"China Second, the United States is ninth!" Biden is not installed, and you can make a crazy decision.

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"China Second, the United States is ninth!" Biden is not installed, and you can make a crazy decision.

2022-01-24 12:02:52 46 ℃

According to the observer network, on January 21st, local time on January 21st, US President Biden speech in the White House, claiming that the United States has fallen from the first to ninth in R & D, while China is high, Biden It has been anxious, and he has completely raised R & D to invest in who is in the world's first country. Other people. "

In fact, the true purpose of Biden is to drive the US Congress to send the "American Innovation and Competition Law" as soon as possible. This bill is the US Congress Senate's voting results at 68:30 in June 2021. A bill adopted to provide funding for the urgently needed semiconductor production, and there were American politicians claimed to raise the competitiveness of China to China.

If the bill passes, the US Congress will allocate $ 190 billion to strengthen the American technology research, and will also provide additional $ 52 billion to strengthen the development of the semiconductor industry. The bill has always been a big event that is worried about his heart. For this reason, from June last year, Biden or even statement that science and technology strength is also the foundation of the United States.

Since the Bill passed the Senate, it was stagnant in the US House of Representatives. More paying more attention to diplomacy, if you want to promote industrial development, it is not to promote industrial development. The two opinions are different. If some of the amendment content is not progress, the bill has not progressed, which also leads to the beginning of being to be worried, and they urge them.

In order to advance the bill of law, Pull on China to say things, indicating that "the United States is not as good as China", the President of the country is personally specifically "China Threat", claiming to fight against China, he said before The United States will use 2% of GDP to R & D, now less than 1%, so that the United States has fallen to ninth, but China has changed from the eighth year ago.

However, the state of Biden, the situation of the United States is very critical, the truth is extremely different, and the total research and development, the United States is still the first, and China is completely nonsense. China is a well-deserved world in the development of growth in R & D investment, a year-on-year increase of 21%, but this is not a reason to weaken US competitiveness in the United States.

Our Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, how is the United States developed, how to improve the "competitiveness" of the United States, this is the US own, but we firmly oppose the United States to take things about China and make China as "virtual enemy".