Who will fill the "vacuum" after the Western discourse system crashes?We have to do our ideological preparation

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Who will fill the "vacuum" after the Western discourse system crashes?We have to do our ideological preparation

2022-01-23 18:05:07 48 ℃

"If the US or other countries like American democracy, we don't envy, but feel sympathy."

"For decades, 'democracy' words are distorted. Today, a very important thing we have to do is to let 'democracy' words return to its intention."

"We deal with such democratic hegemony in the United States, from the original avoidance of the current hard 'just", what is the reason? "

In the 130th program of Oriental Satellite TV on January 17, Zhang Wei, the Dean of the Chinese Institute of Fudan University, and Professor Fan Yongpeng, Associate Dean of the Fudan University, by Phandend Government The so-called "democratic summit", unveil the essence behind "American Democracy", and describes what is "good democracy".

Zhang Wei:

On December 2, 2021, China Public Foreign Affairs Association and China Forum, CGTN (China International TV Station), observer network, jointly held a high-end dialogue called "Chinese and foreign scholars to talk about democracy" in Beijing International Club Xianhe Hall, invitation Six speakers, is the deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Li Shi Mo, a Chinese Institute of Fudan University, and I have three foreign scholars who are more familiar: Martin Jacques and Ross, Singapore Ma Kaiso, they Participate by video connecting. Because the US Biden President should hold a so-called World Democracy Summit, our dialogue is still very concerned, and the Western mainstream media stationed almost all arrived.

I would like to introduce some of the five senior people to me in the speech. I will introduce you to you, and then report to you at the speech.

The deputy minister of Le Yucheng said that the democratic system could not be "Feiraifeng", and democratic construction does not need "teacher". After reviewing the history of China's modern exploration of democracy, they have eaten a lot of hardships because of simply moving abutment. Looking at the world, whether Afghanistan or Libya, Iraq is awarded democracy that is forcibly transplanted by the "color revolution", the result is a disaster, and finally is still innocent people.

Singapore scholars Ma Kao Shuo quoted Mr. Li Guangyao, Singapore, who has inspected the final standard of a political system, and it is to see if it can improve the living level of most people. I didn't see this in the United States. A large amount of data shows that the living standards of more than half of the people have not changed over the past 30 years, but 1% of Americans have the vast majority of resources. If such a US can become a world model, the problem is too big. The US democratic system has failed and gradually becoming the rule of money valve. Harvard University Kennedy College Recently released the latest civil programs show that the 52% of young people in the United States believe that US democracy is in trouble, only 7% of young people think that US democracy is healthy. This is a signal with a warning meaning because young people tend to be more bright than our older people.

Li Shi Mo said that democracy cannot just care just as Western models. He took the company to take advantage of your point of view: a person told me, there is such a company, has been losing in 20 years, no customer, technology is not good, but the procedure is particularly good, the board is specialized, you Should buy this company's stock, do he say this is not a ridiculous?

Democratic procedures in various countries may be different, but the results of democratic governance should be at least to make most people feel satisfactory. If the democratic procedures bring non-democratic results, the leaders of the election are unable to lead the leaders. The judicial procedure is just the procedures for protecting the rich, and the freedom of speech leads to social splits and disability. What is the meaning of such democratic procedures?

He called for the results to measure the level of democratic governance, which is whether the people are satisfied with democratic governance. It is optimistic about the future. It is better than before, whether the society is better than the previous generation. Input resources, etc., should be judged by these standards.

British scholar Martin Jacques believes that the US government actually holds "World Democracy Summit", it seems that there have been anything in these years, it seems that Trump has never gone to Taiwan, as if the US Congress in January 202 did not be occupied by protesters. It seems that the new crown of new crown is very good, it seems that most Americans are very confident in their political systems. Sorry, the world is different, but the United States has thought that this world is still the same as the past.

He said that since the 19th century North and South War, the US democratic system has not seem to be so fragile now. He believed that since 1995, the Western democratic system has been going downhill, and the Western people are unreasonable to rise to Western democratic systems. Whether the Western democratic system continues, is also a big question mark.

British scholar Rose said that "democracy" is the intention of "Minzhi", saying that the bottom is the right of the people to be achieved. It turns out that the Chinese system has done a lot than the Western countries in terms of services to the people.

In particular, he compared the Chinese and Indian, Chinese women's rights than the rights of most Indian women, the average life expectancy of Chinese women 10 years younger than the Indian high. However, according to the US so-called "democratic standards", since the implementation of the so-called Indian democracy, then the rights of Indian women had to be larger than the Chinese women's rights, how the United States can draw such absurd conclusions? That day, my own speech mainly from the five dimensions to a comprehensive comparison of Chinese democracy and American democracy. The first three dimensions of which is "of the people, by the people, for the people", the English called "of the people, by the people, for the people". These we all know, is the late US President Abraham Lincoln famously said. Later, I invented two Chinese concept called "public policy", English is "to the people", as we speak of "from the masses, to the masses," the democratic decision-making process, "from the people to the people ". Another is called "the people according to the" is "relying on the people, and the people together," I use the English "with the people".

I will start with "the people" began to talk, and I quote the German Institute for Vandalia latest polls report, noting that more than 80% of Chinese people believe that their own government is to serve the majority of the people. But in the US, more than half of Americans say exactly 52% of the respondents believe that the US government only for the small number of people. New crown pneumonia epidemic, for example, cited the views academician Zhong Nanshan November 23, 2021, if the "new crown against freedom died of pneumonia" as the standard, China is larger than the freedom of the United States 606 times. The reason is simple, the United States died of pneumonia in the absolute number of new crown is China's 170 times, China's population is more than four times the United States, the Chinese "new crown deaths from pneumonia" freedom or security of the United States 600 times. As for freedom and security, "the new crown against infection pneumonia" is the United States of 1600 times.

Then I use a chart to compare the median household net assets of Sino-US two countries. Although the US household average net assets higher than China, but also a lot of high, but more to explain, because it is an average, the United States is much larger than the gap between rich and poor Chinese. If we look at the median net worth families, the China of today's urban households with a median net assets have surpassed the United States, and more than a lot. Now I do not have data yet net assets of Chinese rural households bit, maybe next year, the year after there will be, then we can compare. Our wealth of rural residents increased speed is quite fast.

Then I quoted Ipsos poll of 2019, shows that the Chinese people believe their country on the right path as high as 91%, while the US is only 41%, the UK 21%, France is only 20%. The presence of American reporters, British reporters, the French reporter, I say you must have a lot of these countries human rights issues, it would not be such a result, because so many people think that your country is the wrong way.

In the "government of the people", I used a very simple data, I said 90% of Chinese civil servants from ordinary families. The Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz said - these words now become a famous -. "1% of all, enjoy the 1%, 1% of the government," the United States is "of the 1%, by the 1 %, for the 1% ".

As for "the people" in the Western discourse, Gap multiparty election is almost equivalent to "the people" the. But Chinese people's point of view, this would be only a democratic process, not necessarily related to the essence of democracy. The essence of democracy is to achieve good governance, good governance, I think this is the most important criterion, China's overall well done.

Once again, I quoted Dalia's another global poll data, the result is 57 percent of respondents believe that the United States was once a model of democracy, but not anymore. More importantly, 72% of American respondents believe that American democracy is not a model for other countries of the present. I find it interesting.

I should also mention the United States to host this "democracy summit" should discuss such a topic, called "Western democracy or American democracy in the end what's wrong"? This makes sense, because in 2014 when the British "Economist" magazine cover published an article titled is "Western democracy what the problem is." The article was also quoted my words, "there are too many problems of American democracy, elected leaders always second-rate." But it was not precise reference, in fact, my original words were "always elect the leaders of third-rate" Unfortunately, this is the reality of America today.

I also said that the Chinese Communist Party is an "overall interests of the party", while Western political parties are mostly "section of interests of the party." After China from 221 BC to become a unified country, are "unified ruling group" in most cases to play a leading role. Because China is "one hundred country together," the country, the history of hundreds of countries slowly integrate. Communist Party of China or the "unified ruling group" continuation of tradition and development, so there is no Communist Party of China, China will become a mess.

I mentioned that China has created a tradition of choosing to governance talents through a method of improving exam. Now China's cadre selection method can be summarized as "selection of elections", as a member of the Politburo, Special (YES) Standing Committee, almost all of the two provinces, governing at least 100 million people, so China leadership It may be the strongest leadership team in the world. I also talk about another point of view, to advance reforms, a political party needs to represent the overall interests of the people, so the "partial interest party" in the West is difficult to promote reform, who reforms who is next. China's "overall interest party" can also plan for future, Western political parties have no ability, or the ability is very weak.

After more than the people, the people have, the people, I said that there are some people from the people's democratic experience in the people of the Chinese people, that is, "people", "to the people", that is, "from the masses, go to the masses "The democratic decision process.

More decisions in China and the United States, you will find our decision quality, overall significantly higher than the US. Under China's Democratic Concentration, it is impossible to produce two stupid wars, Afghan war, Iraq war, this consequence can also be felt today, and this consequence can not appear today. Make a stupid decision on the US Trade War like Trump.

"Serving the people" golden big words on the shadow wall of Xinhuamen in Zhongnanhai. The picture is related to the network Liu Xinwu / photo

Finally, I talked about "people", "with the people", "relying on the people, with the people". This is not an empty talk, and each of our political bureaus has its own contact point, to regularly go to these places to investigate and understand the situation. The purpose of "people", the key is to ensure that China's political power, social power, and capital power have achieved a balance between the vast majority of people. Therefore, the United States should carefully substantive political system reform, otherwise this country will go all the way. I have spent many years this point.

I also compared China's poverty alleviation and the US Afghanistan war. In the past 20 years, in the Afghan war, it has been $ 2.3 trillion in the War of Afghanistan. It is killing, which is damaged, it is to trample in human rights. In contrast, since China has spent approximately 1.6 trillion yuan, it has spent a $ 250 billion, which is about one tenth of the US Afghan war overhead cost, so that nearly 100 million people are completely poverty. The last extreme poverty in China.

I asked the Western reporter in the seat why the United States couldn't use this $ 2.3 trillion in the elimination of the United States? Is it in poverty to the world? I can make a hypothesis that if you can borrow China's poverty alleviation experience, this is theoretically, these $ 2.3 trillion can eliminate poverty in the world. But the United States chooses to use this money in the Afghan war, use in killing, destruction, and violating human rights. why? Behind the US military complex, the power of capital is kidnapped in the US democratic system. The US military complex earned a lot of money in the Afghan war, and the cost is that the actual income of most people in the United States has not increased in the year. Is this system not going?

The enemy of the United States is actually not China and Russia, but the United States. The enemy of the Western democratic system or the US democratic system is not China and Russia, but the Western democratic system, the US democratic system itself.

So my conclusion is very simple. Through the above five dimensions, "people enjoy, people, people, civil governance, civil policy, people", I think China's people's democratic system is indeed more than the capital democratic system of the United States, The so-called "Democratic Summit" in the United States is actually an outdated game. It uses yourself full of prejudice to decide which is a democratic country, which is not a democratic country.

I said that this is very similar to the competition of film between Fuji and Kodak's two companies, the result, it is surpassed by digital technology. China's people's democratic models, the people's democratic system is more like digital technology, and the US democratic system still stays in the era of past film.

Finally, I said that if the US or other countries like American democracy, we don't envy, but feel sympathy. What we see is not "the end of history", but the end of "historical end theory".

thank you all!

[Round table discussion]

Moderator: Just now, Teacher Zhang detail the specific content of "Chinese and foreign scholars to talk about democracy", after the content of this dialogue is on the Internet, there are many netizens to say, "Now I am very sympathetic. The so-called democracy. ", But in fact, we have revealed that everyone's cognition and attitude towards Western democracy, these years have changed, and Teacher Zhang saw this change.

Zhang Wei: Yes, we have deeply feel this. I tell you a detail. In 2014, I made a speech in Shanghai, and then "watch video" made it a video to go online, just called "Chinese you have to confident", probably hundreds of millions of hits. But at the last moment, the video did not dare to put his name, and finally "three no products". If there is no signature, I am afraid that people "shoot bricks". Later, it is generally positive, watching the video-based young generation, most of which support our voice, when there is seven or eight thousand, we know that the world has begun.

This is the case, and I dare to say to BBC, CNN reporter, the US "Democracy Summit" will be a huge source of happiness in China's Internet, that is, I know the mentality of our netizens. They are really not flattened, but a bit overlooked. Say your fun, I can ridicule you. American Embassy, ​​in the past, a Weibo is a public opinion. I recently issued a "ozone index" immediately by our netizens, it is recommended that the Chinese embassy in the United States will send a "American Guns Index", once a day, it is recommended that US ambassador is talking about "Japan's nuclear waste ratio" Xinjiang's cotton is safer "and so on. Therefore, the wisdom of netizens is very rich, and behind it is a confidence and heart.

"Thanksgiving", American Embassy in China Weibo "Rollover"

Fan Yongpeng: Yes, I feel obvious. As a teacher, in this academic circle, like today's topic, including "this is China" a lot of topics, put it five years ago, it may not be able to talk about ten years ago, it may feel it can be talked about how can society? Such a problem. Everyone is habitually believed that the set of standards in the West is correct. Now we can talk about these topics more freely. Many people in society can see these problems from different perspectives, which itself explains the whole world, and the whole China has changed.

Moderator: Say the concept of "Western Democracy", I have ever thought that it is such a thing, now I know that there are many dimensions, such as one of the very important dimensions, is "the effect of democracy", this democracy How, everyone may see more and more clearly these years.

Zhang Wei: Especially this epidemic prevention and control, I have been using the proportion of "per capita safety" "free from newzhong pneumonia", China is a few hundred times, thousands of times, the other Western countries. . In June last year, "Mumback Debate", I and Professor Timos Gaton Ash, British Oxford University, I said, "At this moment, you live in the Safety of the People's Republic of China is one hundred times in the UK." Therefore, this brings a heart victory of the Chinese people.

Moderator: Le Yucheng, deputy director, also said on the dialogue, the democracy should be "eating a fireworks", it is the life with the people, is a way to get the ground. When we observe the Western democracy, we can pass this dimension, it is clear.

Fan Yongpeng: Yes, in fact, from deeper, it is actually the entire set of value of the West, its own falseness is determined. Purchase is very popular: "You can deceive everyone at a time, or you can deceive some people in a long time." In fact, the West includes democracy, freedom, human rights, from After the 1990s, in a short period of time, most people in the world, the lie is ultimately to be revealed, the situation is strong, and the facts of all aspects are now revealed. At this time, we jumped out of traditional discourse to do new thinking, I think it is a very natural thing.

Zhang Wei: The "People's Main Anti-Fire Fire", deputy director Le Yucheng, is what we are talking about, China's democratic model is "democratic model of civilianism", US democracy model is "capital-based democratic model", The result of both is different. We are no matter what you do, especially in the political field, eventually must be implemented to the improvement of people's livelihood, this is called "civilism." This improvement is not only the economy, the material, also includes spiritual, non-material, and now it is more and more strong, this model should say the Western capital model.

Clinton has a very famous words, English is called "stupid, it's economy!". This sentence is the classic name launched by his campaign strategist James Kaville in the US presidential election in 1992. They also know that it is the improvement of people's livelihood to get the ballot. However, it is useless, because it is short-term thinking, the so-called economic improvement must have long been long, you don't have a long-term commitment, the short-term promise, the result is, the worse.

Moderator: You have just said that in the Western discourse system, democracy is part of the discourse system, so no matter whether it is the US Democracy Summit ", it is still the way to observe Western democracy through other angles, all find them Tool it. Turning back, when they suddenly discovered, "democracy" can be used as a tool?

Fan Yongpeng: Speaking of "Democracy", we are still more tolerant. You are called "Western Democracy", "Free Democracy", we are "Chinese-style democracy." But in fact, if the original definition is taken, the West today is definitely not democracy.

The word "democracy" is probably a few layers: the first floor meaning is the earliest classical democracy, like ancient Greek, Athens City-state these very small urban definitions, the first is everyone to participate, second Most of the decisions, 51 people can overwhelm 49 people, very simple; use Aristotle's words, it is a mathematical principle. But there are a lot of cats, such as people, who is an account? In Athens, a few hundred thousand people may only have that tens of thousands, it is an account. In the final stage of the medieval, like the Republic of Venice, Florence, known as the very classic democratic Republic of Europe, in fact, the people who have participated in politeness are more than one percent, two more, have arrived in the United States, all the United States Very small part of people can participate in politics. But like ancient Greece, a city-state like the medieval Venice, it is called "democratic". In fact, in history, this "democratic country" has little to end, and finally it is died in trouble. Finally, collapse, or annexed by others. In the history of the whole Western philosophy, the philosophers believe that "democracy" is not a good thing, it is not evacuated. So when you see the US constitution, when discussing at the Constitutional General, there is no one to build a democratic country, there is no word in the "United States of America's Constitution" to refer to democracy. In fact, in the debate in the time, those political elite thinking about how to avoid democracy, how to restrict democracy.

I also said before, the constitutional system like the United States, essentially a free system, is not a democratic system, and the free system is to protect those who have property. Political power.

Charter sports rally in the southern Ministry of London

When did you get the meaning of this democracy? It is the rise of capitalism in the 19th century, and European workers have begun to feel very uncomfortable. The capitalists master the country, regime, laws, military, media, all in your hands, so these workers have begun to engage in socialism, including this batch of Marx People have emerged, put forward new demodes. Therefore, "modern democracy" strictly speaking, it is a banner made by the European Socialist Movement.

But this socialist democracy is very threatening to Europe, whether it is the national threat to Wang Quan or the free capital country, so the political elite at the time is thinking, what should I do? The best way is that when I am playing, I join it. So, there is a series of thinkers, including Joseph Bear Pit, a famous economist, including the United States, Jovani Sali, who did the United States, did they have a concept game, that is, I am capitalism, you Is socialism, you pursue socialism and democracy, then I will separate socialism and democracy, and put democracy can press my head. The specific way they take is to remove the value content of the democracy. It is no longer equal, no longer talking about the rights of workers, turning it into the West, and even the definition of us sometimes used, it is more party system. Parliament, free competition, electing such a set of institutions or procedures. In fact, it is entirely a set of programs to replace the essence of democracy.

But this set of things, actually there is no particular success, until the 1970s, Westerners still dare to speak themselves. Everyone recalls that from the Soviet Union in 1991, what are the words of "democracy" in the country in the country? For example, the Federal Germany called the West, the east is called Democratic Germany. It is the Soviet Union and the winning of the United States in the cold war, let it get a confidence, start to say "democracy", I can use it, and can be used to play the world, to subvert the regime of others, so in fact Just a few decades, the word "democracy" was distorted. What is important thing we have to do today is to return "democracy". This is a level.

In addition, there are also some values ​​close to democracy in history, but we may emphasize more like Mr. Zhang, "Civil", our "people" more emphasized, is a substantive, so the Chinese people are not very I often discuss this "By the People" "By The People", from the emperor, or by a bureaucratic class to govern the country, the result should be beneficial to the people, if you are not good for me, I can resist. In modern times, New China actually established a new, more comprehensive people's democracy based on the Chinese tradition and the European socialist movement.

Moderator: Mr. Wu said that democracy is not the same thing in the bourgeoisie, they are borrowed, even "stealing", remove its value core, leave this shell. .

Zhang Wei: I added a little, discuss Western democracy. There are three countries to mention, one is the birthplace of ancient Greece, Western democracy, one is the development of the UK, the Parliamentary democracy, one is the United States, sell democracy to the world every day, I call it "three points into one line." You see these three countries today's condition: Greece is bankruptcy, the UK is a prime minister of Johnson, outstanding control, British "off", and the United States selected Trump, including this " The failure of the Democracy Summit, etc., all the way, just a big pattern, you can see very well.

Moderator: But the Western "use" democratic this concept, in fact, deceived other countries, and deceives themselves. In fact, they don't know the essence of democracy, is it? Also by the program, it was fooled by a housing. Zhang Wei: Now in the Chinese and Western conversations, we must often click this. Your democracy is "program democracy", not "substantive democracy", and the substantive democracy must be reflected in a good country governance. So, I have been talking about it. We have to make a variety of paradigm, which will become "Democratic Democratic" into "Good Government and Imperial Azurration", and good governance is a substantive democracy.

Moderator: The core of substantive democracy is what you just said. The democracy can finally bring happiness to the people, bringing a better life for the people, which is an important judgment standard. You just said the program problem, Western democracy often emphasizes the procedure, then their procedures really impeccable?

Zhang Wei: There are many such explorations with Western scholars. I said that if you do this, all countries in the world are democratic countries, and its practices are in line with their own procedures, this is not much sense. So we must compare quality.

Fan Yongpeng: The procedure must be necessary, and political life in all countries must have procedures. But China has an old saying, called "Actic Monochrius", this program is a crystalline formed by the existing interest pattern, the strength relationship, which can operate steadily on this basis. But the problem is that after it runs a period of time, the program will be problematic. why? We will encounter such problems in life. After a program is fixed, there will always be some people who are good at using this procedure, and some people are not good at using. Therefore, in the process of procedural development, there may be a situation, strong, rich, and resources, can fully use this program, and finally the program slowly tilted this rich, people who have the right people tilted .

Then, a good society, a good country, requires a political force that represents universal justice, constantly correcting this procedure. Why do we always talk about reforms, the Chinese system is a very important spirit.

Look at the US system from 1787 to today, or put the sheepskin paper here, in fact, is it to protect who's right? The nine judges sitting in the Supreme Court, they did not have any democratic procedures to choose, master the explanation of this procedure, explain the highest right of this constitution, and whitening is that the capital he can make it will be conducive to rule. The decision of the class.

Our system, like the Chinese Communist Party with the principles of the "service" for the people, when the program has problems, I want to modify. Including the Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixth Plenary Session you just mentioned, including the "five-year planning", all aspects of adjustment and reform according to our goals. This is the difference between the abstract program justice and our dialectical procedures in practice.

1787 US constitution first version printing book from Reuters

Zhang Wei is: Chinese people pay attention to "Tao", politics, this must be correct, this is "technique". We "technique" is the form, that is, the program, so you need to change the program. When you need to change "surgery", it is actually "Tao" to determine. I told Western scholars that one of your genetic defects is that the program is universal. The program can solve all problems, and the result is very stupid.

Fan Yongpeng: Yes, the procedure has become a tutor, and finally closer, I don't look at the results, I just keep this thing.

Moderator: The biggest problem with American democracy may be the rigidity. It's a rigid, on the one hand, I am afraid that myself is very difficult, and there is one aspect. If this program is changed, it is the interests of interest. So we are talking about Western democracy, US democracy, not only to look at democracy, in fact, through Western democracy, and their so-called "use" to see the essential thing of the entire social structure.

【question Time】

Li Jinxin: Three teachers are good. My name is Li Jinxin, a student from Huadong University of China, China. Throughout recent years, our party, our government has a lot about the documents and practical initiatives to explain the people's democracy. We also have a lot of democratic academic discussions in Chinese and foreign scholars in the private sector, we should respond to the United States such democratic hegemony, from the original avoidance And don't talk, what is the deeper cause of the transformation of this initiative and attitude? Thank you, teacher.

Zhang Wei: Over the past, because of quite a large number of people, it is possible to brainwash the Western discourse for decades. It should be said that since the 18th National Congress, with our objective comparison, everyone's self-confidence begins to rebound. In addition, the young generation, after 90, after 95, even after 00, this generation is very confident, it is a generation of mobile Internet. They may know more about the external situation than their parents, and a smartphone knows. This begins the entire awakening. After awakening, we will find that we do it well, you can make it clear about China's democracy.

We also make some contributions. We just talk about Chinese democracy than Western democracy, where the United States is wrong, and the key is that we will tell these views, all proven.

Fan Yongpeng: Our party is actually cautious in this issue, including the school, theory. In another German philosopher Hegel speaking a metaphor in "Logic", "Philosophy is an owl", the owl only has dusk, that is, the agency of the theory or philosophy, it is necessary after practical practice, Summarize from it. After the 18th National Congress, we put forward "four confidence", started to speak on our system, and our philosophy, in fact, there is also a reason, in the past forty years, we have tried in a very difficult environment, slowly Successful in many ways, can sum up some things, so now I can sort out, tell the international community.

However, it is indeed in the past, because we are exploring, there is a lot of space. Many people have been influenced by Western cultures, and then they are constantly spreading the idea of ​​Western discourse in China. This really has brought very serious problems. If we don't solve it, it is very likely to lead to the socialist cause "turn". So after 18, the central government turned such a situation with a very determination.

I feel very happy is that our young people have grown up, especially after the Sino-US trade war, through the epidemic, young people have a natural self-confidence, and also observe the world, understand the world is very strong. The ability, so I think we should have full confidence in the future.

Zhang Wei is a very important thing in this six conference resolution. In the past years, we have developed global, fundamental changes in the field of ideology. When I debated with the Fushan ten years ago, I said the end of "History Terminal", I am a few. I feel that we are quite proud of now, because the time is clear, meaning that our eyes have long been surpassing the political model of the United States.

Lu Shilong: Three teachers are good. I am a big three student of the spread. I noticed that especially the epidemic, China and Western parties have always shown the attitude of both partial or democratic, such as Westerners say our democracy is "authorized" "hegemony", but we also say that the West is democratic. It is "hypocritical", although we all convince the other party to recognize yourself, especially China, for example, we have emphasized the concept of peace and win-win, but for the West, this is impossible. Is this possible that the two sides have no reconciliation? thanks.

Fan Yongpeng: I think this classmate is not too pessimistic. In fact, in this anxiety, chicken is talking with duck, in fact, it is a short-term phenomenon, which is a short-term phenomenon, which is not seen. I feel that I will definitely, I predict that the tergenance of the Wendean of Western values ​​may be collapsed in a short period of time.

I told a point in 2018. I said that our domestic intellectual community and news communication circles should be prepared, if there is anything in the Western discourse system in five years, is there anything to fill this space? In fact, it is not to say that we must fill it, but if you don't fill, there is no positive value to influence this world, this "vacuum zone" in the middle is very dangerous, and all kinds of extreme thoughts will come out.

At that time, many people did not agree, even some people laughed, I think you think too optimistic. But you look at the 2018 until now, then we look back, it may be the situation within a few years.

Zhang Wei: Yes, Western culture has a biggest feature, that is, it recognizes strength. I have already mentioned this point of view, and the Chinese and Western relations will face this question. You tell you, I told me, but we have to go through the confrontation to achieve better communication.

You look carefully, hard strength, Europe basically recognize China's rise, is a super big country, the United States is now unacceptable to China's hard strength, so this will also be struggled, including South Island Reef construction, Donghai Air identification The construction of the district is hard strength. The same is true, wait until our young people are more and more confident, maybe after three or five years, they see China's soft power.

On November 19, 2021, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, was shocked by Chinese students in Chicago unfortunately, and said deep condolences and sincere condolences to the family members of the victim.

Zhao Jiamin: The three teachers are good. My name is Zhao Jiamin, is an undergraduate student. Some time ago, a student was shot in the United States, and other similar shootings were endless. It is actually harmful to the live safety of others. Why did this deformed democracy have changed? Can you explain it in detail, thank you.

Zhang Wei: Gun control is a matter of most American people want to do, engage in any poll, this is one of the most priority projects, but the US Congress does not discuss this issue. why? Lobby Group, especially the rifle industry, these long-term influence groups of interest groups, do not let the Congress discuss these issues, even if the discussion is also very superficial. Excuses say "The US Constitution Second Amendment", allowing the American people to have a gun, but if you want to change, fix this amendment, it is almost impossible, this program is too complicated, the threshold can't, so forever Call can't change it.

After Trump, after the outbreak, the Americans soared to the Chinese, "hatred crimes" in Asians soared in the United States, which is indeed a decline in the overall national strength of the United States, and most of the people have not improved, and then add The epidemic, plus bad politicians, said that many questions are your Asians, what many Asians, including Chinese students, including Chinese students, become their attacks, which is very regrettable. Fan Yongpeng: Teacher Zhang said that when the epidemic, I thought of the epidemic in the first phase, I mentioned a point of view, when China criticized China, believes that the epidemic from Wuhan People, you have to think about what you say, what kind of consequences bring to our overseas compatriots? It's really in what happened, and many people in China have to repent.

Back to this guellor problem of this classmate, in fact, Mr. Zhang has been very thorough, this capital control system, including the manipulation of the interest group.

Here, I have to correct it. In the past few decades, a very low lie in China's public opinion and Internet spaces, that is, many "well-known" will talk to you, saying that the United States is the safeguard of civil freedom, is "United States The Second Amendment of the Constitution gives the sacred rights. In fact, I am in the words, all of which is caught. why? The earliest US Constitution why there must be "the Second Amendment of the US Constitution"? During the independent war, including the colonial period, there is a phenomenon in the face of Indians or a wide variety of armed conflicts, "MINUTE MAN", you can get a gun in a minute; farmers are in terms The Indian ran over and immediately took a gun. In order to form such a milither tradition, after the United States, after the founding of the country, the provision has been held in the Constitution. But this clause, never believes it is "individual has the right to gun", more refers to the right to organize militia in the state or this place, the militia and the individual are two yards.

So why did it become a personal right? There are several important judicial incidents behind, one is very cruel, one is a criminal case that happened in 1975, two girls, there is a lady in another room in their houses, and they ran to the room. On the top alarm, the results did not enter the door after the police came, causing these two girls who were raped. Later, they prosecuted, 1981 to fight the lawsuit, and finally the US court's ruling is that the police have no obligation to protect you before the crime, because the police have not happened, I am not obliged to protect you, I am only responsible for it. After the occurrence of violation, the lawsuit hit the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court dismissed and did not accept it.

Another case was in 2005, a mentally a bit of a problem, Dad kidnapped his three daughters, the court has sent a protection order, but he still killed three daughters. So, my mother is sued, the judgment given by the court is that the police have no obligation to intervene in violations.

These two things have exposed the US judicial system, and it is not responsible for the defending obligation to the people. One result is that everyone is crazy to buy guns, and crazy bought guns and meet the interests of guns, then they have been Attacking the Supreme Court. In 2008, the Supreme Court's first ruling was a personal right. To the Tangjian case, the first time the personal charges were applied to the wholeest.