Asked "Why wait for Putin action?" Biden angered reporter: how stupid problem

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Asked "Why wait for Putin action?" Biden angered reporter: how stupid problem

2022-01-23 06:04:26 51 ℃

According to the "New York Post", local time on January 20th, the US President Biden angered a reporter, saying that she proposed a "stupid problem" may "invade" Ukraine in Russia. At the same time, the White House is busy addressing the suspected "gains" in the 19th, he said on the first anniversary of the ruling, Russia may not suffer too much blow because of "small-scale intrusion".

US President Biden Source: Reuters

On the 20th, when the President's Science and Technology Advisory Committee meeting was held at the Eisenhower Administrative Office, the reporters were leaving, and the Fox Journalist Jacqui Heinrich shouted, "Mr. (President Baiden), you Why wait (Russian President) Putin first take action? "Biden's answer did not appear in the official video live, but Yahoo Journalist Alexander Nazaryan has shown that the media is recorded His answer: "How stupid problem."

Fox News Reporter Jaki Heinrich

According to the report, Biden and his assistant tried to recover the remarks of the Russian "small-scale invasion" on the 20th, because the shocked Ukrainian officials believe that Putin may regard the United States this statement as the US is giving "invasion action" Open "green light". Wu President Ze Lingski invaded Biden on the 20th: "We want to remind some big countries, there is no small-scale intrusion and small countries, just like losing their loved ones, there is no slight sadness and pain. I am The president of a big country (Ukraine) said. "

At the 19th's press conference, Biden said: "I think you will see that if Russian 'intrusion', it will be held accountable. This depends on Russia's actions. But if this is a small scale Invasion ', we will happen because of what to do, there should be a dispute. "

Biden held the first anniversary of the first anniversary of the 10th anniversary of the 19th: Vision China

However, Biden told reporters on the oval office on the 20th, "There is no doubt that if Putin makes this choice, Russia will pay a heavy price. I am very clear about President Putin. He didn't misunderstand. If any assembly of Russia The army crossed the Ukrainian border, this is 'intrusion'. "

The United States has been accuseing the Russian plan "invasion" Ukraine, the Oklin Palace has repeatedly refuted that this is "fake news", the review spokesperson Peskov called these allegations "unorthodal", it is the performance of "hysterical". (Editor: hhj)