Neutral conflict is about to cool?Lithuania finally decided, short 9 days, 3 times, not simple

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Neutral conflict is about to cool?Lithuania finally decided, short 9 days, 3 times, not simple

2022-01-25 18:06:08 44 ℃

On November 21 last year, China announced that due to the Lithuanian government to allow the Taiwan authorities to set up the so-called "Taiwan Representative Office in the Lithuania", China decided to reduce neutral diplomacy to an agent level. Since then, neutral relationships have a thousand feet, but in recent times, there is indication that neutral conflicts may have to cool down.

One of the signs is that the Lithuanian shadow cabinet public voice calls for the current government to rename the so-called "Taiwan Representative Office in the Lithuanian", which reflects the dissatisfaction of the Government of Lithuania to China's policy. According to the official website of the China Foreign Ministry, on January 11th, the deputy routine reporter will mention that the Lithuanian shadow cabinet issued a statement that it hopes that the centralized relationship is normal, and Taiwan is indivisible. Some, the Government of Silica corrected the mistake and renamed the "Taiwan Reference Office" as "Taipei Representative Office." In addition to the members of the shadow cabinet, there is also a ministerial officials in the Government of Lithuania who don't want to see neutral relationships, and this is also one of the signs of neutral conflicts may cool down. According to Global Network, January 17th, Lithuanian Economic and Innovation Minister Almonett said that it is tense with China, and foreign investors may change in the investment plan. A sign is that the German-Baltic Haichao said that it is considered to close the German enterprises in the Richter plant.

Soon after Almon Nit, Lithuania finally decided to improve the improvement of neutralization, so that neutral conflict cooling is a little bit.

According to the "Beijing Daily" news, Lithuanian President Naja, said in the press conference, the centralized relationship has caused commercial losses. Implement a cooling plan in need. Foreign ministers have taken programs as required, and the cubes have expressed some ideas through European agencies and directly express part of the idea, but the situation depends to a large extent on the party that causes the upgrade of the situation. Najersa also said that it is expected to hold a summit in recent times. In this regard, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded on the 21st, who is a deterioid of neutral relationship, step by step, leading to the initiator of the situation, the international community's own public opinion. He emphasized that if Lithuan really intentionally improves the current situation, he should show sincerely, take out the actual actions.

In just 9 days, Lithuania's domestic parties forces have different degrees of power, and the content is different. This is also meaningful to understand the importance of the parties of P., also indicate that neutral relations continue. The impact of deterioration on Lithuania is increasing, and the Government of Lithuania needs to improve neutral relations as soon as possible.