the lawyer of Park Geun-hye will finally speak. After the interpretation of Park Geun-hye's speech, it means that there is a political meaning with the words of Park Geun-hye, it is better to say that Mun Geuni hopes that he will be released from himself, waiting Many people who are pardon have once again met, and there is no meaning of returning to politics in Korean media.

In addition, Park Geun-hye is in the hospital, which is expected to be discharged from the hospital in early February. After discharge, it will speak to the national speech. It has been analyzed that the conservative camp in Park Geun-hye's conservative camp is large, and its involvement is political or will agitate the general election. However, for Park Geun-hye will talk about what is discussed at the General Assembly, without any news.

This side is ready to go through the first speech after being released from prison, and the other side is not idle. It is reported that in Park Geun-hye leaves soon, the article went to the hometown of Park Geun-hye's hometown, and the entire Korean political man. The "conservative" big camp, attended the shear of a factory, but this scale has not reached a president to participate, so this travel is called the "conservative" big idea this time.

In the election, the text is in the puisui problem, and it has been tilted in a short period of time. It can be said that the text is tightly tied to the political party behind him. The car is on.