Indonesia does not buy Su 35, transfer to buy Western fighters, only because of China's relationship "deteriorating"?

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Indonesia does not buy Su 35, transfer to buy Western fighters, only because of China's relationship "deteriorating"?

2022-01-28 18:11:28 53 ℃

Recently, Indian media uses "Indonesia will respond to China's" Bramos "", "Bramos", and "Bramos" "" "" "" " Forward, Daxiang renders Indonesia and China relationships are gradually "deteriorated" and take the opportunity to provoke the relationship between the two countries.

▲ Blood mouth spray Indian media "Eurasian Times"

According to the Indian Media "Eurasian Times" on January 20th, I invited the Precursions of the Indonesian Air Force, Fadjah Prasche, the previous official event in the Harlim Peltanucul, Sama Air Force base. The Indonesian government has decided to give up the Russian Sauce-35 fighter procurement plan, and the Indonesian Air Force has narrowed the selection range to the US F-15EX and the French "gust" models. In the manner, Indonesia will abandon the previous contract and contact the US, which is affected by the US "sanctions against the US Enemy Act", but deeper reasons are in the existence of China in Nanhai and Indonesia. " Dispute ", Indonesia is increasingly needed for the US support. As for Indonesia's procurement of "Bramoros", it also means that it is close to Indian relationship and "support" for India diplomacy.

For this report of Indian media, describe it in a full piece of paper, but not reflects the authenticity of news, but it is full of subjective arrogance and prejudice.

▲ So the Air Force before purchasing Russian Su-30 fighter

I. Indonesia Termination Contract is unrelated to China

Indonesian-35 procurement program dates back to 2015, when the Indonesian Defense Minister said that the Indonesian Air Force plans to purchase Russian new fighters to replace aging US F-5 fighters, the news has also been "Russian technology" company in November of the same year. Director Victor Cladov, director of the Cooperation, said "Indonesia plans to purchase Russia's latest Su-35 fighters" to Russia. Since then, the two countries have begun to negotiate, and the two sides have been talked about mid-February 2018, and the Indonesian Ministry of National Defense Procurement Center officially signed a contract for purchasing 11 Su-35 fighters. The total contract price of 1.14 billion US dollars, of which 50% ($ 570 million) payment is paid by Easy boxes in Indonesia. According to the agreement, the first two should be delivered before August 2019, and the agreement will be completed in July 2020.

From 2015-2018, the long negotiation of four years is that Indonesia is sincere in Su-35 procurement, and the two parties finally signed a formal agreement, which reflects the spirit of the contract, violating this agreement. The consequences of the Indonesia, the Indonesian government is very clear, and the reason why the agreement will be terminated in the end of last year, but also helpless choice.

1, lack of money hinder Indonesia procurement

First of all, from the agreement itself can be seen, it is a lack of money. In the agreement, half of the funds need to be traded using goods. This is not common. Russia is actually giving the Indonesian government "Tianda" face, but if you want to continue the contract, you still need to pay $ 570 million. This is still a pneumatic number for Indonesia, after all, in 2018, the Indonesian national defense budget is only about 7.835 billion US dollars, and a proportion of the light warfare has exceeded 7%, and the pressure can be imagined. Sure enough, after the two countries officially signed an agreement, Indonesia has not delivered deposits, and the contract naturally cannot continue to perform.

2, the United States is the root

Of course, this is just a party, and the existence of the United States is also a key factor that cannot be ignored. When Indonesia is late, the outside world has guessing that this may be related to the US sanctions. At this time, the Indian Defense Minister also has a rumor, saying that this is not related to the US sanctions, and the US Pre-Secretary Minister Ma Demz is carried out The guarantee is not sanctions on this matter. However, in 2017, the US Congress has officially passed the "sanctions against the US Enemy Act", which clearly points out that the third country is sanctions with Iran, North Korea and Russia, will be sanctions in the United States. This is quite worried in Indonesia.

▲ Indonesian Air Force List of F-16 fighters

At this stage, the Indonesian Air Force is almost a beautiful American fighter, including the number of visible F-16, F-5E, OV-10F and C-130 transporters, etc., empty missiles are also from the AIM-9P-raging snake purchased from the United States. At the same time, from 2005, the United States also resumed the military assistance to Indonesia. In the face of these partnerships, once the purchase of Russian Su-35, the consequences can be imagined. In this regard, the Russian news agency invoked the news from the Trump government, and Indonesia had no forced to abandon the Russian Su-35 procurement agreement.

From the above two reasons, Indonesia finally abandoned Su-35 procurement Not only did not have any relationship with China, but fully exposed American hegemony, and said that this is the American government's crude interference of Indonesian sovereignty. In this case, the Indian media will advocate Indonesia hopes to fight against the United States and China, and they are a little shame.

India enforces China and Indonesia to force the Indian media

In India, Indonesia and China have an objective conflict foundation, and this foundation is "territorial dispute", but the so-called "dispute" is actually unfounded. The matter has to be discussed from the 2005 Indonesian unilateral abolition "China, Indonesian Fisheries Agreement", and the Indonesian government unilateral emphasizes Indonesia to enjoy the jurisdiction of Nata Islands and the marine rights, and based on China's fishing boat "crossed" From the expected Chinese fishermen. Is Indonesia to provoke the territory "dispute"? Obviously not. As early as the 1990s, China and Indonesia have clearly expressing that "Indonesia has no territorial requirements for China's Nansha Islands, and China's sovereign of Nata Islands is indecent, and the two sides do not have territorial sovereign disputes." In 1995, I was a similar point of view. ▲ China, Indonesian maritime rights dispute background

In addition, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also clarified the so-called territory "dispute" in 2016, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Huat Chunying said in the Foreign Ministry, "China and Indonesia have no territorial rights. Controversial, but there are marine rights in the South China Sea asking for overlapping. Both sides have normal communication channels ", pay attention to it is emphasized that marine rights claims! And this equity advocates that the overlap is mainly divided into the marine exclusive economic zone, and Indonesia mains the 200 海 土 海 海 海 专 区 区 区,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Overlap. From this point of view, the disputes in both parties have not risen to the territorial level, but it is this controversy that it has become a territory "dispute" in the Indian media. It has to be said that the Indian media is really Zhang.

▲ Indonesian sinking fishing boat statistics

Not only that, on this issue, the Indian media also selectively blind, in fact, in fact, there is not only China in the absence of disputes or disputes in Indonesia. As we all know, Indonesia's treatment plan for the so-called "cross" fishing boat is first seized, and then blows up, and from November 2014, as of September 2017, there were 142 of the 317 fishing boats in Indonesia from Vietnam. 76 from the Philippines, 49 from Malaysia, from this group of numbers, there are many controversial countries in Indonesia, facing these countries, why do India media avoid talking, but just keep China? It is nothing more than to provoke China's relationship with Indonesia.

▲ China and ASEAN trade have increasing

Take a bordering is a fundamental purpose

In fact, the reason why Indian media will force China and Indonesia, but it is hoped to be a chip in confrontation with China. In other words, it is to help the borders. Isolate China, fight against China. For a long time, India has always been self-conscious in the third largest country in the world, and it is constantly improving in Asia. But this is only a Willingness in India, affecting capital, which is largely determined by economic influence. According to the data released on January 14, China Customs, the 2021 Eneven is still China's largest trading partner. The total bilateral import and export is 5.67 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.7% year-on-year. This is my country's 13th year. The first major trading partner. Confused the bilateral trade volume of the Indian ASEAN, but only about 10% of China-ASEAN trade volume, I want to improve the influence of the region with the economy, and India has not hopeless. Can only pass the right and wrong, big feelings.

▲ Indian army

In addition, there is still a point of negligence, that is, China-Indian border dispute. I ate a big loss in the Garaan Valley conflict, although the surface agreed to cool the border in the face, it was actually that the small movements behind the back have never stopped, and the surroundings of my country have never stopped, and there are territorial disputes or marine disputes in China. The country combines China. This is fundamentally, this is obviously Indian guidelines, after all, China has already used sufficient evidence to prove the issue of sovereign ownership between China and India. No influence, there is no evidence, India can only seek the left road, reverse the black and white, to help the bodies, fight China.

In the face of the shameless provision of Indian media, no country with independent thinking, independent sovereignty will not be active, after all, is it is not only the best in the country. The Indian media will only further expose their ignorance, incompetence, shameless, fairness, and non-self-organized. Ok, thank you for watching today's show, more great interpretation of the big game, you can pay attention to the blade, I am Ma Hao, our next programs goodbye.