It's really playing!313 people were injured in the air strikes, the missiles were bombed, and the Chinese have already bright attitude.

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It's really playing!313 people were injured in the air strikes, the missiles were bombed, and the Chinese have already bright attitude.

2022-01-28 12:07:50 53 ℃

The situation in the Middle East is not too peaceful. According to reports, it is a multi-country coalition that is a long-term and unpleasant multinational army who has long been a long-term and Hosi armed for a long time. The attack is large, causing 313 deaths and injuries. There are 87 deaths, and the remaining injured are still rescued, and the attack will make Yemen quickly caught in the crisis.

Hu surfei army takes a retalian

Yemen's attack spread to the local mobile communication building, and lost the network and losing the network in the outside, and aggravated the panic in the hearts of the people. Yemen attacked the incident in the international attachment, the United Nations Secretary-General attaches great importance to this terrorist attack, and he called for a rapid, effective and transparent investigation of this incident to ensure accountability.

In addition, the Saudi Army will then argue that the missile is frying to prison is a no heart, but it is clear that this statement does not have any credibility. Yemen 's Hucy armed is not willing to show weakness, and chooses to have a hard hard to fight hard and have used many military power to counterattack. Hu Yose armed the attack power is not underestimated, successfully hits many countries, but also claims that if Saudi does not accept your hand, they will not be good, the two sides will not let each other, will only make contradictions intensified. Yemen War has been out of development, and the international community has always called for all parties to follow the humanitarian spirit, and conflicts have never been reduced.

The stunned speech indicates that the Chinese stand

Since ancient times, the victims of the war are people, the war is flying, the food is insufficient, and every day, many people live in the water every day. The situation is more turbulent, and Yemen is in the international status, and there is no humanitarian spirit that is difficult to be recognized internationally. Every time the war, the war will be admitted to various countries, and China has already put forward its own position.

Yemen 's Issues have been attached to the international attention. At last year's Council meeting, China's residential representatives of the United Nations have clearly stated that in recent days, there is no easing signs, the security situation has continued to deteriorate, and the status quo of Yemeni is generally dissatisfied and worried. China is willing to work with other Council members to make efforts to find the political settlement of the Yemeni issue as soon as possible.

At present, the situation in Yemen is in danger, and the international community should adhere to the humanitarian spirit and actively provide help for Yemen people. This is also an unshirkable responsibility of the international community. Only in this way will Yemen people go out of the shadow of war as soon as possible, reach the situation in peace-grouped around the world.

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