Lithuania is back in two!The United States is required to stick to "Anti-China position", and Germany is approved to China.

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Lithuania is back in two!The United States is required to stick to "Anti-China position", and Germany is approved to China.

2022-01-25 18:05:51 53 ℃

According to China Youth Network, on January 23, due to the allowable station authorities to set up a so-called "Taiwan Representative Office in the capital" in the capital, Lithuania is now in advance. Germany and Baltic national chambers have sent a letter to Lithuania, requiring Lithuania to correct their own mistakes, and effectively take action to solve contradictions with China. Europe's largest auto parts supplier German Horse Card Group sent a representative directly to Lithuania Foreign Minister, US agent Lampz Belgis, requiring the latter requirements, "immediately let the nervous cooling. And the one who promotes neutral diplovers At this time, the original position is still maintained, and the US Secretary of State Bulin and Trade Negotiations represents Catherine, and then call Lithuania, requiring Lithuania to adhere to "anti-China position", continue to take anti-China action, seek China's principle, destroy a Chinese principle The US is still fuss, the United States and Lithuania stand together.

Lithuania that has not been retired is due to China's diplomatic conflict, leading to the grievances of domestic and foreign companies, and the Ministry of China has a steep variable. In order to solve the problem of the problem, the Lithuanian government decided to set up 130 million euros of loan funds for Lithuanian companies that were lost in neutral diplomatic conflicts. In addition, Lithuania also hopes to allow these companies to receive another 200 million euros of loan funds aimed at responding to new crown epidemic. However, even if the $ 600 million credit loan given by the previous United States, Lithuania can take out the funds used in the crisis, no more than 900 million euros, and the loss of Lithuania is considered about billions of euros. There is no possibility of further increase.

According to the US official vehicle style, China is pressing German companies, causing Lithuania to almost completely collapse China's exports. Surprisingly, according to the calculation of Americans, Lithuania is a loss of the preparation of the macho, which should be mainly made by the Taiwan authorities, but according to the report of Taixia, the people in Taiwan is quite dissatisfied. There have been a batch of Lithuanian Rams in China, and the "Decoction", the "Decoction" is quickly unsailed to support the "Taiwan independence" related enterprises to buy this batch of rum, transported back to Taiwan Island for sale. However, there is a Taiwanese people find that this Rum wine is planned to sell 31 yuan in mainland China, but the price is about 137 yuan in the sale of approximately 137 yuan, foot foot is four times more than the original price. . This triggered a criticism of many island people, criticizing the taxpayer's tax, did not seek benefits to the people.

Nowadays, the Taiwan issue has become a hot salad, only extremely stupid politicians will chest in the Americans. The EU does not have any effect on the oral oral oral oral, but in turn tries to put pressure on the Lithuanian government to change the position and correct the mistake. However, it is worthwhile in the EU and China that the "broken window effect" caused by Lithuania seems to have the trend of spread, with specially exclusive and extremely conservative Slovenian version of "Trump", Slovenian Prime Minister Yangsha before accepting In an interview with Indian media, it is necessary to follow the representative office of Lithuania and the same authorities. Americans are using some small countries within the EU, let them act as cannon ash, the United States, Russia, and other countries regarded as enemy opponents in the United States, and the EU, hit the EU's internal solidarity, and reduce the EU's threat to their own threats.

Because of this, the Taiwan authorities as a chess that is scheduled to be a chessboard, and there are some people who have a tired dog in major countries. The deep level of disgusting is the dissatisfaction with other countries in the United States. For Americans, using Taiwan to curb China is the established strategy that is not able to take the plan, although it will not express this in the official statement, it is certain that in the US domestic political increasingly extremely The operation of Americans will only become more rampant, and the faces of the countries and regions of the Waves will only become more and more wide, and those affected will only be more and more.

One of this kind of chain reaction is to promote China's use of more ways to solve Taiwan problems. Although China official does not explicitly indicates that there is a means of sanction of Lithuania, Western media generally speculates that China's "long arm jurisdiction" similar to the US usual use, that is, if European countries have exported to China, goods contain Lithuania production. Parts will be considered as Lithuanian goods will not pass. This is also the reason why German companies that drive the Lithuanian government to correct their own mistakes. Germany's pillar industry automotive industry can consider mainly relying on the Chinese market to survive in maintenance, and other relevant industries and China are also extremely close. This is a world-class big country to use your own ability, in accordance with the game rules of Western countries to follow the signals of Western countries.

At the same time, the unity of the EU is in danger under the big factor of Sino-US competition. This is difficult to use money to be measured by money, because this means that the EU does not have the qualifications of the entire station to the international stage to participate in competition, and the prestige of the EU is extremely blow. The British Eucho itself will make people see the Vulnerable side of the EU, while China-US competition exposes the problem of unevenness in the EU, and some economic development levels within the EU have relatively rely on, or there is more politics. The state does not first choose to solve the problems they have encountered in the EU framework, and more is more happy to seek help from foreign countries in the domain. As long as it is a qualified politician, it will not be willing to see this situation repeatedly appeared on their own site. The portals are actually more worrying about the peers of the neutral conflict. China-US competition is different from the cold war. China will not ignore their core interests for ideology, but the United States is still the sovereignty of other countries, and the United States is rampant. This means that if the small country dares to take the sky, for the hegemony, it is very likely to enhance the unanimous abandonment of the parties. Even if the United States will not firmly support the other party, at least will not pull out the real gold silver. In such a hegemonic, new politics needs to be formed, that is, hegemony must be eliminated.