Is the United States going to the Winter Olympics in Beijing?The Russian Intelligence Agency has mastered evidence that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states

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Is the United States going to the Winter Olympics in Beijing?The Russian Intelligence Agency has mastered evidence that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states

2022-01-23 00:02:00 30 ℃

After the preparations in the intensive drums, all preparations for Beijing Winter Olympics are ready, and closed-loop management measures have also officially launched in recent days. For China's efforts, all parties including the United Nations gave a positive evaluation, but it was unfortunate that the United States is still in the United States, and the United States is still engaged in some small actions. It tries to force this ice and snow event as a politician as a politician. Stage. This kind of behavior is neither in line with the expectations of the international sectors, and there is also a trend of the times, and it is destined to fail with failure. Sure enough, the Russian Intelligence Agency suddenly announced that there is currently evidence of the United States to Beijing Winter Olympics, which once again exposes the United States's sinister heart.

Russia announced important news

On January 18th, Russia's foreign exchange secretary Secretary, Sherk Naresh, revealed that Russia has collected many intelligence, which can prove that the United States is lending all of the allies to do some malicious destruction Beijing Winter Olympics. From these intelligence information, it can be derived, and the United States is trying to try to destroy and discredit the organizers of this ice and snow, and in this process, the US State Council has played a vital role.

He directly pointed out that in this conspiracy, the US Affairs Hospital is responsible for coordinating some non-governmental organizations and media to them, and taking some anti-China activities related to Winter Olympics.

The official is also emphasized that from the current actions of the United States, the United States still takes the set of Winter Olympics in the Winter Olympics to treat today's Beijing Winter Olympics, there is no new idea in this process. In his opinion, this kind of old teeth do not have any substantive significance.

In this regard, Zhao Lijian, spokesman Zhao Lijian, is promising, just as Nareashkin Director said, destroying the practice of smearing Beijing Winter Olympics, damaging the interests of the national athletes and international Olympic careers, completely violating the Olympic spirit, and the international The mainstream public opinion of society. This approach is not only very narrow, it is also completely wrong, it is destined to be people, it will not succeed.

Beijing Winter Olympics is about to open

There is Russian media pointed out that the Sochi Winter Olympics held in 2014 also encountered a large wave of public opinion attacks, which were planned and implemented in this public opinion attack, and even equally equivalent to all costs of the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia. There were many negative reports on Sochi Winter Olympics facilities, but when this ice and snow event was officially held, all of Russia presented everything directly made these lies did not attack.

In addition, some media use a variety of excuses such as "race extinction" in order to discred the Sochi. Now, after several years, the United States will still use the set of the Beijing Winter Olympics, but these false news that can be made by the United States will not be crushed by the facts, and the United States I can only fall a self-sufficiency.

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