Recall: Bush insisted on attending the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

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Recall: Bush insisted on attending the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

2022-01-27 00:07:24 56 ℃

[Global Times Comprehensive Report Reporter Li Xuejiang] Winter Olympics is about to open, and the ice and snow and health of all countries will gather in Beijing, which is about to compete. However, in the days to welcome the event around the world, the White House came from "diplomatic boycott". This is not forbidden to remember that President Bush against President of the year against sports politicization and adhere to the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.


In June 2008, at that time, Beijing was preparing for the Olympic Games. When the President of Xiaobush revealed the will of the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, he was opposed by the US Congress and the right-wing public opinion, and he attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games will affect The relevant decisions of other Western leaders. In view of this, the author as a member of the People's Daily in the United States and the Xinhua News Agency Washington Branch, etc., intended to make an interview on President Bush. As a result, the Chief reporter of the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, etc., issued an interview with the President of the White House News Office. In mid July, the reporter received the email from the US State Hospital. The email said that she made an invitation to interview with the reporter on behalf of the White House, and said that because the President, the President will also visit South Korea, Thailand, so I invite the three national reporters to interview.

On July 28, the reporter received the White House Notice: Interviewed on 13 o'clock on July 30th, please reach the White House before 12, and reminded the driver's license and the reporter certificate issued by the US State Council.

At 12 o'clock on the same day, we all four reporters arrived in the White House in the White House. After the doorbell registered, they entered the iron gate, and the window in the conveyor room was entry into the document. The security guard is slightly verified on the computer, and we send us a green pass card. After security, a brunette girl named Susan has been waiting there.

When we walked this hour, Susan took us to the press release hall on the west side of the White House. She said that you may wish to listen to the White House Female Spokesman Perio's Blower.

After the blow, Susan led us to the main building of the White House. We have come to about 100 square meters of Roosevelt Conference Hall. The center of the hall is a long table, and there are a few leather chairs on both sides. The reporter on one side of the reporter is arranged in a brand name with the reporter's name. I am just in the middle position, the left hand is a "Nanhua Morning Post" reporter, the right hand is a "Bangkok Post" and "North Korea Daily" reporter. After landing, I started to show this living room, and the decoration is extremely simple: the left hand is a fireplace, which is an old seat clock. The wall is an oil painting: on the field, a farmer rides a horse, looking away from the distance. The right hand is on the wall is a big cabinet. The walls of the reporter also hang a rural scenery oil painting.

The presidential family must reunite in Beijing

Bush (data map)

At 13:18, President Bush took a spokesperson Pereo and Asian Affairs Assistant and other officials and other officials, and said "How are you", while holding hands with four reporters. Bush sits in the middle, and the reporter is just opposite, only a table. He first introduced his schedule of this Asian trip. He said that it is a diplomatic activity to South Korea and Thailand. It is a bit "public and private" to me. And he himself came to Laura and two daughters. The reporter plus the words, "Isn't it a whole family to reunite in Beijing?" President Bush and the audience laughed.

The reporter knows that Xiao Bush is a decision to attend the pressure to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, so I oppose the position of the Politicalization of the Olympic Games is deeply appreciated by the Chinese people, I don't know what the president can communicate with the Chinese people. ? Bush smiled, he said: I am looking forward to this visit, and some excited. "The world's players will gather the atmosphere of Beijing, which will be proud of the Chinese people." "My information is: I personally and the United States respect the Chinese people, respect your history, respect your tradition, invited to participate The Olympic Games, I am honored. My reason is that by attending the Olympics, I am respectful to the Chinese people, and the Chinese government will trust me so that we can meet the opportunities and challenges facing it. "

President Bush then said: I decided to take the Olympics with politics. I am convinced that we have a lot of time and occasion to talk about politics. You know, I have held many meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao, not 4 years, there is only one chance to sit down and talk.

Bush said that he belongs to a fitness family and likes sports. He said, "I strive to take the efforts of the Chinese Olympic delegation to take the tristery". " He said that he will watch the beautiful basketball game. "That will be a very interesting game, I dare to say that the scene will be very busy ... Great Yao Ming - he is effective for the Rockets of my hometown - I hope he will The foot injury can recover ... this will make this game a very interesting game. "In addition, he also wants to visit different stations. When the reporter asked if he worried that Beijing's air pollution, he said: "As long as Chinese can breathe, I certainly have no problem." Everyone laughed.

He also said that I went to China for the first time in 1975. At that time, I have a bicycle to visit Beijing, and I don't have a few high-rise buildings in Beijing. Second, as a president to Beijing, it seems to have entered another world and saw a lot of cars and skyscrapers.

Sino-US relations are more and more intertwined together

The reporter puts forward that his many cabinet ministers attended the opening ceremony of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, asking him to make an evaluation of the relations between the two countries. He said: Last night, many of the US Cabinet officials attended the opening ceremony of the New Hall in the United States in the United States, which was particularly significant. I want to attend the opening ceremony of the New Hall in China in Beijing, is this it is interesting? Two new embassies opened in the same year, it was obvious that this was to celebrate a very important (diplomatic) relationship for the 30th anniversary. The Chinese embassies here is designed by Bengmine, and the US New Embassy in China is also a great embassy, ​​which marks the importance of relations between the two countries. He then said that during my tenure, we launched a strategic dialogue to expand and strengthen bilateral relations. Paulson Finance Director and his China have been working together to handle important economic issues. I have been committed to expanding the defense cooperation and communication in the two countries, just to create trust.

The reporter asked, Sino-US relations are now in the best period, but the United States is in the election, the President is expected to have the relationship between the future two countries? Bush smiled and said: I can have a grasp to tell you, our relationship is getting more and more intertwined; our economic relationship is very complicated, and there is an opportunity here, there is an opportunity. Therefore, it is difficult to express bilateral relationships in a manner that is, it is difficult. As the president of the US, it is not only necessary to do a good relationship with China, but also need to do a good relationship with the region. I don't think the foreign policy is a zero and game, but should be considered to add bricks in the relationship between the two countries. I am worried about that the United States has become isolated and pursues protectionism. I often say this. Protectionism is not good to our own economy, and it is not good for the world economy.

The clock pointed to 14:00, President Bush stood up again and said that "Thank you!" An interview has been taken for 50 minutes, far exceeds a predetermined half hour. One week later, the reporter accidentally received an interview with the White House, and the President of Xiaobush has his own personal signature with the photo of the reporter.