Happy people!The US media digging the Chinese, unnecess, there is still no hand, and the prior gougou

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Happy people!The US media digging the Chinese, unnecess, there is still no hand, and the prior gougou

2022-01-23 00:02:00 56 ℃

The United States is poor performance in the fight against the epidemic, so that more and more countries in the world have lost confidence in the United States. Especially those who have backed by the United States, this thought can be used to help them with the United States to spend the epidemic crisis. They see the opponent's fierce epidemic situation and completely dispense this kind of idea. Nowadays, the United States is difficult to protect, and all aspects of resources are shortage. Especially the new crown virus detection kit, which is a huge demand, and cannot meet the supply of the domestic people. Even if the United States can only seek cooperation with Chinese companies. Recently, the US and Jiu'an medical care have signed a large number of large numbers, and the other party needs to provide 200 million polys for test kits as soon as possible.

American media also digitizes China

As the number of people infected infections increased rapidly, they want to test all Americans with the fastest speed, thus targeted epidemic isolation measures, at least 26 billion people, which is also a challenge for the United States. Bible, the US economic liabilities have been ceiling, but now it needs to be put into large amounts of funding on the detection kit, which makes the US economic pressure re-increased. Seeing that it is so awkward, China's epidemic prevention is successful, but it is a role model and savior in the eyes of all countries, and the US media began to make a monster moth. Yuan Li, China reporter, China reporter, published an article, which supports the Chinese epidemic prevention work, and takes a kind of philosophical term.

"Medall-owned evil" refers to a unmearable and responsible crime generated under ideology, and has no conditional execution of a command, abandoning its own judgment. This sentence is used to describe the nematic period, and those Germans support the Sales of Jews, which express an angry word, but they did not expect that they were used by Chinese reporters to describe people who actively cooperate with national epidemic prevention. This article immediately produced a large number of public opinion, Yuan Li became the object of people, many people feel angry about Yuan Li's expression, think that the other party is a negative performance, and seeing such a person accused, when It's really fun.

China has not yet moved, and you will flip over.

I am afraid that the US media did not expect the Chinese and didn't have fun yet, and I walked in the ditch. Even the US netizens can't see it. They accuse Yuan Li itself in Hong Kong that is better in the epidemic, but now says this, it is really a white-eyed wolf, which is ironic, and some people say that they are "New York Times" behavior. Give disgust. The US media also took the outbreak of Xi'an epidemic, and the city continued to make a masterpiece, destroying China, triggered discussions from all walks of life.

Xi'an is now in the epidemic situation, all countries are in the eyes. China's dynamic clear strategy is very successful, and Xi'an's epidemic growth has declined significantly, gradually gains control. It is reason to say that China should become the object of countries, rather than being a discredient in the US media. The US media always accuses China's protective measures for the epidemic are too strict, which is the restriction of freedom of the people, and is also a new type of deprivation of their rights.

Everyone has its own judgment capabilities

Everyone in China actively cooperates with the country, I hope to end the threat of this round of epidemic, but I didn't expect Yuan Li as a "mediocrity evil", I really don't know what this is thinking. Although she is now working for the US media, but after all, it is still a Chinese. This anti-China performance is not. In the period of war, such people are typical traitors and traitors. It is to be referred to by Wanfu. The Chinese never believes that their epidemic prevention policies are wrong. It is because we know the practicality of this way, we will actively implement cooperation, not that Yuan Li is contaminated, we have its own judgment, no It is easy to believe in the inferent emotional remarks.