"Times" can't see it, I sent such a sad cover!

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"Times" can't see it, I sent such a sad cover!

2022-01-22 12:02:00 47 ℃

Have to admire the "era", the cover is a classic.

The latest "era" weekly cover. I always feel that this should be a "era" recently has the most sad cover.

"Times" can't see it.

Rain has been going down, playing in Biden and the case, splashing water. The cover title is: Year One.

By January 20th, Biden came to the stage for a whole year, but the White House was raining, directly down to the elliptical office. The theme of the cover article is: How is the Biden Government lost the direction (How the Biden Administration Lost ITS WAY).

Ben is helpless, the sunglasses are not worn, the right hand is pressed, the left hand is spread, and the old days are looking at the old days. On the right, it is a tricky challenge that is stuck: the economy is challenging, Putin is challenging, stimulating the program, voting rights ... Everyone will not let him worry.

Oh, the most under, it is "2024 Trump" - for another two years, Trump has to kill it, what should I do? what to do?

Behind Biden is a more headache. The epidemic is still raging, and Americans have been diagnosed more than 70 million, and death has exceeded 850,000. A country that has the most abundant medical resources in the world. It has become a country in which the world's most failure country is the world.

The White House is now leaking, and it is playing directly on Biden. Everyone can look at the animation effect, we seem to be able to hear a long sigh of Biden, and there is a "era" weekly magazine.

This cover, with the cover of Biden, combined with the cover, combined, may be more interesting.

The cover of that period is: the first day (Day One).

Stack of various documents such as mountains, velocating an oval office, on the ground, table, chair, you can see Trump discarded small red hats, small speakers, and eat the french fries and cola, the phone should be fell On the ground, the window, the protest of smoke is diffuse, the fire is rushing, the sky is dyed into orange, the golden curtains and the desk are also doodled ...

Worried by the Biden Station in front of the window, the left hand holds the chin, if you think.

Who is the most like French fries and cola?

That is naturally Trump.

Bynden took over a rotten stall!

This cover of the "Times" weekly can be said to be comparable to Biden.

Biden is really very hard.

In the past, only two US president signed the administrative order on the first day of the job, and only signed a way; Biden took the day on the first day, it was said to sign 17, the next day and signed ...

The suffering of the United States is deep, and the responsibility of Biden is heavy.

But after a year?

One failure to pick up:

From the Afghanistan, finally became an escaped Warehouse retreat;

US-style anti-vloys have always been a diagnosis and death number to continue to arrogant;

US economy, inflation has reached the highest point in 40 years;

The southern border is chaotic, the shooting violence is endless, the paper house is constantly being staged ...

The "Time" weekly covered articles said: One year passed, people more and more felt that President Biden has lost the direction. A government that promises to recover functions and normal, it seems to be powerful, and the reaction is slow ...

The most obvious change is the support rate.

When Bid is going to stage, although the United States is torn, the people still have a expectation. However, after a year, Biden's support rate has fallen to the countdown of all US total support rates in the American history after a year, and the countdown is the first, which is the former Trump.

Hey, Trump and Biden, in fact, half a catty.

The rest can only be torn.

The first anniversary of the Capitol Mountain, I can't help the pain, and tear the United States. "He did the history of the United States - the history of this country, there is no matter what the president has done."

Trump naturally doesn't have your mouth. He angered by Ben Lie, "People often ask me ... Which is the most difficult country? Russia, China, North Korea, Iran? I said it is not, the most difficult to deal with it is (constantly making lie) US."

A 80-year-old is now a 76-year-old president, interesting.

Finally, how do you see?

Simple three points.

First, the national unfortunate "era" is fortunate, the more you do it.

The cover of the world magazine, "Times" is always the most classic. Where is the source of creation? The main thing, I think, or the reality of the United States. The suffering of the United States, the responsibility of Biden, the "era" cover is absolutely. Behind the back, how many people's tears, others don't say, think about the life of 850,000 people ...

Second, we are not looking at jokes, we must have alert.

What about the United States have problems in the United States? Yesterday, the most emotional news, in addition to "malicious returning home", it is Zhengzhou big water to report and accountability. The report made people shocking, severe accountability, let us see the determination. But this also reminds us that there are still many shortcomings, which can never be proud and will not forget the people.

Third, even the Americans say that the United States lost the direction ...

Bynden took the first day, "Time" cover, the white honesty of the chicken hair, Biden is thoughtful, the window is full of fire; a year later, the rain has been in the past, playing in a helpless. One year, the water is set, the scene is really awkward, dreaming in instantly ... I lost the direction of the United States, what will I go?