Russian is in the edge of the war, the Ukrainian people's nerves are tight: teach children to use a pistol, prepare back to the army

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Russian is in the edge of the war, the Ukrainian people's nerves are tight: teach children to use a pistol, prepare back to the army

2022-01-26 06:03:46 48 ℃

Since 1991, it has become a sovereign state, and Ukraine has been working hard to maintain stability. Since 2014, Crimean National Reproduction is incorporated into Russia, the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia has not been interrupted. Residents in Kiev, Ukraine, said that although they have become accustomed to instability, this tensions have made them feel different.

▲ Kiev Street, January 24

On January 24, local time, NATO said that the troops were placed in standby, and they sent more warships and fighters to enhance the Eastern European force. The US Department of Defense also said that about 8,500 US soldiers are at a high degree of alert. Once Russia invades Ukraine, the United States will deploy these force to Europe at any time.

Ukrainian President urges the domestic people to live as usual, don't panic. According to the report, the strategy of the government appease the people seems to work, and the domestic economy in Ukraine has not fluctuated. But some people in Ukraine said that they have been prepared to break out war.

Local people tight nerve:

Teach children to use pistols, prepare to leave the plan

Ukraine has been huge sincerely in the World War II in 1986, and the country has suffered a lot of suffering and pain. Since the independence of the Soviet Union in 1991, people living in this land have been working hard to stand firm.

"'What, do you want to fight?' This sentence becomes very daily." 46-year-old Ukrainian computer expert said. Ukraine has been in war since 2014. However, with the Russian army in the Ukrainian border, and Western countries are also transporting weapons to Ukraine. He said that this conflict gives the people feel different.

"We know (Russian Army) in the exercise. I feel panic, this will be a nightmare." Coff said, "the conflict in history has caused millions of people to die, but there is always a fierce battle, we It will suffer very serious losses. But I don't think Russia has the ability to defeat our country. "

According to reports, Kova has provided clothes, food and equipment for the Ukrainian army in 2014. In view of the current situation, he is preparing to invest again in a possible war. Coff is known to teach children to use a pistol. In addition, he is using computer skills with Latvia's business partners to make weapons available for Ukrainian army.

The 36-year-old Ukrainian bar boss Vitari Kirixi said that he and his parents began planning for various emergencies at the end of last year. The family has already packaged a must-havened handbag and arranges accommodation in Poland near NATO, Slovak, so that he is quickly leaving with his family. "But I am also planning to invest in bars. After all, I can't live in fear." Kirixi said.

"I guarantee that my emotion is not affected, I don't look at the news." The manager of the Kirixko Bar said. He said that he recently learned from his parents, and the Russian army is assembled near the Ukrainian border.

▲ Cafe boss Na Borniank is ready to re-join the army

The café owner Roman Nabhonia has taken more "active" response measures. He called himself to train colleagues to run a cafe business so he can focus on fighting with the Russian army. Naibacchik returned to Kiev's life after the completion of the military service in 2016. He believes that in today's situation, the best response should be: a professional army who defends people's lifestyle is preparing for operations, while others continue to live and work everyday. "I want to protect my parents, I don't want them to hide to live in the basement." He said.

Last week, Naibachen made a note to the employee, indicating that if he returned to the military to prepare, the employee can continue to operate the cafe. He also reached a transaction with the landlord. If the situation is not wonderful, the cafe can be temporarily closed, but he will try to pay the rent and employee salary. When talking about the future situation, Nabinya said: "Russia may be able to launch a war through air strikes and tanks, but it can't control the entire Ukraine."

According to reports, some Ukrainian celebrities even use #WearerReady on social media, using Ukrainian to tell people how to prepare. One of the children's psychologists describe how to ensure the safety of children in an emergency in explosions, fires, and how to explain the war for young people without giving them any psychological trauma.

▲ People chat in the bar, war becoming one of the chat topics

Multi-country prepare to evacuate the embassy staff

The Wu government urges citizens to not panic

According to reports, as of January 24, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia have prepared from the revocation of staff and family members in the Ukrainian embassies. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Alala Nico said on 24th that the evacuation plan of these countries "is too late and too cautious."

On the other hand, the Ukrainian government urges citizens to stay calm and don't panic. "The threat of war appeared now? These risks have been more than a year. But the situation did not become more dangerous." President Zeason said. He hinted that the Kremlin is considering manufacturing "turmoil" to weaken the morale of Ukrainian people. "They are trying to attack our land and your nerves."

Despite the official guarantee, in recent days, the emotions of Kiev residents have changed.According to reports, a former government official said that his military contact did not care about Russia two weeks ago, and considered to be just a fictional TV scene.But recently, some government officers are quietly filled with oil and start hoarding food."But we are nowhere." 69-year-old Ukraine resident Ih Hall Ostapengo said.According to him, although the situation is affecting the emotions of local residents, they are still in Kiev to operate a fruit and vegetable stall."Even if the worst situation occurs, the officials will leave, and the rich people will leave. But how do we leave? We don't have money."

Red Star Journalist Ding Wen