"Russian-Chinese friendship is an important factor in global stability"

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"Russian-Chinese friendship is an important factor in global stability"

2022-01-26 00:06:23 58 ℃

- Interview with Russian Central Vice-Chair Dmitry Novokov

Russian Foreign Minister Ruff Rov, said, should be invited by China President Xi Jinping. Russian President Putin will attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4 and meet in the Russian Central Overalls of Russia on the same day. "Talks will involve both countries." . For China and Russia and the "Winter Olympics" of the new chapter of the new chapter of the two countries, the reporter exclusively visited the Vice Chairman of the Russian Central Committee, the National Duma (the Council Office) International Committee, the first Dmitry Novokov, Vice-Charient.

Dmitry Novokov

Russia has a full clockwork relationship

Reporter: How do you see the conclusion of Russian relations "The best time in history? What advice do you have for further improving bilateral relationships?

Novokov: On the one hand, I totally agree with this conclusion, and Russian relations are indeed in the best period of history. Currently, bilateral pragmatic cooperation is developing rapidly and has repeatedly set new records. According to the statistics released by China, the Sino-Russian trade volume increased by 35.8% year-on-year, reaching 146.887 billion US dollars. The new record in the history of this Russian-Chinese economic and trade relations is exciting. It should be pointed out here that the development of Russian-Chinese relations should neither be hindered by new coronal pneumonia, and cannot be affected by a serious crisis in global, it must emphasize that Russian-Chinese relations are all-weather, strategic. It is encouraging that Beijing and Moscow are very clear.

On the other hand, it should not be satisfied with the "best time" conclusion. I hope the current level of cooperation is just a beginning. Russia has a comprehensive strategic collaboration partnership. It is still very long. Russian-Chinese friendship is unexpected. In World War II, when Germany Fas, Japanese militarism hazarded the world, Su Chung two countries worked hands with Japan. In 1949, the Soviet Union was the world's first country to recognize the people of the People's Republic of China. After signing in February 1950, the Soviet Union Association was signed in February 1950.

Undoubtedly, Su Zhong Leaders' strategic cooperation in the 1950s has laid the foundation of the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between Russia and China. Russian-Chinese friendship is an important factor in global stability. Under the aggressive pressure of the United States, only to adhere to strategic interactions can ensure the sovereignty of the two countries and curb the expansion of the opponent.

While enhancing political relations, Russia should strive to deepen economic and trade cooperation. Although the trade volume of the two countries continued to grow, Russia is only 11th in China's main trading partner in China, not only behind the United States, Germany, and even lost to Brazil and Malaysia. In order to increase trade opportunities, the import and export relationship structure needs to be diversified. At present, the largest share of Russia's exports of China is energy raw materials, and it is impossible to show all the economic potential of the two countries. Focus on the future, Russia must strengthen cooperation in high-tech, such as aerospace, pharmaceutical, etc. 2020-2011, Russian people held science and technology in New Year. Within this frame, there are approximately 900 activities, covering medical, information systems, agriculture, laser physics, biology, seismology, oceanology, etc. China Russian Science and Technology Innovation Fund was established. In addition, Russian Chinese and Chinese countries have great cooperation in transportation infrastructure and humanities.

Russia admires the success of Chinese comrades

Reporter: We know that Russia has long actively evaluated China's development. Especially during the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Chairman of Jiqiov and you commended the great achievements of the Chinese Communist Party to lead the Chinese people. How does the Russia have evaluated their relationships with the CCP, how will it continue to develop both parties in the future?

Novokov: It is true that the Russian Federal Communist Party gazes the success of Chinese comrades with very admirable eyes. Take this opportunity, congratulate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. There are many achievements worth proud of the CCP. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, China got rid of a hundred years of humiliation, backward, division and weakness. Today, China is an economical superpower, in the industry, and the field of technology is in a leading position.

The 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, coincided with the extremely difficult period in human history, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic is experimenting with the power of modern society. Compared with most countries of the world, China has better responds to this challenge. Russian Central Central President Renali Jijanov and all Russian Communists have repeatedly stressed that this success comes from the direct leadership of the Chinese Communist Party who has always adhered to the "people's first" governing concept and lofty faith. China mobilized the necessary resources with incredible efficiency and speed, curbing the spread of diseases, overcoming the impact of the epidemic on the economy, and established an example for the world. At the same time, complex situations did not hinder China's effort to completely eliminate extreme poverty.

Currently, China is helping the rest of the world: providing drugs, medical equipment, dispatching doctors team, opposing "vaccine nationalism." In the context of the world's large pharmaceutical company, capitalist nationality, the monopoly vaccine market, the Chinese Communist Party confidently implemented internationalism, peace and other thoughts in international relations.

All of the above constitutes the foundation of the Russian Republican Communist Party. In the 1990s, the Russian co-reconstruction has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the CCP, which will be extended again in accordance with the effective period. According to the memorandum of cooperation, the two sides regularly perform interviews, carry out joint activities, and cooperation in information. For example, the "Truth News" and the People's Network reached an agreement, and the "People's China: Achievements, Tasks, Target" columns in the Russian Central official website. Undoubtedly, this helps Russian readers have received true information about China's life. And the contribution to the relationship between the two countries, the relationship between the two countries, one of the most famous leaders in Russia is leading the Russian-Chinese Friendship Association. Russia will not be separated from the west

Reporter: As the first vice chairman of the Duma International Commission of the Russia, how to look at Russia and the United States, Europe, and NATO? There is a saying that the United States has been in relation to Russia in Russia. Do you agree with this statement? Do you suggest, how do Russia respond to the United States and Western provoked Russia?

Novokov: The assessment of current international relations should first refer to the analysis of revolutionary leader Lenin more than 100 years ago. Lenin pointed out in "Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism", imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. It is mature, decayed, dying capitalism, and is the international monopoly alliance established by capitalists.

In the history of the world, the imperialist period has not ended yet, it is still in front of us. Today, the United States and its dominant NATO will fight for the world's dominant. In order to expand its own influence, they set up a new military base to form a new military group, and also opened a so-called "democratic summit". Its purpose is that they are cleaving "living space" for Western monopoly enterprises.

The Soviet Union makes the world capital ecstasy, the so-called capitalist "complete and final victory" "the end of history" is full of confidence. Reality proves that they held a "celebration" obviously time. They jumped, the more obvious the conflicts between China, Russia, Iran, Belarus, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, Syria, etc., and the more other countries have appeared in the United States to the United States with the "World Police" hegemony. Dissatisfaction.

The United States currently believes that China and Russia have "constitute great pressure". On the one hand, successfully become an economical super big country, China, technology and national defense power, China, technology and national defense power continue to strengthen, the political influence on the international stage is steadily upgraded; on the other hand, the United States, NATO is very anxious Russia in the Soviet Union The missile and nuclear strategic capability established during the period.

For the United States and China, Russian Chinese and Chinese two countries have established the "Alliance Relationship" will be their nightmare. They are afraid of this alliance final formation, and continue to take more and more steps in Russia. Relations. We believe that there is enough wisdom that is not yet in the country and China and China. This is because the price of the West promised is well known: American cowboy one hand "friendly" patted your shoulders, and the other hand always clears the Kirt pistol. To this end, the two countries must "not" at an attempt to "wedge" between us through firm cooperation protection sovereignty.

Putin Visiting China will enhance the level of comprehension in Russia

Reporter: In the past two weeks, President President President President Xi Jinping will invite President of Power. Do you think that this visit is significant for the development of Russian relations? What is the difference between this visit compared to previous access?

Novokov: People still remember that Putin attended the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games, Putin, and Xi Jinping, chairman to visit Supochi, the 2014 Winter Olympics, and this visit will continue many years ago Tradition.

At the same time, there is still a uniqueness of this visit, that is, it is the first meeting between the interruption of more than two years. During this time, the world has directly affected the major changes in Russian-Chinese countries, including new coronal pneumonia epidemics, economic crisis expansion, and increased strategic pressure from the United States, international relations are becoming more tight and unpredictable. In the face of the political, economic influence of disappearance, Western countries are trying to reverse the situation.

The United States is very similar to Sino-Russian pressure. For Russia, these goals include Ukraine, Baltic Sea and Black Sea. Around China, the United States tried to break the stability by the provocation of Taiwan, South China Sea.

In this context, President President President and Xi Jinping will undoubtedly there will be a lot of topics to be discussed, such as strengthening economic and trade technology cooperation, military defense links, and attacking the United Nations role. There are two trends in international relations after the era of epidemic, one is to maintain and strengthen globalism under the leadership of the United States; the second is the new international, socializing, and promoting the construction of mutual respect, fairness and justice, and cooperation. relation. China believes that Russia should become the main partner of the new international relations system established by China Initiative, which is in line with the interests of Russia and China and the whole world. It hopes that President President President President will help this goal as soon as possible.

(Guangming Daily Moscow January 22)