Disgust!British media exposed Lithuania intended to serve soft "rename", but started from the new name

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Disgust!British media exposed Lithuania intended to serve soft "rename", but started from the new name

2022-01-27 12:07:01 46 ℃

According to media such as the Baltic News Agency, several members of the European Parliament were strong in Lithuania last week, proposed a "anti-disciplinary letter", requiring the EU to respond to China's counter-system, and make a ruling immediately. This letter has explicitly rises to "Chinese countermeasures to be sanctions against the entire EU", and encourage "EU needs to act immediately, assist Lithuania" and so on. These members tried to use this way to pressure to the EU to save Lithuania from an urgent situation.

The final "rescue action" completely failed, only more than 40 people were willing to sign the joint letter in more than 700 members, and the EU has not added this income. At this time, Lithuania has faced experience, whether it is a foreign company such as Germany, whether it is a foreign company such as Germany, and requires the Government to resolve and China's relationships, otherwise to remove the transfer production line. Lithuania's foreign minister is still hard, saying that they have not considered the intended intended intended, and they will also say this to WTO, China must have a signal.

Yesterday, Ying Media Reuters exposed an unexpected message: They learned from two anonymous officials, Lithuania officials are discussing whether the authorities required to modify the name of the so-called "Representative Office" to ease the tight relationship with China. Previously, Reuters were exposed. US officials are asking Lithuania to modify the name and must be carried out as soon as possible; this matter is denied by Lithuania and the United States, but according to the reliability of the Message channel in the intermediary, this big probability is true Occurs.

Interestingly, Lithuania "rename" is still playing. These two officials revealed that they didn't intend to change the English name of the so-called "Representative Office". To change it is only Chinese translation, plus "people" in front of "People", and this is also a consent of the authorities . After this change, Lithuania wanted to highlight another meaning, that is, this representative is only representative "people", rather than a mechanism on other levels, and the purpose is naturally in order to obtain China's understanding, and promote the normalization of the relationship between the two countries.

In fact, according to the principles, the agency name can only be the word "Taipei", so this name is remembered very perfunctory, and it is also very much to think from the middle of the middle. I don't know the specific process of this matter, but the President of Lithuania believes that it is imminent, and the renaming is an effective way to promote this matter. The government should be committed. After the error, continue to commit the second error. "Before doing this (rename), you must also carefully evaluate it will not achieve the effect.

It is also believed that even if it is modified, it is not helpful to alleviate the relationship between the two countries. Because China is not possible to allow Lithuania to open this and other countries, "special cases", which will open the political relationship between the two sides of the strait and realize their The purpose of people. There are also Chinese users' comment. Sincerity and Chinese and talks. "