I have never thought of that the United Nations suddenly invited, "Iron Night" Merkel wants to go to the mountain?

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I have never thought of that the United Nations suddenly invited, "Iron Night" Merkel wants to go to the mountain?

2022-01-23 18:05:07 38 ℃

Distance to German Prime Minister Merkel has taken over a month, but recently, 67-year-old Merkel has received a call from the United Nations. According to the news on January 19, German Prime Minister Merkel's office revealed that recently, the United Nations Secretary-General Gutrez and Merkel did the phone, and invited Merkel as a senior UNITA. The chairman is responsible for global public welfare affairs. However, after considering, Merkel expression gratitude and refused this proposal.

The United Nations sources said that Gutres was previously sent to Merkel and invited him to serve as the Chairman of the United Nations Senior Advisory Committee and is responsible for global public welfare affairs. The agency is said to be one of the representative reform programs made after the second term of January this year. The German media quoted the United Nations newspaper said that the agency will set global public products and involve common interests, and urgently need to improve governance, and propose solutions to achieving goals. It is expected that relevant work will involve ozone layers, vaccines, space garbage, global trade. Because Patrimia Espinas served as the URT's term of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will end this summer, some United Nations diplomat hopes that Merkel can take this position.

In fact, after "retirement", enter the United Nations work is a lot of leaders' choices. For example, Gutrez has served as Prime Minister of Portuguese, but Merkel seems to be not interested in this. Of course, Merkel refused to work in the United Nations and is also expected. Last year, Merkel said that the media said in the US, after retiring, it will take a break before retirement, and will not accept any invitation. In the re-owned idle time, I will think about "what is really interested."

In fact, although Merkel has already exited from the political altar, it still has a huge influence in Europe, and it is still positive. Because in its renewal, Germany and the European Union have become an international political unnecessary force, Merkel calls the world multilateralism, not blindly follows US hegemony, and visit Israel to celebile Germany before retirement, not only interact with Western allies, but also Cooperation with China and Russia ... All of this, let Merkel are seen as "helm" in Europe's largest economies and even the EU, and is also considered the most powerful women in the world.

Moreover, Merkel after "retirement" does not need to make a living. According to the data, when Merkel served as a prime minister, the monthly salary was 25,000 euros, and after removing the original wages for 3 months, half-pay 21 months, nearly 340,000 euros. After that, I started receiving pensions and related allowances. According to German law, Merkel can combine Prime Minister, Minister, and Federal Members. After conversion, the pension can get 60% of the original salary, that is, 15,000 euros. In addition, she will have their own special vehicles, drivers, offices, secretaries and guards. In this case, Merkel can eat even if it does not work. It has been disclosed that Merkel is currently writing political memoirs, soon, people may see Merkel's figure on the bookshelf.