Nazal Bayev was canceled two lifetime duties

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Nazal Bayev was canceled two lifetime duties

2022-01-27 18:03:34 46 ℃

[Wen / Observer Network Zhaooa] Kazakhstan's riots have filed, but the volatility of the political altar is still going.

Comprehensive Russian News Agency reported on January 27, the Kazakhstan Parliament at the same day in a plenary meeting, adopted a legislative amendment, deprived the former President Nazar Bayev's Kazakh People's General Assembly Chairman and the chairman of the National Security Conference.

On the same day, the Kazakhstan National Security Council issued a news that the President of the Former Committee Msimov, Vice-President Sadkuov, Vice-Chair, was officially arrested by the authorities, accused of suspected of criminals, violent, region, and Beyond the authority is a crime for people and others. According to the case, the case belongs to the criminal case of the top secret level, and the relevant survey materials will not be announced.

Nazal Bayev

In the 19th of the Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan Parliament has approved the bill to cancel Nazar Bayeff for life as Chairman of the Kazakhstan's chairman and the National Security Conference. However, Nazar Bayev is still a lifelong member of the Constitutional Committee, which has the right to speak on the Parliament and the Government meeting and participate in important national affairs.

According to the Constitutional Legislation, Judicial and Law Enforcement Agency Committee, the purpose of the amendment is to transfer the power of these two positions to the president. Therefore, the bill removes the two lifetime powers in Nazar Bayev.

In addition, the Kazakhstan Parliament reviewed the previous domestic riots on the 20th and analyzed the reasons behind the "January Tragedy". Kazakhstan, Aigul Kapbarov, believes that these tragic events show that it is necessary to modernize the labor market, and pointed out the urgency of revising existing employment plans and solving youth employment.

The Akhylbek Kurishbayev, who believes that the government must focus on farmers, especially their employment. He also emphasized that although Members often raise these issues, the Government does not take adequate measures to solve these problems.

There is also a member of Nurtore Zhusip, which proposes a topic for educating younger generation of patriotism, maintaining and further promoting national value.

Kazakhstan Parliament at the official map

This month, Kazakhstan broke out in China. As of January 20, this riots have led to about 4,500 injuries, 227 people die. The local total arrested more than 2,000 suspects in the city of Almat, and the number of people who were arrested by the Harbin army were more than 10,000 people.

With riots, the domestic politics of Kazakhstan has also experienced oscillating. On January 8, the Kazakhstan National Security Committee was notified that Kazakhstan's former Prime Minister, Masimov, president of the former National Security Committee, was arrested for the crime of rebel.

It is worth noting that Kazakhstan has two national security agencies. The status of Msimov's national security committee is similar to the Ministry of National Security and Vice-Chair and the Director of the Border Defense Bureau. Mesimov served as this job since September 2016. After Nazar Bayev resigned from the President in March 2019, Masimov did not experience the change and continued to stay.

The National Security Conference is the highest national security agency in Kazakhstan, presidents as the chairman of the meeting, including the Prime Minister, Secretary of the Security, the Chairman of the National Committee, the Minister of Foreign Minister, and the Minister of Defense. After Nazal Bayev resigned, the Harkeeper made the law and determined Nazar Bayev to lead the national security conference for life. After the large-scale protest, Tosayev's 5th evening issued a TV speech to announce the Chairman of the Safety Conference on the Safety Conference.

Nazar Bayev leaders Kazakhstan in the near 30 years, on March 20, 2019, abandoned presidential powers, but the chairman of the Safety Conference and the President of the People's Congress of the Motherland of the People's Republic of China.

Nazar Bayev announced the decision of the position of the President of the Kazakhstan's Congress in January 2002, and the corresponding powers were transferred to the current power of the Safety Conference on January 5, 2022. At that time, China A large-scale riots are being burst.

The 81-year-old Nazar Bayev published the first video speech since the domestic explosive riots from January 18, indicating that Todayaf master all power in Kazakhstan, and the former President is a retireer. Refute the rumor of the "inside the elite group seems to have conflict or confrontation".