Betrayed in the United States?In the United Nations, a decision of South Korea set off a huge wave.

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Betrayed in the United States?In the United Nations, a decision of South Korea set off a huge wave.

2022-01-28 12:07:41 30 ℃

According to CCTV News, the Iranian resident representative of the Iranian representative of the United Nations in New York, said that South Korea has helped Iran to pay more than $ 18 million of United Nations contributions. As long as the money is delivered, then a Vote containing the United Nations. The right can recover as soon as possible. It is necessary to know that Iran is struggling in the United Nations. This is inseparable from the United States to "help." The United States has always been a multi-party sanctions in Iran, so that Iran has been greatly hit, and the international community is also the various Iran. Development is very attached to, forced to have a big intention to Iran 's light.


For Iran is about to return to the United Nations, the South Korea's planning will respond to this, and the Korean government has cooperated with relevant agencies such as the United Nations Secretariat with the US Treasury Overseas Assets. Iran 'owed UN membership fee of 18 million US dollars, and South Korea's initiative is undoubtedly public to declare war to the United States. After all, in this case, the United States has put down the praise, requiring Iran to freeze in countries to help Iran.

Due to the United States sanctions Iran, the two banks in South Korea have been compared with the current $ 7 billion in Iran, and these funds are originally rewarded by Iran to export oil from South Korea. The United States has threatened South Korea from Iran. Delivery the tail, otherwise it is necessary to make a corresponding sanctions in South Korea.

In the United Nations, a decision of South Korea set off a huge wave.

Since the Iranian government has not paid the United Nations conference fee, the current price of $ 18 million has been owed, and it is frozen in the eligibility of the United Nations. To this, Iran is always very positive as the active member of the United Nations, and is always very positive every time the United Nations cost is delivered, and it is proved to the outside world with its own actual action. Despite the face of the United States's single sanctions, Iran has no way to pay a full amount for two consecutive years. But Iran still does not have it to choose from power to power.

It can be seen that the United States's single sanctions not only affect the people's livelihood economy in Iran, even Iran's work has also been affected in the work of the United Nations. Recently, a decision of South Korea has caused an uproar, that is, South Korea promised Iran, delivers Iran. Frozen funds in Korea to deliver the United Nations contributions.

US behavior vulgar

From the various sanctions from Iran from the United States, it can be seen that the US behavior is very vulgar, and the international hot discussion has been triggered. As early as 2018, the US government announced the unilateral declaration of the Iraqi Agreement, thus launching a series of sanctions against Iraq, but also the South Korea's two banks to freeze Iran's export of oil funds to South Korea, although Iran several times It is dissatisfied with this, called for South Korea to thaw capital, but South Korea also ignores Iran's request due to the United States.

Some information reference Source: Xinhuanet.