China kills chicken monkeys?Multi-Country is worried that China trade is damaged, and Slovenia orders have been canceled

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China kills chicken monkeys?Multi-Country is worried that China trade is damaged, and Slovenia orders have been canceled

2022-01-24 00:02:00 42 ℃

In recent time, Slovenian Prime Minister's speech once again triggered the hot discussion of European media, as well as worry from European business communities. This speech comes from January 18th, Slovenian Prime Minister Yangsha is interviewed by the Indian state, during the period, during which the host has repeatedly reported to Yangsha, when mentioned in Taiwan issues, Yangsha replied that Slovenia is not only The Taiwan area negotiates the so-called "Representative Office", but also has a wrong political title to Taiwan. On January 19th, there were reporters to ask about this matter, Zhao Lijian, who said to my country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Zhao Lijian clearly said that China has noticed that Slovenia leaders will open the principle of the principle. This support "Taiwan independence" is deeply shocked. And strongly opposed.

At this point, the Slovenian vibration, January 20th, Slovenian President Buruke's public response to the improper remarks of their own prime minister, known as the view of the sand, represents him, does not represent the Slovenian government , Budu reiterates that Slovenia has established diplomatic relations in Slovenia to this day, and the support of a Chinese principle has never changed.

Subsequently, Slovenia's opposition party and members of the parliament have publicly criticized the statement of the National Prime Minister Yangsha, and accusing that Shasha did not maintain the national interests of Slovenia. Even if it remedies in time, the Slovenian business world can not be retired.

According to January 23, Slovenia, the business community has passed, some enterprises have received news from foreign partners, saying that China is gradually cutting with the economic relationship between Slovenia, which is affected, a small part of contracts And the order has been canceled, and the person in charge of the Slovenian Industry and Commerce has also confirmed that they have received complaints and protests from their own business. However, there is also Slovenia scholars, which have questioned the authenticity of these messages, and believes that the credibility of rumors is doubt before no specific situation is announced. In fact, Trade between Slovenia and my country, with the same trade in Lithuania and my country.

This means directly cutting off the trade between China, for Slovenia, leaving only hundreds of millions of US dollars, can be problematic, almost vast majority of foreign companies with Slovenia, and Slovenia and the two markets in China are contrasting together. They don't have to consider who choose. It should be noted that Slovenia companies have now really encountered external pressure, and may not be my country. At present, Western public opinion is spreading a point of view, that is, who stepped on China's diplomatic red line, China will use economic tools to press as weapons.

The most viciousness of foreign media is to directly ignore why China will perform counter-harvest, only emphasize that this counterformation is "Break" for European companies, and its purpose is to make panic in the EU.

At the same time, Slovenian companies are really stressed, and it is also very likely that political sense of keen foreign companies. It is very likely that this is probably potential geopolitical risk, so they have actively cut them before they do not make clear statements. The business activities of our company in the Chinese market will not be affected. But no matter how things are truth, the Slovenian government should recognize that don't easily put the core interests of the country, as ready, please do the tools for other countries, don't miss the real historical opportunities, this is China. saw.