There are two countries to join hands to call Hua.Both China's old opponent!Less than 24 hours Zhao Lijian responded

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There are two countries to join hands to call Hua.Both China's old opponent!Less than 24 hours Zhao Lijian responded

2022-01-21 18:02:26 58 ℃

According to the observer network, recently, the British Prime Minister Johnson is facing the largest spanning crisis since the ruling. In this critical moment, Johnson figure hundreds, his external and anti-phase is also actively going upstream in the international community, and is almost crime due to delastic. In the case of the entire Europe, the UK aims at Australia.

On January 21st, the British Minister Tras and the National Defense Minister Wallace visited Australia, with the Australian Foreign Minister Petan, Dalian, Dalian Dalian, Dalian, Dalian Dalian, Dalian, Dalian Dialogue, this dialogue I want to strengthen the national defense of the two countries and Trade relationships, implementing matters on nuclear submarines, but the dialogue of the Four people gradually moved, madly brought the topic to China, claiming that both countries have been "threats" from China.

On January 20th, local time, Tras who had arrived in Australia said that "evil forces" is threatening around the world, and all countries in the world face the "aggressive intensification" situation. So she still does not dare to specify who is telling? In the meeting with Payne, Tras started her performance, claiming that all countries in the world have "unhealthy" economic dependence, Lithuania and Australia have been "economic coercion" in China, so the UK must be with Australia. Establish a so-called defense relationship.

Tras said that the current Europe is very dependence on Russia, and the Asia-Pacific region is increasing to China's economy, and the influence of Sino-Russia is spread all over the world. In this case, the United Kingdom hopes to make a common sound from Australia. It also claims that the UK has found his voice.

Payne also threatens to maintain and protect "democracy", but also add to "hostile countries" on cyberspace, while Australian anti-Daren Daton captured, the so-called "hostile country" refers to China, Russia and Iran, he actually claims that Australia is often attacked from these countries.

In fact, since the UK off Europe, the United Kingdom pays attention to the "power" of the development in China, and even dispatches the British aircraft carrier "Elizabeth Queen" to print the United States, and support the Nuclear submarine of Australia, facing China The outlying gestures are more aggressive. The one-time speech of Tras is even more arrogant, and even the foreign ministers of the anti-China tendency, the foreign ministers of the anti-China tendency.

In the face of the performance of the foreign ministers and defense of the Australia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on January 21st, the Foreign Ministry, the Bank of Foreign Ministry, said that the US-Australian three-sided security partnership is a typical military group, three countries nuclear submarine cooperation. Violation of the purpose and purpose of the Treaty of Non-Proliferation Nuclear Weapons has caused more and more vigilance and boycots. The relevant parties should immediately stop the erroneous behavior of the splitting and challenge against confrontation.