Hopher to run?US media: US station is ready to approval some diplomats from Ukrainian evacuation

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Hopher to run?US media: US station is ready to approval some diplomats from Ukrainian evacuation

2022-01-23 12:05:06 43 ℃

According to the US Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), it was confirmed that the US State Council was preparing to approve from the Embassy in Ukraine to withdraw from some American diplomats and diplomat families.

US Embassy in Kiev (Visual China)

According to sources, since the final command has not been approved, the evacuation is unclear.

According to reports on the Fox News Network, US officials said that the US State Council has ordered the US Embassy in Ukraine to start withdrawing Ukraine earliest on January 24.

The US State Department spokesperson said to ABC News: "There is nothing to announce today. If the security situation is deteriorating, we will continue to implement a strict emergency plan."

The report pointed out that the ABC News last month also reported that the US Embassy is preparing to be authorized or ordered from Ukraine, and the emergency plan has been planned for several weeks.

Local Time January 18, 2022, Crimea, Russian armored teams played on a highway in Crimea. (People's Vision)

It is reported that this order will allow family members and non-emergency staff to evacuate, they usually leave commercial flights, rather than government charters.

According to the report, the current US travel warning for Ukraine has reached four levels, that is, travel. The warning also explicitly said: "Russia is planning to take significant military actions to Ukraine."

However, although Americans may be warned this week, the US State Department clearly stated that they would not ride a government charter as the US from the Afghan dismantled. The US State Department spokesman said: "If we decide to change the planning of US diplomats and their families, US citizens should not expect US government to support their evacuation activities. At present, there are commercial flights to support departure."

On the other hand, according to a source, the decision of some staff members and the families withdraw from the US Embassy made the Ukrainian government officials, they said they have "empty".

Local Time January 19, 2022, Ukraine Keping, US Gate Bincinn opened his visit to meet Ukrainian President Ze Linski. (People's Vision)

Ukrainian residents from Kiev tell ABC news in Ukrainian residents in the Russian border, they don't believe that Russia is about to launch a comprehensive attack. Some people think that the so-called "pressure from Russia" is just a statement of a sense of bluntness, and the United States has shown that they believe it.

Ukrainian President Ze Lingschi hinted this on Wednesday, he said: "Your intelligence is very good, but you are far outside overseas, and we are here, I think we have learned some things. More deeper. "

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