American genius female prophet, accurately predict Roosevelt life, how do she predict China before?

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American genius female prophet, accurately predict Roosevelt life, how do she predict China before?

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Prophet is not uncommon at all times, such as China since ancient times prophecy Wei school, Yuan Tiangang Tang Dynasty is the one of the best. The West also has the famous Nuodan Charles Maas.

It can be a lot prophet predictions are not as accurate or even suspected fame.

But today we introduce the Jeanne Dixon is not the same, she was not only able to predict political, military, disaster and other major events, but also to predict the fate of individuals, a lot of great people to her in droves.

In her active decades, he has done many times publicly predictions, most of which finally came to pass, have to say she is truly an amazing woman.

The story takes place in the beginning of the last century California, Jenny and young parents and brothers and sisters live there.

Jenny's father, Frank, in his spare time, some of the things that are mine are very interested, especially gypsy fortune, he felt that this kind of thing is not superstition, of which there must be some truth.

Because of this, Frank usually will read some books, and observe people around, he found his daughter Jane and other children compared to some unusual place.

Jenny was only three years old, but sometimes tells parents say some strange words. Once, she asked his mother whether the family received an envelope trimmed with a black border, she wants to see.

Raise the matter with his wife, Frank said, they are very strange, because the family did not receive such a letter.

But after a few days, the family really received an envelope trimmed with a black border, is home to the wife from Germany sent over there, turned out to be the wife's father died of illness.

There are some studies for divination Frank think this is very unusual, does the daughter, Jenny really have any magical ability? Frank was not sure, so he decided to look at.

After a year, Jenny gradually larger, and one day she said, with her mother at the time of his father taking a trip, my father would come back with a big black and white spotted dog.

A week later, Frank came home, and she took this dog. Family is very surprised and asked how she knew, Jenny replied: "I see, I see my father bought a dog from a pet store."

This time Frank convinced that her daughter does have some ability, he intends to find professionals to see. Just near a Gypsy woman living with divination, I heard that she was very efficacious, so Frank took Jane to find her.

The gypsy woman of no fixed abode, living in a carriage, so Frank and her daughter found her.

When she heard that Jenny might have magical ability, but also showed great interest, so the hope to see Jenny's hand.

Frank agreed. When a gypsy woman holding Jenny's hands, her body began to tremble and even, more and more shortness of breath, after a long while, she was relieved, and said: "I've never seen such a perfect pair hand."

Then she pointed to the Janet Frank palms begin to be described in detail: "You see, her palm across the entire palm of the hand, and even extends to the side of the hand, and finally form a half-moon pattern."

Gypsy woman paused, then he said: "?.. You know what that means she can predict the future fate of the world, but God gave her this magical ability I really admire her."

Then she pulled out a bag from a crystal ball to Jenny and said:. "Take it baby, this can help you think about the future you will become famous prophet."

At that time the young Jenny also fully understand, she did not know what their future will be able to obtain high achievement.

When Jenny after the crystal ball in my hands, her ability to play again.

I saw Jane staring at a crystal ball for a moment, then said:. "The crystal ball must come from the sea, because I saw an ocean."

Gypsy woman nodded: "Yes, there is my home."

Then Jenny said: "You have to be careful ah, I see you seem to encounter with the fire-related disaster."

Gypsy woman has long been aware of Jeanne ability, and therefore extremely careful, but still a few days when the fire burned for cooking, this is something.

In short, Jenny demonstrated in the old time magic ability, has begun to be recognized.

Later, Frank found a scholar specializing in mysterious phenomena from India, asked him to look at his daughter's hands, and he also expressed the same view.

Get the crystal ball home, Jenny love it, stared at every day, she said, you can see in a lot of things, but in addition to her own, others can not see anything.

Jenny also often help people around to do some forecasting, beginning others also do not believe, that are children of nonsense, but with the predicted one by one to achieve, friends and family believe her abilities.

In this way, Jane's reputation began to spread out, gradually it was specifically asked her to predict.

In 1913, Marie Dressler called the young woman to visit.

She said to Frank himself would have been a third-rate actor, although it can mix to eat, but have only been able to play some marginal role, gradually increases with age, she had a sense of crisis, if we can not become famous, I am afraid there is no chance a.

So she wants to ask Jenny to predict her future. If it doesn't work, she is planning to change. Frank agreed to her request, Jenny held crystal ball in front of Mary, she stared at the crystal ball, showing a fantastic scene, there is a Broadway, a bright stage, and a lot of banknotes.

After a while, Jenny looked up and solemnly said to Mary: "Please stick to it, you will become a world-famous big star."

Sure enough, if you have been half a year, Mary has been very fortunate to have a famous director's appreciation, and starred with the comedy master Chaplin to show the movie "Tiri Love History", a time to say a lot of noise.

Soon she won the best heroine of the Oscar Jam. Since then, you will become a red movie star.

Later, when I was interviewed, she said to the media: "I want to thank a little girl called Jenny, she encouraged me to stick to it, otherwise I have already given up."

In this way, the media also knows that Jenny's super power, started to report, and the teenage girl became a celebrity in the United States.

However, it is necessary to consume a lot of effort. If it is a small thing in life, if you want to predict a person's fate, it is very hard, it is often concentrated, lasting for a few hours.

In addition, the less forecast is, the more refined, the more energy is more, and if you do some abstract forecasts, it is much easier.

For example, Jenny once saw his brother playing football, and he also saw his sister.

The initial brother and my sister are not very believed, because his brother likes basketball, and his sister does not say a plane, even the car will not open.

As a result, after several years, the predicted is really a good test. Brother is not enough to play basketball because he is not enough to make a football. And my sister has joined the US Air Force, and I have to say that Jenny's prophecy is magical.

With the growth of age, Jenny's prophetic ability is getting stronger and stronger. In addition to personal destiny, she gradually predicts some major events.

Jenny has a good friend named Jimmy. The two are neighbors, and it is called Qingmei Zhu Ma. However, the age gap is very big. When Jenny is teen, Jimmy is married, and the two are not worthless.

Later, I had to predict the flight of Los Angeles to Chicago to do things, and Jimmy is going to sit on this plane, so she immediately ran to Jimmy companies to stop him.

Initially Jimmy did not agree, because of time is urgent, take the train will come, but he didn't expect to be gentle, Jenny didn't happen, and I got it in the company. As a result, the building security has to be alarm.

Finally, although Jimmy will be suspicious, considering that Jenny is really famous, and it is also a friend, so I choose to believe her. When the police warns Jenny not to make a lot of things, Jimmy also tries to maintain her.

Jenny is of course not a mess, this thing is what she saw from crystal ball. As a result, the next day's news will be published in the newspaper. Jimmy is also awkward.

After this, Jenny's performance also caused the official payment.

The first one to invite her to divide the famous American President Roosevelt.

In 1944, when the Second World War was in full swing, one day, Jenny received a special phone, and the other party claimed to be a secretary of Mr. Roosevelt, who wanted to invite her to meet her White House and President.

If the average person receives such a call, I am afraid that the other party is a liar, or it is simply excited, but Jenny is not, because this matter she has already predicted.

She agreed to the other party's request and agreed to meet on the afternoon.

Soon, the White House sent a special train to pick her and at noon at noon, the president's meeting room.

There, Jenny saw a thin old man, he sat in a wheelchair, although it was not very good, but the eyes were full of wisdom, she is the US President Roosevelt.

The great president who led the United States out of the economic crisis has been deeply loved by the people, Jenny is no exception, although she is a famous prophet, but she is excited to walk and hold hands with the president.

However, when you shake hands, Jenny feels that the president is very poor.

In fact, this is another ability of Jenny, as long as she can touch the body of the other person.

Seeing Jenny expression, Roosevelt also had a number in his heart, he knows his body, but there is no opening.

Jenny took the lead to break the silence. She couldn't help but ask: "Mr. President, your heart is very bad, need more attention."

Roosevelt smiled and replied: "I already know, please come, I hope that I can predict how much time I have. The war is not over, I really can't leave."

Jenny silently estimated it, replied: "Maybe there is still half a year." Tight again: "There is also a year."

Rose booked nod to answer: "That is half a year, hey, time is still not enough, it seems that I can't see the day of the Allies to win."

Silent, Roosevelt asked again: "When I arrived at this age, I have already looked with my personal life. The only thing that is not confident is the fate of the country. Can you predict the future international situation?"

It turned out that this is Roosevelt asking Jenny's true purpose.

Jenny did not dare to neglect, she took out the crystal ball carrying himself for many years, and aging. It is predicted that such big things need to be more energetic than forecasting personal destiny. It didn't have a while, Jenny's head took out the beads.

Roosevelt knows that it is not easy to predict the world situation, so there is no disturbing her, but leaving first.

It has been about ten hours, and the face-pale Jenny walked out of the room, Roosevelt has been waiting for her news, so I can't wait to ask what results.

As a result, Jenny's answer made him shocked. It turns out that Jenny gives the results. The current US main enemy Germany and Japan will become the US ally, and the current allies will become the new enemy of the United States.

But after a while, Roosevelt would want to pass.

This should be able to prove that the Allies have achieved the ultimate victory in the Second World War, Germany and Japan's axial groups, because the original government will definitely be next, and the new government should be based on the United States. Allied Alliance.

Although the Soviet Union is currently all the allies, when the common enemy axis is defeated, the contradiction between the two sides will expose, and finally, it is normal.

Jenny's forecast At the time, although some incredible, it was really reasonable.

Roosevelt asked: "Do you know the situation in China? Although that country is very weak, you can't underestimate."

Jenny replied: "China will have a mess in the future. Existing governments will escape to the island's extension, and China will have a new regime. As for this new regime, this is a long time, I can't teamed. predict."

Such an answer can already make Roosevelt satisfied. He is already able to believe that the United States finally won the world war, and became one of the two worlds after the war. This result is enough to explain all the nationals, you can go safely.

Not long, the World War is over, just like Jenny forecast, the world has entered the new stage of the cold war, Jenny's reputation is getting bigger and bigger, and the upper society is very sought after.

In 1945, the famous Churchill came to the United States to visit, and Jenny as a social name, and also participated in the welcome dinner of Churchill.

Churchill This person is very stubborn, and the so-called mysterious power is nasal, so it shows disdainful looks on the face when they shake hands with Jenny.

Jenny looked in his eyes, so I plan to teach him, so I said to him: "Mr. Prime Minister, you prefer not to participate in this time, the next selection is the most appropriate."

At that time, all the celebrity celebrity, this, said that Churchill is very faceless, and he also felt unfortunate, led the Britain to win the world war, so high prestige, how can a general election?

So he replied coldly: "Miss, you can't think about it, I think the British people will not let me fall."

Unfortunately, Churchill is very confident. His ruling concept is only suitable for war. After the war, the UK needs to be recuped, and the policy must be headed.

Sure enough, in 1945, the British election, Churchill's conservative party is selected.

However, when the next election, Churchill came from Dongshan. When the British Prime Minister, at this time, he thought that Jenny had to say it for him a few years ago, he had to admire her.

Jenny encounters a trust crisis

Jenny lives in the United States, but she is very accurate for the forecast of the international situation, not only, she can predict the fate of a country.

In 1947, the Consular of India in Washington Embassy came to visit Jenny, I hope she can predict that India's fate of the country just independent country.

Jenny silently, replied: "Although India is a new country, but fate is very bumpy, it will fall into split."

This conclusion makes Baggapa very unsatisfactory, in his view, India is a regional strong country, and just out of the colonial rule of the UK, the future will definitely become a big country in the world.

So he refuted: "This time you predict that it will be empty, India will not split, and I will also make a unified Indian effectiveness."

Seeing Bagpa, so stubborn, don't believe yourself, Jenny did not say anything.

The result didn't take long, and the newspaper really published a message of Indian split.

Due to religious beliefs and other historical legacy, Pakistan in northern India announced that it is separated from India, while the eastern Bangladesh is also separated from the federal, and Pakistan is a country, known as Dong Pakistan.

So Bagpapa immediately got off the door, and said sincere apologies to Jenny's rhetoric words.

Since Jenny's predictions made in the election are often very accurate, the major media have used high remuneration to predict.

Before the 1948 US election, Jenny gave her forecast. She believes that Dulongmen, the current president Democratic Party will continue to continue. As a result, this conclusion has caused huge disputes.

The main reason is that Jenny gives the results and public opinion investigations.

At that time, Dulun's condition was very bad, and the replies of Dewele's candidates were very high. This person is good at speaking, can buy people, very popular in voters.

Finally, the public opinion has been investigated, and the results are not unexpected, because Dewey's support is much higher than Dulun, which is nearly 20%. At this time, the Democratic Party had already gone for more than ten years. Although the World War, this additional entry has gradually disappeared as the war is over. After the war, the United States is facing transformation, the Democratic Party is really not satisfactory.

In addition, there are also splitting within the Democratic Party, and the campaign funds are not sufficient, which makes people unable to optimize the Democrat.

According to past experience, such gaps are basically impossible, so some media have begun high-profile announcement that Dewey is about to be a new president of the United States. For Jenny, people also think that she must fail this time.

However, the last moment is not the next moment. The US electoral system is not direct election but an indirect election, and the final statistics is not the support rate of the people, but the election votes obtained by each state.

It is not tight behind some states, as long as you can get this state electoral ticket in other states, this will give the Democratic Party to create a miracle.

Finally, the Democratic candidate has a general election with the three percentage of weak advantages, which makes people amazed from Jenny's ability again.

Of course, Jenny is not every forecast. For example, she has predicted that the Soviet Union takes the lead in landing the moon, and the Golden Gate can cause a larger-scale war. These two things can not come true.

In fact, this can also be understood that if a person can predict all things accurate, she is not a person but God.

On the other hand, Jenny has made a large and small prediction, from the overall probability, the accuracy exceeds 95%, which is already very rare.

At the beginning of 1997, Jenny Dixon, who has been 93nd, is about to come to the end of life. At the end of life, she left her last prediction.

She said: "There will be a great man in the East. This person's achievements are enough to be with the Roosevelt President of the year. Perhaps people can't feel his value in his life, but after his death, the world will shocked."

Some people don't understand this, what does this mean?

Jenny replied: "This is now unclear, but it will soon truthfully. After the beginning of the new century, the power of the great man and the morality will completely burst out, enough to change the structure of the world. When the United States will fall into the stagnation, this will return to the two strongest patterns of the Cold War. "

After I finished her, she lost.

More than 20 years have passed, Jenny's prophecy is true, although she did not predict China's fate when she met Roosevelt, but in the final prophecy of the 1990s, I made a perfect forecast, this is really A magical woman.