Bai Men's "rebellion" in the United States, the White House releases rare signal, wants to alleviate the relationship between China?

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Bai Men's "rebellion" in the United States, the White House releases rare signal, wants to alleviate the relationship between China?

2022-01-26 12:04:45 39 ℃

According to US media recently reported that the US President Biden has made clear that the practice of large-scale cancellation of goods to China during the establishment of Trump impose high tax rates too early, causing the US political and business circles hot. Right now, the US economy can be described as "full of holes", the lack of vigor in the US economy during the epidemic, just to catch up with the "Sino-US trade war," the stalls, resulting in the development of a US economic retreat passed on, so US businesses complain incessantly.

To this end, the US business community are very looking forward to Biden can change in policy Trump period, reducing the tax rate for Chinese goods, so as to promote domestic economic recovery and development. However, this is just the idea of ​​American business only, can really change the power tariff policy is still in the hands of American politicians.

Although the US economic weakness revealed, development stalled, resumed trade after all, and one kind of recipe for economic recovery, but the government has the attitude Biden, the US businessman does not seem to move the government said. Business people actively called for economic recovery, "the number of straight behavior," compared to US politicians to be more cautious of more. US media believes that Biden government was reluctant to cancel tariff barriers, mainly in order to better of retain its existing support rate. While lowering of tariff barriers to allow American businessman satisfied, very easy to be seen as a "weak China" performance, inevitably it will not become a reason for the opposition to attack the ruling party. This year happens to be coupled with the US mid-term election year, Biden order to stabilize the people, can only choose to delay the day is one day.

However, Biden approach has caused many US lawmakers dissatisfied. Recently, the United States, more than 140 members signed a letter Dai Qi US trade minister, called on the US government to cancel China "barriers to trade" as soon as possible. It is worth mentioning that, just before US lawmakers signed a letter of the day, Biden expressed the idea just to maintain the same short-term trade policy toward China. There is no doubt that US lawmakers signed a letter in and work against Biden, the US media has therefore been dubbed the "rebel ministers." USA Today's situation, on the one hand is the American businessman begging, with many US lawmakers chime in, could not cause the US government's attention? Can on the other hand, is declining government support of the dilemma, let Biden also helpless. A business and political views and opinions of the dispute, which party can actually win it? Let us look at the follow-up development.