Kazakhstan just sailed, and a country turmoil, 77 people died, China has already bright attitude

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Kazakhstan just sailed, and a country turmoil, 77 people died, China has already bright attitude

2022-01-25 18:05:40 56 ℃

At the beginning of this year, Kazakhstan broke out partial protests due to the rise in energy prices, but in just a few days, the protest has become a violent demonstration with Thunder. In order to prevent the situation from deteriorating, the Harfire quickly requested the intensive organizational to take advantage of it, and strive to set the rebellion as soon as possible.

Russia and other countries have also been clear. Once the country's situation is delayed, then the situation in Central Asia will become increasingly unstable, so Russia and other national Thunder attack, within a few days The situation in which Harfang effectively controls. Today, the situation has basically saved, but there is a country to pass bad news.

Yemen is turbulent

On January 21, the multi-country coalition headed by Saudi once again launched a persistent air strike action on Yemen Hu. As of the evening, the large-scale air raid caused 77 people to die, and there were 146 people injured. In the injured population, most of the injured people are not optimistic. In addition, the air strike directly causes the Yemen information network service to fall into the collapse.

In response to the continuous upgraded barbarism, the United Nations Secretary-General Guitrez pointed out that any party must take action to protect civilians and avoid civilians being warned. He asked the relevant parties to investigate this matter as soon as possible to determine accountability objects. In addition, he also called on all parties to carry out effective negotiations on the situation as soon as possible, and strive to solve problems through negotiations.

Yemen situation is critical

After being attacked, Hose armed on the day of the 24th launched a revenge action. It is reported that the armed organization is directly attacked to Saudi directly on the same day, using some sensitive goals hitting in the drone. In fact, in recent years, Hosi armed with multi-country coalition has always been confused in Yemen, leading to a turmoil in the situation. In 2018, under the efforts of the United Nations and other parties, the two sides of Yemen conflict have realized a ceasefire, began to carry out various work such as exchange of prisoners, but soon, this ceasefire protocol turned a waste paper.

The two sides of the conflict constantly accuse each party to take the lead in violating the agreement and then start crossing. Since the second half of last year, the frequency of conflicts between the two sides has increased, resulting in continued warming in the situation, brought extremely serious humanitarian disasters to the local people.

China has already bright attitude

Nowadays, the situation has become one of the unstable roots of the entire region, which will directly affect the peace and stability of the region. In this regard, China 's resident DIMD Ambassador in the United Nations said in the Council on the 12th that Yemen's conflict has recently upgraded the international community's general concern. All parties should immediately stop the fire, maintain the maximum restraint, avoiding all the actions that lead to complex upgrading of the situation.

Some information reference Source: Beiqing Net

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