American media article: Germany "deviates from Western Camp" in the Ukrainian crisis

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American media article: Germany "deviates from Western Camp" in the Ukrainian crisis

2022-01-26 00:06:24 40 ℃

Reference Information Network Report on January 25th, the US "Political News" website issued the article "Germany will focus from the United States", the author is Matthew Ki Ni, the full text is as follows:

There is a view that Germany can no longer rely on US maintenance safety in the United States. In the past ten years, this idea has been widely recognized by the German leaders.

The crisis that Ukraine is happening shows that reality is beneficial.

"The camera is closed, the tone will change"

Germany's allies hope that the ruling alliance led by Olaf Walz-it includes the Green Party of Russia's criticism - abandoned the generality of Moscow as the Angla Merkel Times. In recent days, this expectation is too optimistic.

In recent weeks, when Washington tried to form a Western United Front against Russia, Germany was obviously out of service. Under the common influence of major energy and commercial interests and political atmosphere with old anti-American emotions, Germany deviate from Western camp.

From the surface, Berlin is absolutely nothing to look at the Ukrainian issue. The 20th emphasized that Germany is committed to ensuring the complete Ukrainian territory. Foreign Minister Anna La, Belbur, said that when the Russian Chen Bing border said: "It is difficult to see this as a threat."

However, when the camera is closed, Germany's tone will change.

When the UK is trying to provide tanks, rockets and other weapons to Ukraine, Germany even refuses to provide rifles.

Germany does not work with the United States and other European allies to help Ukraine prepare to respond to attacks, but try to appease Russia and do not want to take some strongest deterrent meters in the West.

The second line of Beixi Natural Gas Pipeline is the natural gas pipeline between Germany and Russia, waiting for the final regulatory approval. Although Würtz said that if Russia's "invasion" Ukraine, "must discuss" the problem of the project, but he did not commit to do so.

Trump left a scar for Germany

So, what plan is Berlin? Germany's great idea of ​​resolving the Ukrainian crisis is a diplomatic process in sleeping states called "Normandy Mode" Talks. The talks include Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine, but it is worth noting that there is no United States. That talks have produced the so-called Minsk agreement, but they have not stopped the war from the eastern Ukrainian.

The outside world often believes that "pipeline politics" and many German elites have a good sense of Russia to resolutely refuse to adopt a stronger position in Russia.

These factors are important, but it is not enough to explain why Germany is increasingly not consistent with the interests of the United States and a broader crossing.

In fact, Germany and the United States gradually reflect a deeper transition. This transformation begins with the Iraq war. Since then, the largest change occurs during the president of Trump. Trump often degenerates Germany, accusing Germany did not take this point in NATO, but trying to have a cheap in the United States. He left a deep scar for Germany.

Although Trump's complaints have certain truth, if there is no active participation of the most important countries in Europe, the operation of NATO will not be smooth. German geographic location makes it a key member of NATO.

Therefore, in order to repair damage, President Biden President of Germany as an early focus. He canceled Trump from Germany to withdraw almost all US military plans. Invited to be a guest of Merkel to the White House, and gave up sanctions on the second line of Beixi.

The new ruling alliance in Germany has been ambiguous for the Defense Expenses, Germany's new ruling alliance, and Germany has not met these goals for many years. The only truly concession made by the new government to Washington is to commit to replace the aging nuclear bomber group, and this will probably in line with Germany and non-US interests.

"There is no one behind the United States"

Bruce Stokes, a German Marshall Foundation Researcher, a German Marshall Foundation, has recently conducted more than 50 interviews in the state of NATO, including some interviews with Germans. The results show that the dispute caused by the Aob and the United States and the United States and the United States from Afghanistan, and the disputes caused by the dismantled army are still undermining the relationship between the two countries. A respondent in Berlin said to Stokes: "Suspected and pessimistic the anxiety, suspicion and pessimism in Europe, are popular around Europe. Everyone is worried that this will lead to cross the Atlantic."

This process seems to have begun in the street lane. Whether it is a Vietnam War, during the Cold War, the debate on nuclear missile deployment is, or the US war terrorism war, when the relationship is nervous, the anti-American emotions on these topics are always high. In the past, the United States always had a firm defender in the political field and the public in Germany. Today, such a voice is much more.

This should be worried about Washington. Although the mouth sounds say to focus on China, Europe's persistent prosperity in Europe is still critical to the United States.

Current President Obama first clarified that the United States will focus on the Pacific region in 2009, he believes in the European continent, Germany will be supporters behind the United States.

If he looks back now, it will be found (the United States) is not there.