2022 Lithuania is buddy!Germany has a hard score "Solid", asking China to put a horse

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2022 Lithuania is buddy!Germany has a hard score "Solid", asking China to put a horse

2022-01-25 06:02:26 55 ℃

As we all know, because Lithuania is to follow the US anti-China policy, it is publicly manufactured to "one, one" in the international, and severely violates the integrity of China's sovereignty and territory, and seriously damages the core interests of China. However, when China's official has not taken formal countermeasures, Lithuania has begun to call hard, and there is no strong hardware before, but it is "rescue", but after "saving" to its US master, It also forced the stage authorities to buy their products, and I hope that the EU will be in our own, press pressure to mainland China. Previously, the Russian "Tribal" has issued the article that Lithuania's troubles will only be larger, and China may be preparing to truly sanctions. In this context, recently, the EU is very active on the Lithuanian issue. It is also chosen to "firm" Lithuania, which is also chosen in Germany.

On January 14, local time, German Foreign Ministry spokesman Burg said that Germany and the European Union stood with EU partners in Lithuania, both sides conducted over-intensive dialogue. Germany's position is clear, China must immediately relieve all formal or informal "stress measures" on the Lithuania and the EU internal market. Berg also emphasized that the EU Executive Committee is reviewing all the so-called "stress measures" in China in accordance with the Regulations on the World Trade Organization. In addition to Germany, the same day, the EU's 27 Member States were unanimous "clear expression of Lithuania" at the Northern French Northern City, France, but did not want to give any specific aid measures. At the same time, the European Parliament is 41 members of the European Parliament to write a letter to the EU officials, warns them must support Lithuania, otherwise China will encourage China to take further "stress" means for other EU countries.

For the German and EU "" Strength "Lithuania, the external analysis is considered to have two: one, Germany hopes to use the" Solid "of Lithuania to contain the EU internal separation. It is reported that since the UK officially offsum, the EU faces a severe survival situation. In order to ensure that the EU continues to exist, Germany must make some performance to encourage the support of the EU. The approach to Lithuania in the neutral economic dispute can create a "a big brother to shelter them" in Member States.

Second, with the help of China's display, the chip to gain to China is not known. There is a specific aid measures, nor is it dragged again. It is to know that the Lithuanian government has repeatedly helped the EU. The first time replying to "understanding the situation", the second EU representative intends to "resort to WTO", the third EU also said that "aid may take half a year later It can only be introduced, depending on the speed of the round-saving country. "

In short, from its attitude, the EU does not want to help Lithuania. The EU is naturally very clear that China is the second largest economy in the world, and domestic consumption capacity is strong and stable. Especially under the economic impact of the epidemic, China's high-quality overseas markets have succeeded, so the EU is trying to use the aid of radical public opinion, to a certain extent, to a certain extent, even try to be used as Chips with Chinese negotiations.

It is important to emphasize that the problem of neutral relations is the problem of bilateral category. This incident is very clear, it is related to China's sovereignty, China is resolutely defended. To a certain extent, through the real example of Lithuania, China let the world understand one thing, do not easily provoke the Taiwan issue, once the bottom line is touched, the next game will only be even more miserable.