Established in enterprises, German companies to press the government: I can't ease the relationship between China, just move

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Established in enterprises, German companies to press the government: I can't ease the relationship between China, just move

2022-01-23 00:02:24 45 ℃

[Text / observer network Liucheng Hui]

"It must not be development in Lithuania, we really do not want to give up the Chinese market." Relations with China dropped to the freezing point of the occasion risks, Lithuania abandoned domestic and foreign enterprises, is working with the Japanese surge.

Comprehensive Reuters and Lithuania "15 minutes" News 21 reported that a number of large domestic and foreign enterprises in Lithuania in order to reduce losses, is planning to abandon the legislation domestic business, and the transfer of production to other countries. These business executives admitted that they had set up the government hopes to improve relations with China, but for now little hope. They urged the Lithuanian government to restore relations with China, or for long-term benefits, companies will have no choice but to close the production line located in Lithuania.

Lithuania "15 minutes" News: Lithuania companies are subject to storm affecting relations with China

The world's largest peat substrates, biofuel producers "Klasmann Deilmann" CEO Cumming Ilgauskas (Kazimieras Kaminskas) revealed that in the legislation has not been substantial improvement in the relationship between the moment they are planning to transfer part of the production is located in Lithuania to other EU countries.

"We had planned to carry out the production in Lithuania, but now we plan to change in Latvia." Cumming Ilgauskas said, "Our sales in China accounted for about 15% of enterprises in Lithuania, we really do not want to give up this market." He said the company exports to 70 countries worldwide commodity, while its Chinese market is particularly important, it is difficult to find a replacement.

Cumming Ilgauskas said he had hoped the relationship between Lithuania and China can be back on track, but he now realized that "nothing will change."

"I learned from the news in the (bilateral relations) latest news, finally made a decision." Cumming Ilgauskas said, "We must look to the future, we must first strive to reduce losses."

Another has 2,600 employees nonwovens plant in Lithuania, head of Stanislav gas Grew Texas (Stanislovas Grušas) also developed a similar plan. He said the company is looking for opportunities will be located in Lithuania's production lines to neighboring countries, such as Latvia or Poland.

This is the name of the person in charge said that in the 27 EU countries, Lithuania is the only country that no longer has a global market. Although the company is not lack of funds, but does require a global market.

Lithuania Technology Group Brolis founder Chris Porticcio Jonas Chavez Balas (Kristijonas Vizbaras) said the same, taking into account the political risk factors, the company is planning to give up the new production line in Lithuania idea.

"We must focus on the future development of our production in other countries." Chavez Balas said.

Reuters: German big business in China on the issue to put pressure on Lithuania

Lithuania is not just media companies will find a "flight" of the crisis. Reuters also noted in the report of 21 May, a growing number of European companies in relation opposition continued deadlock worried. Germany - Baltic Chamber of Commerce has urged the Lithuanian government to restore relations with China as soon as possible, otherwise some European companies may have no choice but to close the production line located in Lithuania.

According to a letter obtained by Reuters, Germany - Baltic Chamber of Commerce sent a letter directly to the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the economy, called for the two ministers to come up with "constructive solutions" to address the plight of relations with China.

A well-informed sources, last month, Prime Minister of Lithuania Zlatan nits (Ingrida Simonyte) met with business leaders to hear their concerns about the current situation. Informed sources said that the business community complained to Chimoio nits, the industry suffered losses of up to hundreds of millions of euros, if China continues to dispute the effects of global production, the situation will deteriorate further.

Lithuanian President Nao Seda has not escaped the business community complained. Another insider, when Nao Seda this week to hold talks with business executives, he was urged to "immediately ease the tension."

It is worth mentioning that, as early as late last month, news about Lithuania domestic and European companies stand to suffer the storm affect relations have continued to spread. The Chinese side also clarify this clear - Individual media speculation China will be cleared from the customs system in Lithuania, Lithuania suspend imports from China trade license, put pressure on multinational corporations may not use components produced in Lithuania, these messages are not true.

However, the plight of the Lithuanian government today, and it is inescapable reality. Lithuania domestic media quoted the bank's statement, the storm affected relations with China, in 2022 the Lithuanian economic growth may slow from 0.1 to 0.5 percentage points.

Continental AG stores, after reports that the company may be forced to abandon production Lithuania components (Figure from Continental AG)

Unfortunately, since last November, Lithuania openly approved the establishment of the so-called "Taiwan's representation", re-creation of relations, Cube has not taken effective measures to improve bilateral relations, the US and Europe and even repeatedly begged incoming.

Until January 4, Lithuanian President Nao Seda allow that country in the name of "Taiwan" to open a representative office mistaken; two days later, Foreign Minister Nao Seda requirements Landsbergis come up with specific China "defuse the situation" program.

On the 19th, Najersa held a meeting on the Presidential House to discuss the crisis against China. He said after the meeting, the college relationship caused the evil for commercial losses, and Lithuania needed to implement "cooling plan", and the foreign minister Landz Belgis has taken the plan in accordance with the requirements, and it is expected to meet in the near future. However, in fact, from Lantz Belgus to accept the information disclosed by the media on the 20th, the "cooling plan" he submitted is very ridiculous.

On the one hand, it claims that Lithuania and China are expected to hold a summit in the near future. On the other hand, the government will not contend, suggesting that China is one of the "upgrade situation", and even threats will coordinate with the EU, " "Let's tell the WTO.

Lithuania National Radio Station (LRT): Lithuania's foreign minister said 20th, will not concession on the change of the name

Various words, it is called "oil protection fire". For Lithuania, no matter whether it is stubborn, it is stubborn to go to the end, if you want to get rid of the current dilemma, but even re-retrans back to the right track, I am afraid that it is not just that the mouth is so simple.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out at the routine reporter meeting held on the 21st, and the gate of China's communication between China is always open. If Lithuan is really intentionally improving the current situation, Lithuan should show sincerely, take out the actual action.

Zhao Lijian said that the root cause of the problem of neutral relations is that the Lithuania authorities have insisted on incorrect operations on stage issues, damaging the central interests of the Chinese side, and destroying the basic guidelines for international relations. Who is a deterioid of neutrality, step by step, leading to the initiator of the situation, and the international community's own public opinion.