American hospital corpse!The creation should wait for 7 days, the White House layout "battlefield", etc. Putin first action?

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American hospital corpse!The creation should wait for 7 days, the White House layout "battlefield", etc. Putin first action?

2022-01-24 06:02:00 46 ℃

Why wait Putin to act first? US President Biden after hearing such a reporter's question, said angrily: "ask too stupid."

In recent days the United States busy, busy packing outbreak of civil "consequences", the White House is busy in Ukraine layout "battlefield." It appears that the American Hospital corpse full! A wartime horrors, European and American multinational heavy weapons flock to Ukraine, full of pre-war atmosphere of tension.

White House officials, apparently more emphasis on the latter, Biden seems to want to compete with Putin over.

Look at the United States of "fighting." New York crematorium has no quota, a New York City hospital, said the recent major hospitals doctors are busy to deal with the case of death, hospital full of patients, the morgue is also full to the brim. Each hospital had to be "corpse scheduling", the body was transported somewhere else temporarily, then make an appointment, waiting for news of the crematorium.

New York Health System, said that with the surge in deaths this corpse from the hospital and transported to another hospital operation, just barely maintained, near collapse. More and more dead bodies, bringing great pressure on the health care system, identifying and staff transport the body is not enough.

Before the crisis, but also in New York once again launched a "morgue census", the exchange between the most problems is the major hospitals, the bodies of your hands, how long it has been the longest of the day? Serious backlog of corpses.

Hospital staff shortage, New York funeral director company also said that because of the increased demand for cremation, although the staff have been working hard, there are continuous bodies on hand, filled the crematorium, the body of a lot of people have to wait at least 7 days before cremation.

On the current situation, the backlog of carcasses emergency treatment, is still the focus of the next few weeks in New York working various medical and funeral agencies. This is probably the era of peace "clean up the battlefield," the true situation.

Even worse, the United States this "epidemic lasting war" will not be over, in the shadow of growing million diagnosed cases, extremely ordinary people panic, front-line staff have been exhausted, working from the medical lab technicians, to who many people are resigned.

Jim United States clinical trial of scientific experts - Flanigan said the confirmed cases we encounter every day, exceeding 3 times more than last winter, this case, result in any one system can not run well.

Nevertheless, White House officials are still a thing to do with the way. Ukraine to the layout on the "battlefield" is not the same thing.

A few days ago, Biden said something, Ukraine and if there is any "small-scale invasion", the United States will not bother, let the Ukrainian authorities shocked, President Wu Ze Lensky also discloses trouble child temperament, propaganda Biden said, I as president a "great power", a large country soon to tell, there are no small-scale "invasion."

White House officials have repeatedly tried to recover afterwards Biden said, Biden once again publicly stated that everything depends on Russia, Putin to see how to do it. Biden also stressed once again the so-called "invasion," he said that if Putin really do, then Russia will pay a high price, I made it very clear to him.

That is, after that, the US reporter asked Biden, why wait Putin to act first? Biden angrily asked a stupid, but also directly exposed US hypocrisy.

Last month, the United States will continue to fan the flames, shouting so-called Russian "invasion."

While remarks overwhelming spread of Anglo-American has deployed a large number of ordnance and ammunition to Ukraine. 22, there are a number of new ammunition supplies arrived in Ukraine next few days, Ukraine will be receiving US government up to a ton of weapons.

Meanwhile, the US State Department approved the transfer of the three Baltic countries to Ukraine military equipment. Seeing Ukraine is about to become a Western "bridgehead", the US State Department ordered all embassy officials in Ukraine and their families, were evacuated ready.

I do not know to see the US move, Ze Lensky dare to be propaganda Biden, ask him, why should the Americans leave?

West to create such a tense atmosphere, we have to wait Putin first action is simply to sit real so-called Russian "invasion." If ranging from Putin, the United States directly provoke conflict, and that Biden would become a "sinner" will undoubtedly be subject to the world reviled.

Of course, by now the United States acts, and the world see clearly, in the end who create conflict, who invade the Ukraine.