"Putin has won a major victory"

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"Putin has won a major victory"

2022-01-26 12:04:55 89 ℃

Singapore "Straits Times" website issued on January 22, "In Ukrainian issue with Russia, the United States is championship", the author is a professor of the Australian State University Strategic Research Run, Huai, full text, the full text is as follows :

Data Tu Xinhua News (Ye Ye Ni Sini)

On the Ukrainian border, the Russian army not only poses the most severe challenges since the 1989 Berlin wall, but also threatened the entire global order of the United States and its allies, and enhanced the internationally reinforcement of those who tried to overturn the leadership of the United States. The confidence of those countries in the system.

In particular, it directly hits the status of the United States in Asia.

This is because the Ukrainian crisis is not only about the future of the country, but also tests if the US has a capacity to prevent Russia from supporting its neighbors by establishing a classic "power range".

US Secretary of State Brincan said in 2021: "We do not accept the principle of power." But this sentence is ridiculous. In the past 200 years, the United States has established a power range according to the Slope of Monoism.

Since the end of the Cold War, Washington is even more inch. The United States tried to expand the range of power to the whole world. This is the global leadership it claims. While establishing a strategic dominant position around the world, it also deprives the status of the big country in other countries and its own strategic advantage in their own "backyard".

The Ukrainian crisis constitutes a possible most direct challenge for the US global strategic advantage.

In order to maintain Russia in Ukraine and the former Soviet territories and satellite scope of the Satellites, Russia did not hesitate to fight. Putin's testing in the United States really has a willingness and ability to defend its global strategic hegemon status in military conflicts with a big country.

The Putin gambling is that when it is a critical juncture, the result will be "calculated." - The United States will choose back, not to fight. So far, this gambling seems to be won.

The US President Baiz excludes the possibility of US-invasion of the United States in Ukraine in Ukraine in Russia. Biden hopes, not through military threats, but through economic and diplomatic sanctions, Putin can discard him to give up his key requirements. This possibility is there, but it doesn't seem to be big.

It can be said that the Russian leaders have won major victory. Because when the United States is facing a war test, it retracts first. How is this significance emphasizes that it is not over.

The order after the cold war can be attributed to the United States intended to defend its advocation to the global strategic advantage, and even against a big country. But now, this seems to be in the bluff, Putin does not eat that set.

Once the US military strength is unmatched is a self-blown and arrogant statement, people will understand that the United States has no ability to win a large-scale land war for the country at the Russian border.

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