It is related to China, a report of the United States released, released 2022 global trust investigation report

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It is related to China, a report of the United States released, released 2022 global trust investigation report

2022-01-25 06:02:13 41 ℃

You may know that many Western media have been discredited in China in various ways, in their report perspective, China has serious so-called "human rights" issues, "democracy" issues, "opaque", The European and American developed countries in these media are "freedom", "human rights", "democracy" representative, but recently announced a public opinion report, but slammed the face of these Western media.

According to media reports, recently, the US-name public relations company Edelman has released 2022 Global Trustment Investigation Reports in this involved in China, the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, India. , Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Nigeria, etc. All 28 countries in 28 countries, 36,000 countries Netizens use practical actions to show that they are quite surprised to the real attitude towards these countries.

Imagine that if China has reported in the Western media in recent years, it is obvious that the people will be very low to the government. After all, no one will like a national government without "democracy", "freedom", "human rights". Naturally, the United States these "advanced civilization" representatives in the United States should naturally be enthusiastically supported by the people, and the trust will be high.

However, the final result is just the opposite. The survey report shows that China's trust is 83%, and the world is the world's only country in the country that has exceeded 80% of the trust in the country. And the country and other Western countries have a total of 40% of their trust, 40% lower than China, and it is worth mentioning that the people's trust in China has been continuously rising in recent years, but the United States Always in the decline.

And if you look down on the trust of the Government, China is a 91% of the leading run, these data have shown that the eyes of all countries are actually snow, they obviously will not be filled with each The impact of political propaganda, ideological expression, the impact of its own heart, there is a rod scale.

The data presented by this report is also in line with the goal of the United States in the near future, Biden and the Democratic Party have been in the past year, and its public opinion support rate has been in the decline channel, which is also enough to explain the people's performance on them. Quite unsatisfactory. In this case, it is a bit self-deceived than that of China's performance in China.

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