"Opweed against provocative China!" Lithuanian people complained completely, this time no Chinese shot

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"Opweed against provocative China!" Lithuanian people complained completely, this time no Chinese shot

2022-01-25 06:02:15 52 ℃

In recent years, in order to safeguard themselves in the international community, the United States has continuously draws other countries to join the so-called anti-China camp, where Lithuania is one of the typical representatives. In order to please the United States, Lithuan has adopted a strong behavior to provocate China, and the relationship between neutral has declined.

Lithuania's rampant behavior

It is known as the Lithuania of the Crazy Small in Eastern Europe, and there is a bottom line that is the next to the United States to support it, constantly provocating China's bottom line. For a few more time, Lithuania, which dared to be unforgettable. At first, Lithuania is only for China's information products, and the slogan of "national security" is destroyed China's information products, and even calls for sanctions throughout Europe. Later Lithuania became more and more crazy, dared to speak China's Taiwan issue.

For China, the sovereignty and territorial issues related to the country have always been the bottom line of my country, so the diplomatic relationship between neutrality has dropped to the agent level. The rampant Lithuania also accepted sanctions from China, and some companies in their country have also suffered an unprecedented loss.

Negative complaint

Faced with sanctions from China, the rampant Lithuania finally can't resist the pressure and start compromising. The President of Lithuania has publicly expressed the wrong speech and behavior on the Taiwan issue, and it means that it will correct the mistakes in actual actions. In fact, for neutralization of tensions, Lithuania is extremely unassative. According to reports, in the recent civil ophthalmic survey of Lithuania, the number of people who violently provocative China in Lithuania expressed the number of people who opposed their opinions, which means that the Lithuania is extremely opposed to the government's behavior on the government in Taiwan. of.

Not only that, the opposition party in Lithuania also expressed strong condemnation and criticism on the various behaviors of the ruling party, and even asked the Lithuanian government to change the current attitude and position, early alleviation between neutral relations.

In summary, the Lithuanian government has frequently exposed a mistake on the issue of the United States in order to follow the United States, such behavior has caused strong oppositions of the Lithuania people. So now Lithuania is not only to accept the losses from Chinese sanctions, but also to face the huge pressure of the government after the government.

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