Japan urgently rang red warning, Russia has "tried", China is ready to prepare

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Japan urgently rang red warning, Russia has "tried", China is ready to prepare

2022-01-27 18:03:23 51 ℃

Since the beginning of 2022, around the world frequent bad news, US storms, fires, tornadoes turns on stage, so several states into chaos, Tonga volcanic eruptions lead to interruption of communication in the country, Japan's frequent earthquakes so that local people panic, fear the Congress sank. Just when the world affected by natural disasters, the Japanese came the bad news, to countries sounded the alarm, experts warn that China must prepare for.

Japan is the world's longest average life expectancy, but because of the number of births is less than the number of natural death, Japan has become one of the highest degree of population aging in the world. The Xinhua News Agency said that in Japan the local, the number of people over the age of 65 has increased every year, at the same time, the newborn's birth rate was decreasing, related news, 2019, Japan's newborn babies less than 900,000 in 2020, It has been reduced to 850,000 or even less, obviously, Japan's low birth rate trend is growing.

It is worth saying that, in the present world peace, Japan's population preached negative growth trend, this phenomenon is very scary. It is reported that Japanese young people to live and work pressure is very large, did not dare to lead young children, will naturally lead to reduced fertility. Even the news that the Japanese young people have entered the "no desire" era, the face of this situation, the Japanese government in order to change the status quo of the population, is probably even more difficult. Even more frightening is that in Japan's workers, many over 65 years old still stick in the workplace.

With the growing aging population, the Japanese government emergency sounding the alarm, if we continue this trend continues, Japan will be a lot of ripple effect. In fact, not only in Japan, and Russia has "caught" It is reported that Russia's aging population is also very evident in the 140 million population, over the age of 60 accounted for almost 1/5, many young people choose to the development of big cities, in rural areas there has been a lot of empty nesters.

It is worth saying that my country has also appeared in a similar situation, many young people choose to find better opportunities in the big cities, rural areas leaving many elderly people living alone. In addition, many young people have chosen to delayed marriage and childbearing, in the country to encourage students to three children in the background, many families are reluctant to even the second child born. Some experts said that although my country is a big country of 1.4 billion people, but also faces an aging population crisis, must be prepared ahead of time, young people should respond to the call of the country, which is a measure to deal with an aging population, but the specific effect we can not jump to conclusions, after all, we are not saints, no one can predict the future.