Don't your body suddenly?After Banden ordered the mourning clock, the United States has an inexpensive signal, the people broke out.

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Don't your body suddenly?After Banden ordered the mourning clock, the United States has an inexpensive signal, the people broke out.

2022-01-23 18:06:00 44 ℃

As we all know, this epidemic situation can be said in the United States, but not only the epidemic prevention and control work, resulting in countless domestic people, but because of a series of improper policies to fall into the economic crisis in China, in such a context, the US domestic masses on the government The support rate is getting lower and lower.

US knocking bell

Recently, the report announced by the United States shows that there have been more than 1 million cases of new diagnosis in a single day, and the global record is again refreshed. It is reported that the number of cumulative deaths in the United States broke 8.87 million, and the number of diagnosed people reached 71.4 million, and the epidemic has not had any improvement signs, and even continuously deteriorate.

In order to commemorate the dead people, the declaration of the midwifery, many people think that rings, this move is an ominous signal, thinking that the US epidemic has been completely uncontrollable, and the domestic people are getting more and more intense.

American people completely broke

According to relevant data, the pride of US media has dropped to 54% for democratic freedom, which is 36% compared to 20 years ago, which is not only because of increasingly severe epidemic, but also has important links with the US debt upper limit. As the current president, Biden also assumed responsibility, which not only received a declaration of the domestic masses, but even more news.

It is reported that Biden has issued some improper remarks many times in public, and some behavior moves and normal people. After considering the age of Biden, many people think that Biden has suffered from Alzheimerism, think he It has not continued to serve as the capacity of the president, and the support rate is straight line.

Biden Campaign Program

And the decline in support is also a non-good news. It is reported that he also said that he also said in an interview. If the physical condition allows, he also wants to participate in the 2024 US presidential election, and he also believes I am able to connect with the election.

But now because of the epidemic and economic crisis, Biden's support rate continues to be sluggish, plus Trump seizes this opportunity, suppressing its publicly, and Baiden can participate in the President's Presidential Presidential Election is minimal.

However, the relevant expert analysis, Trump should not once again become the president, but the former President Obama's wife is very popular in the US media, many people think that she is a logic ability or political concept, it is more beneficial to the United States. Development, many media will be called "Black Horse", but she did not disclose any participation of the participation.

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