Pacific Alliance "Speed Expansion"

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Pacific Alliance "Speed Expansion"

2022-01-28 06:04:30 42 ℃

People's Net Ma Derries on January 27 (Reporter Chen Xiaohang) On the 26th of the local time, the Pacific Union consisting of Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru, held the 16th Summit in Malaga Bay, Colombia. At this summit, Singapore signed an agreement to obtain the first contact with the Pacific Union, and Ecuador also accelerated the advancement of the official member of the Alliance.

The Pacific Alliance announced in April 2011. The Alliance official website shows that as of 2019, four member states have a total population of 23 billion. At present, the alliance has a large number of observers and candidates. China became an observer country in 2013. The alliance is to strengthen the coordination of national trade policy in Latin American Pacific, promote free distribution of goods, services, capital and personnel in alliances, committed to building alliances into the most attractive zipper subregional organizations and Asia into the Latin American market for Asia. The entrance.

EFF, Colombian President Duke pointed out that During the summit, "With the joining of Singapore as the joining member state, we are introducing the Pacific Alliance into a new stage, and is expected to receive Ecuador to become a formal member of the Alliance in the near future." Duke said that the Pacific League of the Pacific Alliance "is more stronger than ever before," and praised the achievements of the mechanism originated from "whether integration, or investment trade exchanges, the development transformation and well-being of the public The role. "Chile President Pielira recalled that the alliance gradually eliminated trade barriers, promoting people and capital flows, and committed the integration of financial markets. Piera believes that the Federation will face new complex situations in the future, such as climate change, population aging, and new crown epidemic.

Looking forward to the future, the Chief Researcher of the Royal Elkano Research Institute, Spain, the Pacific Alliance as the "strong attractive" framework, which clearly attaches great importance to business development, and is influenced by "important". Integration process.