American "Technology Theft"?Another discourse trap!

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American "Technology Theft"?Another discourse trap!

2022-01-21 12:02:53 47 ℃

Over the years, the United States will "technology war" as the killer of the Chinese neck, big "small courtyard high wall", "parallel system", from "entity list" to "chip ban", from ZTE, Huawei to byte beat, Big street, blocking is inexpensive. Recently, there are media explosions: The United States should focus on "national security", to the cloud business to Alibaba. In short, which is strong in China, which is the United States.

In order to be a bad thing "Master", in addition to embarrassed Chinese companies, "harming US national security", the United States also specializes in fabricating a special speaking and conceptual system, attempting to deduct China's "strong buy strong sale, stealing technology" hat of. What is the truth?

China "Forced Technology Transfer"?

The United States said China's implementation of "Forced Technology Transfer", using joint ventures, equity restrictions, and other foreign investment, forcing US enterprises transfer technology, making them "paying party" and "victim".

In fact, the Chinese government has always focus on optimizing the business environment, respecting the spirit of contract, and encourages business cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies. China has no laws and regulations for technology transfer, whether it is the "IPR" "Intellectual Property Law", or the "Foreign Trade Law", and there is no provision for the transfer of foreign investors.

Sino-foreign joint venture technology is a spontaneous mutual benefit of enterprises. Chinese and foreign companies jointly assess the market value of technology, and then legally reasonably transfer technology. Local governments will also customize a series of preferential policies, such as providing infrastructure, reduced taxes, and reduces loan interest. The entire cooperation process is carried out under the framework of the World Trade Organization, equally mutually beneficial, there is no "forced technology transfer".

Capital is all profitable, US companies are not charity, if there is no real gold, how can you work with Chinese companies? A large number of US companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Gao Tong, P & G, and General Motors have established R & D institutions in China, continuously increase the transfer of technology transfer and product transfer, and obtain huge interests, no doubt is the beneficiary.

I want to take advantage of the profit, I don't want to pay the cost, I don't want to have the benefits. Is it true that the sky will really drop?

China "large-scale systemic technology theft"?

The United States also said that China's use of talent programs and "technology hunting" in US Chinese, etc., and implements "large-scale systemic technology theft."

Speaking of this, I have to raise the United States to "China Action Plan" initiated by "China Technology Theft". The plan is the first special law enforcement action initiated by the United States for specific countries, and is highly valued by the US law enforcement and intelligence department.

Since 2018, the "China Action Plan" has created 77 cases involving more than 150 defendants. The overall crime of criminal cases in the United States is very high, but 64% of these 77 cases are still out of date. The "China Action Plan" claims that it focuses on combating economic spies, and only 19 in all cases involves "Economic Spy Law".

In 2020, the United States turned its plan to strike the expert schokers related to China, and made a large number of "scientific research integrity" cases, and the "scientific research integrity survey", which made a lot of scientific research. Terrorism, causing strong American academies and legal community.

Nearly 2,000 scholars in the United States, the United States, the United States Justice Minister questioned the "China Action Plan"; 192 Professors of Yerewa's professor to the US Department of Justice, believe that there is a fundamental defect in the plan; more than 20 Asian groups form a letter to the United States The president requests to stop the plan; the US Chinese Federation organizes protests outside the US Department of Justice to stop the "China Action Plan".

Probably the opposition is too big, the US government has to converge. According to the "Washington Post" recent reports, the US prosecutor is expected to go to the regulation of Chen Gang, MIT Chen Gang, concealing the allegations of China 's research. The report also said that in the past year, in the case of at least 8 cases related to the "China Action Plan", the US revokes the accusation or released the defendant. However, the allegations can be revoked, but the reputation of experts scholars is delayed, what is the repayment of the United States?

Every day, there is a stealing technology, but I can't get a star and half evidence. Is this not malicious? The so-called "China Action Plan" essence, but it is a poor tool for the US anti-China power abuse national security.

China's "intellectual property protection is weak?"

The United States also said that China's "intellectual property protection is weak", which has caused economic losses to hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

This lacks factual basis. In order to create a good intellectual property protection environment, China has done a lot of work, and the results are obvious.

For example, in recent years, China has continuously improved the legal system of intellectual property protection, and promoted a series of laws and regulations such as "Trademark Law" "Patent Law" "Copyright Law" "Anti-Unfair Competition Law".

In 2014, China opened three intellectual property courts and established a special trial in 15 intermediate courts. Only in 2015, the civil property cases accepted by the Chinese court were up to 109,386.

Chinese legal environment for intellectual property protection has become more sophisticated, it has been seeking legal support and protection when public opinion in foreign companies. US media reported that China has become the intellectual property litigation initiated between multinational companies "preferably", "lawsuit in China more than save time and cost in the United States." China's foreign intellectual property fees paid substantial growth for many years, since 2001 the average annual growth of 17 percent to $ 34.328 billion in 2019, of which $ 8.144 billion was paid to the United States, accounting for up to 23.7%.

America desperately to suppress Huawei also attaches great importance to IPR protection, nearly 20 years of foreign intellectual property rights fee paid more than $ 6 billion, nearly 80% of which are paid to the US companies. US collecting money and accusing China, Huawei to suppress, decent conscience it?

China's achievements in protecting intellectual property rights is widely recognized, even the US Trade Representative's office released the 2018 "Special 301 Report" had to admit that Chinese judicial reform there have been positive momentum, demonstrate professional competence and transparency. US-China Trade Commission survey also showed that nearly 60% of US companies said China's IPR protection efforts significantly strengthened.

Americans clamored for China "inadequate protection of intellectual property", and it was their own countrymen hit the face.

The United States is illegal disgraceful large theft

"Respect for Intellectual Property Rights" for the United States is a joke.

After the founding of the United States through spying, attract immigrants, monopoly patents, and supporting policies and other means to obtain textile, machinery manufacturing, coal smelting technology from the United Kingdom.

He was hailed former US President Andrew Jackson, the "Father of the American Industrial Revolution," the Samuel Slater in the UK to study advanced textile technology, after a false name to emigrate to the United States, and helped the United States build a strong textile empire. Therefore, the British called him "traitor Slater." Turning to this history, the US magazine "Foreign Policy" admitted "we have a pirate."

After World War II, the United States launched the infamous "Paperclip", a panel of experts set up by the hundreds of scientists, engineers, all kinds of information to the German search technology patents, drawings, research papers, etc., large German enterprises, research institutions, government departments and libraries rarely spared.

The United States also seized several thousand German and Austrian scientists and engineers one by one trial in the detention camps, in order to better absorb looted art. "Paperclip" far-reaching impact on US military technology, even the "Apollo" have benefited.

After the Cold War, the United States intensified, monitored his country around, steal all kinds of secrets, in order to obtain advanced technology, engage in unfair competition.

For example, the last century, the 1990s were auto trade negotiations with Japan, the United States intelligence agencies in the Japanese negotiators car bugged, in order to obtain insider information.

In 2001, the European Airbus Boeing sued by means of the National Security Agency "echelon" electronic monitoring system, real-time tracking Airbus employee's phone, fax and e-mail interception trade secrets. There are many such "prism" incident staged all over the world, behind the United States are.

In recent years, the United States around the "long arm jurisdiction", to force competitors to sell the core business and technology patents.

In 2013, the US Department of Justice seized several senior French company Alstom, forcing GM to sell for the direction of America's most important and most central electricity and grid business. Until the acquisition is completed, only then these 'hostages' release. Alstom was detained several years of experience in the executive Piye Lu Qi later in this memoir called "American trap." More than 1000 days to be unjustified detention of the boat late Meng, also have been the "American trap" and "hostage."

The key core technology or else to buy do not come, do not come to discuss. In recent years, Chinese science and technology with each passing day, "Temple" station, "Compass" networking, "dragon" into the sea, "Vulcan" into the fire, "Mo" messaging, "eye in the sky" air patrol, can the zodiac, can the next five ocean to catch the turtle, which is the Chinese people themselves dry out step by step achievement, not the United States or the West, "the gift."

On the other hand, the United States, not only the history of "lying, cheating and stealing," and now it is while sitting on our laurels, while an attempt to stifle innovation to other countries in its infancy. This is not only outrageous bullying of the international community, it is despicable crime of human progress.

Unjust is doomed to destruction, history will eventually make a fair judgment.