Merkel lie flat: do not want to be a UN Secretary-General, a month to receive 110,000 pensions

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Merkel lie flat: do not want to be a UN Secretary-General, a month to receive 110,000 pensions

2022-01-21 12:02:51 50 ℃

According to January 20th, Galan, the predecessor of Germany said that Merkel has rejected the United Nations work invitation. The person in charge of the Merkel Office called to the media that Merkel wants to use his own words to explain the important decisions that have been made and complete autobiography in two or three years. Some United Nations said that the United Nations wants to invite Merkel to lead the United Nations project, regarding the treatment, aviation safety and world trade of ozone, and related to global issues.

German Prime Minister Merkel Data Map.

The United Nations news media PassBlue has quoted Merkel's spokesperson to say that Merkel is not interested in serving the Secretary-General of Gutres.

Merkel refuses the United Nations invitation

During the period of Merkel, the influence is very large, not only Germany affects, but also has a lot of positive impacts to Europe. Germany and the EU occupy a very important location in the international status. She called for the pace of chasing the United States, and she should accept the refugee, calling on world multilateralism, etc., Merkel's self Won the prestige.

December 2nd, 2021, the German Defense Force held the highest ceremony "Gro Er Zapfenstreich)

The United Nations invites Merkel's positions to be global public goods, there are many areas involved, not a relaxed thing, and the climate issues and health sector included in it will not handle good things. . On climate issues, the global climate problem is not a time, and the levels of countries are different, and it is a problem that needs to continue to solve the problem. In the health field, the global epidemic situation is still not optimistic, and countries have different management controls for the epidemic, although many countries have taken the "Clear" policy, but they can't do it, "advocating freedom" Americans, there are A lot of "anti-vaccineers" make it difficult to solve the health problem.

Merkel made a speech.

"Iron Lady" in the term

When I was about to be transferred, Merkel visited the United States with the German Prime Minister's identity. At that time, Biden has only been a US president, Merkel is also the first European leader receiving in the White House. Although both parties I know the importance of virtue relationship, but there is still a serious difference. During his ten years, Merkel witnessed more than ten years from Obama to Bunden.

Trump and Merkel at the Joint Journalist.

When Obama was discharged, he also conversed with Merkel for a few hours. After Terapping, the relationship between virtue worsen. Trump refuses to sign in the joint statement of the Seven Summit, and Merkel also took the lead "condemn". The Trump period ended, and Biden came to the stage, and virtue also issued a active diplomacy.

Retired low-key Merkel

The United Nations assessed that Merkel will accept the possibility of working invitation, and if it doesn't, Merkel refuses this invitation. Merkel has said that he needs to take a break after retirement and will not accept other work invitations.

Merkel and husband vacation in Italy.

After retirement, Merkel can be said to be "quite moist", you can also receive three months after retirement, Merkel is a prime minister, each month is 25,000 euros, three months after the meeting 21 months The salary of the original salary, this will have more than 300,000 euros. After that, Merkel can start to receive pensions, with 15,000 euros, equivalents of RMB approximately 110,000. In Germany, the 2020 per capita salary is three thousand euros, Merkel's pension has five times that of ordinary staff, in addition to this, she has their own car driver, office, etc. The integrated welfare treatment is really better than the officials of the United States.

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