The Russian attitude has changed, and the Indians finally woken up: could not go too close to the United States.

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The Russian attitude has changed, and the Indians finally woken up: could not go too close to the United States.

2022-01-21 12:02:26 90 ℃

Although India is an important chess, the United States is discouraged, but in recent days, India has begun to implement the strategy of "neighboring priority" and continue to release positive signals in China. In this way, the United States has been frequently faced.

On the 12th, China-India held the 14th round of military long talks, and China and India will issue joint press releases. The 13th round of talks, India proposed unreasonable requirements, and the joint press release has not been released, and the latest talks have not been able to solve the problem, but the two sides can finally be able to solve the problem, and agree to carry out A round of talks.

On the same day, the attitude towards the Beijing Winter Olympics before India, decided to support the Winter Olympics on the diplomatic level, stated that this is the foreign policy of "neighboring priority".

One day, the US media took the lead in broke the news, India's "prevention" of Chinese companies will loosen, consider reducing the threshold of China's investment admission to the current Indian overseas investment.

Obviously, the Attitude of the Indian government is incorporated, which also directly hit the face of the United States. In the past, India did always treat China as an opponent, but it also couldn't ignite the style of the United States.

For the long talk of the China India, the United States wants to cross a bar. On the day of talks, the White House also claimed that China would want "intimidation" India and said the United States will stand on the side of "partners". The attitude of India after the Chinese print talks, let the US so-called "China's destruction stability" not attack.

Previously, the United States threatened "not sent officials to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics", and also encourage other allies to act with them, but the result is that India's important partners are not trend.

Now, although India claims that the forces supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs want to interfere with the government's decisions, Moti still makes correct choices, and this is more and more embarrassing.

In fact, India suddenly releases positive signals and is also considered in real considerations. India has been seeking balance between the big state, but in the past, India has been doing too much to China, and it is too close to the United States. The result is not only very stiff to China, but even Russia has also refreshing.

This makes India feel awake, and the balance can no longer be tilted in the United States. The United States regards India as a chess, in fact, what is their own tools that are not India.