Iran announces the resumption of the United Nations Conference

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Iran announces the resumption of the United Nations Conference

2022-01-23 18:05:49 50 ℃

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Xinhua News Agency, January 23 (Reporter Gao Wencomao Wang Shoubao) According to Iranian Islamic Communications Agency reported on the 23rd, Iran was announced on the 22nd of the United Nations representative of Majid Thaht, Rawanch, announced that Iran has resumed the previous contribution And the loss of the United Nations conference voted.

According to reports, the United Nations contribution paying by Iran is about 18 million US dollars, which is the Iranian funds of South Korea in the country. Tarht - Ra Wanshi has previously stated that because the United States implemented single sanctions against Iran, Iran is difficult to pay for the United Nations contribution in the second consecutive year. The United States applied to Iranically not only hinders Iran's humanitarian materials such as drugs and medical equipment, but also hinders the work of the United Nations.

Due to the United States sanctions Iran, the two banks from South Korea were freeze a total of approximately $ 7 billion in Iran funds since September 2019. These funds are Iran to export oil to South Korea, and I've called on the Korean to unfreeze.

According to reports, the South Korean Planning Ministry of Finance issued a statement on the 23rd, and the Korean Federation of Iranian funds were paid in Iran on the 21st by active cooperation with the US Department of Finance Overseas Assets Control Office, the United Nations Secretariat. The meeting is 18 million US dollars.

According to the 13th, on the 13th of this month, the Iranian government urgently proposed the use of freezing funds to the Korean government to pay the United Nations contribution to the Korean government.

The President of the United Nations Chairman of the General Assembly said that 8 United Nations Member States, such as Iran, lost their voting rights in the UN General Assembly due to the failure of the United Nations conference.

According to the relevant provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, if the contributions arrears in Member States are equal to or more than the contributions you should pay more than the previous two years, they will lose their voting rights in the United Nations unless it can prove that this arrears will be uncontrollable. Resulting in factors. Eight countries who have been canceled voting will be restored by paying the required minimum amount. (Participating reporter: Lu Rui)