Interview: China's anti-disease efforts to practice human fate community concept - visit British scholar Martin Jacques

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Interview: China's anti-disease efforts to practice human fate community concept - visit British scholar Martin Jacques

2022-01-27 00:06:42 30 ℃

Xinhua News Agency, London, January 24th Evidence: China's Epretasification Strive to practice the concept of human destiny - Interview with Martin Jacques

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Dai Xu Feng

British well-known scholars, Chinese expert Martin Jacques receiving the interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter, China has made important contributions in fighting new crown epidemics, vaccine sharing and cooperation, is the concept of truly practitioners of human fate.

Jacques said that the Chinese leaders advocated by the human fate community proved to be a "very important concept", because it "emphasizes that there are many common points in different countries in the world, so they need to promote, develop together, and this can be obtained in many fields. practice".

He believes that China is practicing the concept of human fate community with practical actions, which is reflected in the construction and cooperation of "all the way", and also reflects the support of China to fight against new champions in China.

Jacques said that China donated new crown vaccines to developing countries and other countries that purchase vaccines, "China provides help as much as possible, this is very critical to the global anti-vision."

He also appreciates the effectiveness of China's domestic epidemic management and control policies to ensure the health of the people.

"China has achieved extraordinary cultural achievements, the Chinese government's actions are very effective, reflecting life first." Jacques said.

Jacques said that China's practice of human fate community is also reflected in China's support for international cooperation and multilateralism. He believes that China will further play a greater active role in multilateral institutions and multilateral cooperation.

For the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, Jacques will send blessings. He said: "I believe that Beijing Winter Olympics will be very successful." For some countries such as the United States, the act of not sent officials to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, Jacques believe that it is not tight and very ridiculous, "participating in the Winter Olympics competition is athletes. Instead of wearing a wear edition diplomat. "