"China must cooperate within 90 days, otherwise we will do it!"

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"China must cooperate within 90 days, otherwise we will do it!"

2022-01-26 06:04:00 55 ℃

The United States started from Trump, and the "not friendly" was taken to the face. After the new crown epidemics, the White House is more like "Smell the bloody shark", and it is refused to let go. One mind, wants to bundle the Chinese with new crown viruses ", various landscale and spontaneous water.

When China is working with WHO, the US is also a huge, and the report is not credible. Several three times I want to send people to the middle trace source, so I have been pushing the dirty water. The United States, the United States, and "old disease recurrence" is made up.

"China must cooperate, otherwise measures will be taken"

The famous American "anti-China" Members Rubio has a new play code, and it is necessary to bring in the hands of the younger brother to investigate the source investigation. It is reported that Rubio said through the media disclosure, China should accept the joint proposal of traceability investigations. With the use of media, he did not forget the identity of his own members. Rubleio said that if China refuses to cooperate, the bill is effective after 90 days, the US president has the right to impose sanctions. In addition, according to relevant news, this joint proposal of Rubio also mentioned any cooperative research project to prevent any cooperative research project reached by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the United States, and the federal funds issued for these projects should also stop.

Although Rubio makes this wave of operations is very vast, this is a little "bluff" under this situation, because the supporters are embarrassed. Members who have borrowed the "new crown virus traceability" speculation in the past two years, but they have not succeeded. The US President Visited this road, requiring the information department to submit a so-called "New Guanyuan Report", perhaps the report of the report is not the same, and it will not be. Over time, politicians who could not see the interests, naturally gave up this step, after all, "Anti Hua Road" tens of thousands, a dead road threw it.

Perhaps it is a Bundess

Rubio et al. Choices to ask the US government to send people to China's "trace", which is indeed unhappy. But more, I am afraid it is going to Bunden. The US new crown epidemic is delayed, and the social situation also has a deterioration trend, zero yuan purchase, "left-legged festival" ... The pile piece gives Biden's "incompetent" hat. And the proposal of Rubio is that he dug a big pit for Biden.

The Bid of the public opinion storm center, the president's status has been shakes. If the Proposal of Rubio is passed, Bunde is in accordance with the proposal to launch sanctions against China, then the Sino-US relations will further deteriorate. Even if the sanctions really brought harm to China, there will be no loss for the United States. In this case, a number of people headed by Rubio can accuse Biden failed to maintain diplomatic relations and US interests.

If Bid, if it refuses the Rubio proposal, it is more in the middle. Rubleio can choose to attack Biden "pro." In short, the Ru Bio is a "traceable" name, giving yourself a political capital.

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