Finally hurt?After losing the Chinese market, the prime minister in Lithuania said that it was very abnormal.

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Finally hurt?After losing the Chinese market, the prime minister in Lithuania said that it was very abnormal.

2022-01-27 18:03:44 39 ℃

"The Chinese market accounts for about 15% of the Lithuanian enterprises, we really don't want to give up this market. We must not want to give up this, so you have to transfer this part to other EU countries, this is the world's largest peat The person in charge of the substrate, the German biofuel manufacturer recently received the state of the media interview.

Obviously, there have been more and more Lithuanian companies feel the chills of the winter, and in the European countries in Lithuania have now considering whether to withdraw in Lithuania to other countries, because in the current Lithuania and China In the context of the relationship, imports and exports of their investment companies will bring a serious adverse effect.

The reaction of these companies is the direct consequences of the Lithuanian government mistake decision. If the foreign-funded enterprise is withdrawn from Lithuania, the national interests of Lithuania will be significant, but these companies have contributed a lot of taxes in Lithuania, but also Created a lot of jobs.

In the face of this severe situation, some people of Lithuania stood out and publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the Lithuanian government mistakes.

According to media reports, Lithuania former Prime Minister Skwellnellis recently said that the government "has a very clear direction, that is, no change", "As for the country's economic interest, they are not important." Even him also emphasized that this situation will not be allowed if he is in his own power.

Although the President of Lithuania has also disclosed that Taiwan is allowed to set up a so-called "Representative Office" in the Lithuanian capital, but according to Lithuania, the President is not big in the country, and this is similar to Germany. The Prime Minister is a person who has mastered the government 's power. Although it is only the former Prime Minister, Skwelnellis is still not small in the Lithuanian political altar. At this moment, it is a huge controversy that the current government decided to decide.

In Skwellnellis, there is no truly considering the "national economic interest" of Lithuania, and now more and more companies have lost the Chinese market, and there are also large companies to prepare from Lithuania. Withdrawing these situations indicate that Lithuania must re-reflect on the decision before.

A China is the principle of the bottom line, China will never allow any country to do article on this issue, and if it really wants to improve the relationship with China, it should take the initiative to take the sincerity.