The "traitor" is there in the West?

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The "traitor" is there in the West?

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"Deprive from Western Camp" "The Outside" "Holding Fragment", and even "destroying solid" "encourage Putin" ...

This is a recent US European media about the report of the Ukrainian crisis, there are some vocabulary.

Their description objects are Germany.

Yes, you didn't see it wrong, Germany became a "traitor". This is of course related to the episode staged by its naval order.

Crimea "will never return to Ukraine", Western plans to destroy Ukraine stable allegations is "nonsense", the West should give Putin "respect", this German naval will not only directly irritate Ukraine, An uproar is caused in the US-European public opinion field.

But the light is an episode, not enough to let Germany fall into this public opinion.

Refuse to provide weapons to Ukraine, "Attitude" on the "North Creek-2" natural gas pipeline project, has also become a "crime" that Germany and the United States have gradually beaten from Russia.

There is a media even dug out the "historical root" of the German new government:

Former Prime Minister Brandor has launched "Oriental Politics" with Moscow in the 1970s. A moral media said that many officials of the Max Party of the Ruling Union, "the word Russia, activated a nostalgic emotion".

Because of the mild and accused of Russia, Berlin has also encountered.

But after Merkel left, the size environment in Germany was changing. Especially the lofty differences in voice and influence will affect the mentality and action of Germany to deal with this criticism.


In recent days, Germany became a "traitor" in many Western public opinion.

The German Navy Commander Shebh is from the mouth, even if he tries to control the negative impact on resignation, it is still in the West to accuse the words of the rush.

Last Friday, when Hesabach visited India, at a closed meeting of the Indian military wiskin, he had forgotten his words, saying that some remarks were very unforgettable.

Related video exposure, there is a picture of the truth, and Sherobach is unable to refute.

One of the most referred notction is that Putin "should be respectful".

The Naval Command said, "This respect for Putin has almost no cost, which is easy, and it may be what he should." He believes that it is necessary to fight against China against China, India and Germany need Russia.

In this video widely circulated on Twitter, Shenebach also talked to Crimea.

He called the Western "Russian Army Invasion Ukraine" as "nonsense talks", think "Crimea will never return to Ukraine" "Ukraine does not meet the standard of NATO member states."

The remarks of Shenebach have caused great controversy.

He was then recalled in Germany and asked to explain.

The German Department of Defense is also easy to clear: Squel's remarks, whether it is content or specific wording, does not represent the German government position.

The most angry, it is Ukraine.

After the resignation of Shebach, the Ukrainian Ambassador Mernik said that this is not enough. His speech left "a rotten stall", "(it) greatly questioned Germany's international reputation and reliability."

Mernik's words are very heavy, "Ukrainians could not help but remember the horror of the Nazi occupation period, when the Ukrainians were regarded as a second-class attitude."

Ukraine Foreign Minister Kuleta directly accused, Germany shaped the same "encouraged" Putin attack Ukraine.


If this is a paragraph of Berlin, then, whether it is allowed to export weapons to Ukraine, it is a list.

The German Defense Minister Lanbrecht reiterated that Berlin temporarily eliminated the possibility of providing weapons to Ukraine. German Prime Minister Wyrtz emphasized at the press conference on the 21st, Germany has a long-term "very clear position" on the export of weapons: "In recent years, Germany does not support export fatal weapons."

Therefore, Germany refuses to allow Estonia and other countries to export virtual weapons to Ukraine.

In contrast, the United States not only opens the green light on the third country exports, but also provides weapons directly.

On the 23rd, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Lerega, said that the United States provided the second batch of more than 80 tons of weapons provided by Ukraine have arrived in Kiev. Just two days ago, the United States just provided the first batch of more than 90 tons of "deadly weapons" to Ukraine.

The United Kingdom has also decided to provide a batch of "light defensive anti-armor weapons system" to Ukraine.

The explanation of Germany is that they are worried that this may make the situation more tense and negotiating is more difficult. "Wall Street Daily" believes that this is because Germany is too dependent on Russia in the natural gas problem. According to the EU Statistics data, more than half of Germany imported from Russia.

Therefore, even if the Berlin is said, "We stand in Kiev", Kiev is still quite dissatisfied.

Still Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuba, he condemned Germany to refuse to provide weapons to Ukraine, hoping that Berlin stopped "destroying unity" and "encourage Putin."

Some of the other NATO countries also think Germany is too embarrassing to Russia.

Latvia Foreign Minister Lin Kewich quoted Prussian Prime Minister Bismarck in Twitter: "Conquerors on the border will not be blocked by elsewhere."

Pour forward, "North Creek-2" is a thorn between Germany and other Western countries. The "Beixi-2" natural gas pipeline of about 1200 kilometers is connected to Russia and the northeast of Germany, which has been completed in September last year.

But when is it opened, it is the focus of the game of all parties.

Once "Beixi-2" operates, Washington is worried that it has become a chip in the Western in Russia. But before opening, the Americans treat it as a chip to deal with Russia. The US President's National Security Affairs Assistant Sali Wenming said that Washington is prepared to put the "North Creek-2" project as a negotiation chip of Ukraine from Russia.

Based on this, the United States, of course, does not want "Beixi-2" to open.

Berlin's attitude is somewhat split.

German Foreign Minister Belbu said that because it does not meet the EU energy regulations, the "North Creek-2" natural gas pipeline project is now "impossible" to be approved.

However, Prime Minister Wyrtz clearly said that if the Russians did not enril the border of European countries, then Germany will insist on operating the project.

Such some incidents have gradually accumulated that some Western public opinion is dissatisfied.

"When the camera is closed, (Germany) will change" "" The "Political News" website believes that Germany has deviated from Western camps. The law is generally said, "Russian tiger is awkward, Germany please do not support".

Even our domestic public opinion is also criticized to Germany.

German Mirror said that Germany's attitude is dangerous to the overall strategy of Western.

German Business Daily pointed out that the tendency of political figures "understand Russia" still exists, "What is willing to dialogue and strategic innocent boundaries?"

More than 70 safety policy experts on January 14th public letter called for the German "Times Weekly", Germany should fundamentally correct the Russian policy, "should not sit back to Russia's aggression".

This open letter is very exaggerated by Berlin: "In view of the negative attitude of Germany's new imperialism in the past 20 years, Russia attacked Ukraine in 2014 seems to be a logical result." It further said, "Berlin's Russia The verbal or symbolic response of the amendmentist adventure "will only" induce the further jailbreak of the Kremlin ".

Therefore, these scholars believe that Germany must "correct" special treatment for Russia, "Germany must take action."


Why is Germany become the "traitor" in many media ports in Mei Europe?

First, it is related to the uncoordinated in German ruling alliance.

"Who is going to decide to the Russian policy direction? Is the Prime Minister of the Socialmid Party or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Leading of the Green Party?" European Wisdom "European Diplomatic Relations Commission (ECFR)" a researcher, last week in a disclosed memo Asked.

The answer is obviously blurred, led to the "昧" of Berlin in the stand.

Cui Hongjian, director of China International Issues, said that the German new government is still in the process of grinding. There are many problems in the foreigners' pre-judgment, and now it is basically.

For example, the Green Party President Belburk is appointed diplomacy. The party and the inherent tendency of Belburck himself, plus the Green Party just gave a strong performance, and made the German Foreign Ministry in the opposite Russia. However, the Socialist Party has always been gentle in Russia, so that the temperature difference between the two sides will expose.

This "congenital" internal differences are also easy to enlarge.

But in general, the German new government still wants to maintain the Merkel period to Russian diplomatic legacy, so there is no longer to go too far in the Russia.

In addition to internal differences in Berlin, the EU level has a tough partial momentum of Russia.

There is a close proximity in Europe, relatively counter-Russia. It is a bit hoped to maintain diplomatic dialogue, and Germany is one of the typical representatives. Previously, the two factions were generally balanced, and Germany was authorized as an EU leader to contact Russia with the overall interests of the EU.

But now the situation is changing.

Cui Hongjian pointed out that because the "Iron Niangzi" Merkel left, German influence was weakened.

Merkel's long-term capital accumulation capital and credit have made the Germany often face opposition, but Berlin's diplomatic orientation can generally be reflected in the EU level. After Merkel left, German influence has begun to appear.

The second is that "Beixi-2" is increasingly involved in the geopolitical game, and it is also more and more out of the capacity of the German "Control Administration".

If only diplomatic mediation, other countries will acquire Germany from representative EU. But now "Beixi-2" has been dragged into the Poland Belarus border crisis and the Ukrainian crisis. Germany emphasizes that this is "pure business project", Poland and Baltic three countries and other Eastern European countries are more difficult to listen.

This also leads to the "authorization" that Germany has been further loose.

With this mainly "micro" of the Russian gentleman, the Tactile Sound volume in the EU has become large. The Government of Wright is originally wanted to continue to balance. On the one hand, the hard words of criticizing Russia are trying to protect the "North Creek-2".

Berlin is planning to be very good, lost "the mildness", and protects the "North Creek-2". However, in the case of the US European anti-Russian wind wave, German voice and influence damage, it faces a dilemma that is lost and lost.

The subtle adjustment of Germany relations is also a factor.

During the Trump, Washington became the destroyer of Western democratic system and reputation. At that time, Merkel and the German government instead due to the protection and persistence of "democracy" and Western value systems. However, after Biden's stage, the United States re-in-sites in the United States, the US Europe, especially the "representative" of this aspect. The surface of the US Europe is a family, and there is also an influential and prestige competition. The Government of Wright is "first arrived", there is no to stand in the United States.

Under the above aspects of the background, the German new government was buckled with "traitor" hat by the United States, the United States, which is not surprising.

To change this situation, Cui Hongjian believes that Berlin needs to be in the internal mechanism as soon as possible, especially for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister.

On this basis, Germany has to make an article on the EU level, especially in cooperation with France, and can also pull it on Italy and other countries to remember the Russia. By coordinating the EU national position, especially the "Normandy mode" of the Ukrainian crisis, this or can change the situation of the anti-Russian public opinion attack.

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