Does China provide military assistance behind the neighboring riots?The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is unusual

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Does China provide military assistance behind the neighboring riots?The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is unusual

2022-01-22 06:02:36 56 ℃

According to the observer network, Beijing time on January 20th, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lie hosted a routine press in Beijing.

At the meeting, there were reporters: Kazakhstan said that in response to recent riots, some countries include China is willing to provide assistance. But in addition to the provisions of the Treaty Organization, Ha did not accept the legal basis of military assistance in other countries, did China provide military assistance?

For the above problems, Zhao Lijian said that China and Kazakhstan are friendly neighbors and permanent comprehension partners. China is being closely communicated in the Chinese side, will provide the help of the Harva will provide assistance. As long as it is conducive to the restoration of peace, developing economies, improving people's livelihood, China will have a positive attitude.

According to the media, local time on January 2, Kazakhstan started to explode protests, and the fuse of the incident was caused by the Kazakhstan government to increase the price of liquefied petroleum gas. According to the provisions of the Government of the Kazakhstan, the price of Liquefied petroleum rose by the original 60 strong (RMB) to 120 strong (about 1.8 yuan), the price has risen more than double. To this end, the strong dissatisfaction of the country.

On January 2nd, local time is located in the western part of the country. On January 5, the impact further expanded that more than ten cities in the country held a rally, thousands of people on the street protest and had a fierce violence against the police. Although the Kazakhstan government tries to control the situation and promises to lower the price, even so, in the country's largest city Almati and other places, protests still have become large-scale riots, some riots even robbed the army, and the police have a gun battle. It caused many people to lose their life, and the whole Kazakhstan was in great panic for a while.

In this context, some experts say that Kazakhstan's riots may be an overseas forces. And this also got the affirmation of Kazakhstan President Tosayev. On January 8th, local time, when talking about the situation of domestic riots, Tosayev said that Kazakhstan is facing uniform and coordinated armed aggression in the abroad of terrorist organizations, they are well trained, well-equipped And some of them are not in the national language, it is clearly an intervention with external forces.

Under this critical moment, in order to safeguard the safety and order of the country, Tosayev urgently issues awarding to the collective and safety organization, requested the Group of Safety Organization to help Kazakhstan to deal with the "terrorist threat". After receiving the assistance signal of Kazakhstan, January 7th, the Russian first troops arrived in Kazakhstan, and began to officially implement the following peacekeeping tasks, and calm the riots of Kazakhstan.

It is worth mentioning that China has also shown attitudes on the day of the Russian leader arrived in Kazakhstan. On January 7, local time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China noted that the Kazakhstan authorities were taking a series of powerful initiatives, combating violence, and safeguarding social stability. China supports everything that is conducive to the efforts of the Harutang Bureau as soon as possible, and resolutely oppose external forces to create social turmoil and incite violence in Hardware. As a brothers, neighbors and permanent comprehensive strategic partners, China is willing to provide the necessary support to Harfire, helping Ha Fangfu over difficulties.

Today, with the settlement organization, the domestic situation in Kazakhstan tends to be stable. On January 19, on January 19, the President of the International Cooperation Director of the Kazakh National Defense Ministry, in the press conference, the province of Ji'an Organization and the contingent transfer from Harbin is completed on the same day, the last one The batches have taken off from the Almaty Airport. He said that the foreign military in the country has all been evacuated, and the country canceled the emergency state implemented during riots from 19th.