The world is worried about Russian explosive wars, and the Ukrainian "is fascinated": Don't panic, let's go to protest and protest.

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The world is worried about Russian explosive wars, and the Ukrainian "is fascinated": Don't panic, let's go to protest and protest.

2022-01-27 00:06:44 29 ℃

▲ On January 23, the soldiers in the front line of Ukraine

According to foreign media reports, January 25, Russia conducted military exercises in the Pacific and Ukrainian west. Bremen Government is worried that Russia may cut off the fuel delivery to Europe in deep winter, is preparing to increase natural gas and oil supply from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia in the next few weeks.

Recently, the Russian rural export is a new progress. However, although the United States will arrive at the warning of attacks, the NATO is also at a high degree of alert, but the Ukrainian government's high-rise is threatening the war. He can't help but be curious, what is the "cutting" of this on the situation between Ukraine and its American ally? Other political power in Ukraine, and how local people look at the current situation, is it so calm?

▲ Satellite image shows, tanks and other military equipment deployed in southwestern Russia

Western countries: war

Ukraine: Continue to projection calm atmosphere

When the war threatens, Ukraine is still in trouble. According to foreign media reports, January 25, the capital Kiev also broke a small and medium-sized corporate protest, led to three protesters and 18 policemen injured. About 2,000 protesters have conflicted with hundreds of law enforcement officers in the vicinity of the parliament building, they break through the fence and try to break into the parliament building. It is reported that this protest is a law that entered into force on 1 January 2022. In 2020, the President Ze Linski signed this law and requested the national operator to use a special cash register to record the tax records of each transaction. Ukrainian small businessmen have always opposed the law, but the law is still effective as scheduled, and the protest is to simplify the law of business operations. Dumern protesters were arrested, but organizers said that the next day will continue.

According to foreign media reports, when everyone felt that the war has been touched, the Ukrainian government's high-rise is injecting a calm and calm atmosphere. The Ukrainian Defense Minister said this week that the Russian military power contracted in the spring. The National Security Council also accused some Western countries and media exaggerated in danger of geopolitical reasons. A Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also aimed on the withdrawal of diplomatic officials and family members in the United States and the United Kingdom, called its "immature".

In the interview of Ukrainian TV, the Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Reznikov demonstrated "what is a big stunned", but also pointed out "Today, at this moment, Russia armed The power does not organize even an attack team. This proves is the fact that they will not invade tomorrow. "Rez Nikov stressed," Why do I want you to spread panic. "

Last week, the Ukrainian President Ze Linsky asked in the national speech: "What is new? Is this the reality of 8 years?" On the evening of January 25, he also evacuated the incident on the social media on the social media. This is not impossible to upgrade the situation is inevitable. "

Analysts believe that Zenlinski must be good at considering their words, but must maintain the inflow of Western assistance, and can't provoke Russia, but also let the people feel at ease.

▲ On January 25, a "javelin" anti-tank missile, launcher and other military equipment have landed in Kiev Airport, and soldiers are uninstalling.

Although Ukraine is dissatisfied with the decline in diplomatic staff and families in the United States and other countries, it is acceptable to Western assistance. On January 25, a plane carrying a "Javelin" anti-tank missile, transmitter and other military equipment landed in Kiev Airport. This is the third aircraft of a group of $ 200 million security assistance in the Russian crisis. National Defense Minister Ryznikov said in social media, expect "fourth aircraft quickly arrive". " Last year, the United States provided $ 650 million security assistance to Ukraine, with a total of $ 27 billion since 2014.

Ukraine maintains "fascinating" posture, so many experts guess their motivation. Some people guess that this is to maintain the stability of the Ukrainian market, avoid panic, avoid provocative Moscow. Others believe that this is just because the conflict between this country and Russia has become part of its daily life. After eight years of war, this country is different from Western ally in risk calculation.

▲ In December last year, the Ukrainian President Ze Lingski visited the front line

Ukraine has different domestic sounds

Local Chinese: Not so nervous, life is as usual

In Ukraine, not everyone agrees with the government's judgment and strategy.

Last weekend, Ukraine opposition leaders took pressure to Ze Linski, and he would not call for calm, but to let the entire country ready to be prepared. Including the former president, the former Prime Minister and the former Foreign Minister, and some of the parliamentaries from different partishers signed a joint appeal, and the Zessi Sky launched the Ukrainian army against "threats from Russia".

Ukraine pre-prime minister Alseniy P. Yatsenyuk said when he said that the President Ze Linski said: "He believes that if he scared the Ukrainian people, his support rate will fall," but if Amazing war, "We must forget the domestic political and support rate in this country, because I don't know if we will have a chance of the next parliament or presidential election."

According to foreign media reports, despite the signs of overall mobilization, the Ukrainian people are also preparing for the possible burning war. Thousands of Ukrainian people registered the combat skills courses that the government released, the purpose is to create a militia to prevent the main military power to mobilize it. Covergov in the north of Kiev, Chelngov, some local residents hope that the Government can do more preparations for responding. Local 73-year-old retired teachers, Lyudmila Sliusarenk, said: "The President and his government have not seen threats." Once Russia enters the kiev, this is the way. In the southern city of Ukraine, the local Chinese said that far from the conflict area, the local situation is stable, and people live as usual. The Odessa Hua Chamber of Commerce told Hongxing Journalists, despite TV, newspapers about the news about the Russian crisis, but "the real situation seems to be as nervous, everyone is honest, what to do. Politically propaganda and We are actually a bit uncomfortable. "Qulo said," local Chinese, local people's emotions are normal, it seems that I can't get up. "

Dr. Gong, Secretary-General of the Odessa Hua Chamber of Commerce, also told Hongxing Journalists: "Local residents and governments are very normal, nor did they see armed forces appeared." I heard that Western four countries evacuate diplomats and families, "individual people have big emotions Wave fluctuations, but, the current market is stable, and the merchants are also smoothly doing business. "

For the Ukrainians, "I have always lived in a horror situation" after 2014, Qulo said: "No, Ukraine has always been very calm. How do you live or life, everything is normal. We all It is hungry, there is no problem. "Dr. Gong pointed out that after 2014," business is hard to do! The local people and Chinese overseas Chinese are more concerned about income level, 'horror status' may be numb in Odessa. This is already very The difference is the level of economic level, where can you get? "