The Philippine campaign is about to start, hundreds of accounts that support Mimados have been thrown.

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The Philippine campaign is about to start, hundreds of accounts that support Mimados have been thrown.

2022-01-27 12:07:30 42 ℃

2022 The election activities of the Philippine election will be officially opened on February 8. On January 22, local time, in order to respond to the Philippine media investigation, social media declare that due to suspected of violating the stipulations for spam and network control, more than 300 people who promote the President of the Philippines, Presidential candidates Small Morcos account.

The small martos camp carved on the same day. According to the Philippines "Manila Times" on January 23, Xiaoman Curtorgus Vic Rodriguez accused the Philippine news website rappler "using false information networks", using false information networks, False information network.

Twitter policies for spam and network control, prohibiting everything "is intended to be human becomes amplified and blocked, or participate in manipulation and destroying people in the special experience", including "trying to make account or content look more Welcome or more active "behavior.

The Tece spokesperson said to Rappler that most of the company has banned more than 300 propaganda PMCos's accounts and labels, most of the "routine check". Twitter "Suspicious Message remains alert" on the elections. Twitter will be with agencies such as the Philippines Electoral Commission (Comlected, the complex challenges faced by free public elections. "

The spokesperson also said that the current investigation is still in progress.

In addition, the special call is voluntary to share political content through the label, or the user is in line with its policy provisions, unless the account is unreal or automatically generated.

A survey of Rappler found that a large number of Twitter accounts that were recently created or recovered invested in the ponycos' campaign and attacked many people who criticize Timos.

On January 17, Tete also said that a test function will be expanded, allowing users in Philippines, Brazil, Spain, etc. to mark misleadic content.

According to Reuters, January 21st, Vik Rodrigs issued a statement, expressed appreciation of the work of Twitter, but also emphasized that these banned accounts belong to the supporters of Xiaomic. Rodriggs also accuses RAPPLER "may also be part of a false information artillery."

This is actually the first inclusion of the Philippines account for spam and network control. In April 2020, Twents also deleted hundreds of accounts for the Philippine government to deal with new crown epidemic policies. The Philippines is known as the "World Social Media". Some experts believe that the Philippines is more susceptible to the manipulation of social media.

The poll showed that the 65-year-old Mimicos is currently in a leading position in many presidential candidates. In October 202, political analysts, Roland SIMBULAN, to the CNN Philippine channel, said that the high popularity of small Mado is the result of its campaign team in the "hard work made by social media". The objects of the small Marcos campaign team "including new media professionals, especially local and foreign public relations companies."