Who is in violation of human rights?Chinese people announce the US crimes and make an example for the world

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Who is in violation of human rights?Chinese people announce the US crimes and make an example for the world

2022-01-22 00:05:20 50 ℃

According to the Global Network, the United States has always regarded himself as the "human rights of human rights" in the whole world, and the human rights of many other countries have become the main attack object of the country. However, China has recently announced the US crime, saying that in the current global global refugee, a large part of the responsibility of the United States, but is received by developing countries, so who is in violation of human rights?

Have to say, China's domineering declaration made an example to give the world, and any country should not tolerate the harsh behavior of the United States, and the United States should reflect on itself, and the increasing crimes on his body should be solved.

Who is in violation of human rights?

On human rights issues, the United States seems to stand in a high-end system of morality, accusing other countries, including my country. In recent times, relevant Xinjiang's human rights issues have attracted great disputes in China and the United States, and some other countries are also involved. After all, these countries are all American allies, and they need to express the country.

In order to combat my country's human rights issues, the country also carefully built lies, and even enacted laws to reinforce it again, but what kind of substantive role can this behavior play? There is no problem, how is it does not exist, not to mention, China has never been a country lying down.

Chinese people announce the US crimes

In recent days, my country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, asked the problem related to human rights when he hosted a reporter meeting. At present, the number of refugees in the world reached more than 10 million, although the development of the developing countries received great restrictions, but they did not see these refugee displacements, including more than 86% of the refugees, survived in many developing countries. A place. Of course, these developing countries also suffer very much pressure.

The behind-the-scenes of so many refugees is actually the United States, which also makes developing countries more difficult to accept, and ask the United States to pay for their own behavior, then how does China look at this phenomenon?

In this regard, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the US crime, made an example for the whole world. For the United States, there is a defect in the United States, and there is still a strong attitude towards the country in other countries.

Wang Wenbin said that the United States has repeatedly provoked war in other countries, eventually leading to a large number of refugees in many countries, it can be said that the current global refugees and immigrants are caused by the United States. Especially in the Middle East, there are more countries that have no way to return to normal in length for decades or even longer. All in all, there is a place where the US military is in place, there will be displaced people.

The US government has also made a public commitment, saying that they are willing to accept refugees, respecting the human rights of refugees, allowing them to have a place in China. However, it has proven that the refugees are excluded from all over the country. It is also the country that refuses refugees through various means, sometimes it will use force, and to expel the refugees in the border. These atrocities can be called "respecting human rights" ?

In addition, even during the new crown epidemic, the United States has continuously putting domestic illegal immigrants in a small space, sending them back to various backward small countries, leading to the infection and death of a large number of people, spread globally. Virus, is this "respect for human rights?"

Therefore, in the human rights issue, there is no position in the issue of human rights, and the country itself is a sketch of spots. The country needs to reflect should be its own problem. If the United States continues to fight against other countries, it will definitely be boycotted from all over the world, and now the United States is time to take responsibility for their behavior.